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Last week, I decided to upload a post on my beauty wishlist for August 2016 (which is something that I want to do every month) but I also want to do a couple more each month as well, which are wishlists; one will be a drugstore wishlist and one will be a high street fashion wishlist. I am going to try and talk more about fashion as that is something that I absolutely love. Therefore, instead of doing another beauty wishlist I decided to have a browse online and look at high-street fashion and choose five items that I would like to get. When looking for items for this wishlist I decided to look at the New Arrivals section of each website because I am now going to be looking at Autumn wear instead of Summer clothing. I decided to choose the high street as that is wear I will usually buy my clothes from, I am also including some brands on the ASOS website but they will all be affordable items. This is hopefully something I will be doing every month and if I get any of the items I can then show them to you in a later post or on one of my social media sites. As I don't own any of the products (as it is a wishlist) I will be using the photos provided by the websites where I will be buying the products from; the links that I give you will take you directly to the website where I got the photos from. Now that I have mentioned the disclaimer, I want to show you the five high street fashion items that I want to purchase for August 2016.

Primark Sports Bras
For so long, Primark Sports bras have been one of my favourites type of bra to buy for the gym. They do actually give quite a bit of support and I have a couple of sports bras from Victoria Secrets which are amazing but they are quite expensive. So I try and buy one every so often from Victoria Secrets and then I will buy quite a few from Primark as well. They come in such pretty colours and I am loving the pink, yellow, black and white Aztec print sports bra. This is really pretty and I love the bright colours. I will usually wear these under a vest top whereas Victoria Secrets and other more expensive sports bras can be worn just on their own. Whereas, these Primark sports bras need a bit more support but are perfect if you are just starting to get into the gym and don't want to spend a fortune on gym gear.

With it coming to the end of Autumn I am now looking at Autumn fashion and one thing that I love to do in the Autumn months is layer up. I often won't pull out the Winter coat until November, so in the meantime I love to wear blazers and this is perfect from River Island. I absolutely love the tan colour of the jacket and I love the tailored fit of the blazer. It is very simple but would go with so many different pieces of clothing and can just be thrown over any look to make it perfect; it can be worn for work, for lunch or even on a night out with the girls. There is only simple details on this blazer, like the side tabs which just make this blazer look smart but can also be dressed down for a more casual look. I would pair this jacket exactly how River Island have in this photos, with a simple plain top and a pair of skinny jeans, and either heels or flat ballerina shoes. This blazer is £55 which I think is pretty good for a blazer, as I have seen some that sell for hundreds. I think I will definitely be buying this jacket very soon because I absolutely love it.


Every person needs a simple pair of tailored trousers and I think these are not only perfect for Autumn, but they can be worn all year round. I really like the fact they are a neutral shade, because most of my trousers are dark shades, like blues, greys and black. Therefore, I definitely want these in my wardrobe. I like to wear skinny trousers but I really like the fact that they are cropped because then I don't have to worry about getting them hemmed and rolled up. Also, they have a high waist which is perfect if you want to pair it with a crop top but you don't want your stomach to be on show. These are only £22 from the ASOS website and I definitely think they are a bargain.


I must admit I don't often shop at Topshop, but looking through the New Arrivals section on the website there was loads of pieces that I really liked. One of them was this belted tapered jumpsuit. This is so simple and perfect for going out when it is colder. This is also really elegant at the same time and I like the fact that the only detail comes from the belt. Also, it's nice that it has sleeves that come just to the elbow and they are not tight to the arm. This is £58 and I think everyone needs at least one jumpsuit in their wardrobe and this is a classic piece that will always be in fashion.


While I was on the ASOS website, I came across this jumper from Pull & Bear. I have loved this brand for quite some time and the prices are so affordable. I actually need to get new jumpers for this Autumn/Winter because all of mine are really thick jumpers which are more for December. I don't have any thin material jumpers and this looks perfect. I like the fact that it is only slightly cropped and I love the pearl grey shade. I think this would be perfect paired with skinny jeans and flat shoes. Plus this is only £14.99 and I just hope it comes in other colours so I can buy all of them.


Jack Wills is one of my favourite high street stores, and I tried to find a dress that I could wear in the Autumn and Winter months that didn't cost a lot of money. Some of their dresses are over £80. However, I found this tartan skater dress which is so sweet for Autumn. It comes in two colour options; either black (which is the shade in the photo) or green. I love wearing tartan prints during the Autumn/Winter season and I have a couple of tartan skirts from Jack Wills that I got last year that I wear all the time. I think this dress is so sweet and is so simple and has no added embellishment. This is £59.50 which is quite a lot for a tartan dress that is in a stretchy material but I absolutely love this dress.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I would really like to do something like this every month or every couple of months. And hopefully there will be a range of different priced clothing so there will be something for everyone. This month I did go more expensive, but I would like to try and stay under £60 for most of the items, except for when I include some Winter coats in the next couple of months.  


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