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Recently, I have been trying to experiment with different types of foundations. I usually just stick to one and when I find one that I like, I will just keep repurchasing it; rather than testing out different foundations. My favourite foundation of all time is Nars Sheer Glow foundation; however at £31 it is expensive and I do go through foundation a lot quicker than any other makeup product. Therefore, I wanted to test out some new foundations that were cheaper and that I would like as well. I went into Boots a few weeks ago and picked up five drugstore foundations, and three of them have become my absolute favourite. I will alternate between these three and the Nars Sheer Glow, so I am not wasting too much of my Nars foundation. My top three foundations are L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation and Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation. I love the fact that these are all affordable alternatives to some of the high-end foundations and they are all different formulas so there should hopefully be an option for everyone.

L-R: L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation

I have already reviewed the L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation this month, but I am absolutely obsessed with this product. This has been in my makeup bag since I bought it a few weeks ago and I have used it the most out of all the foundations. I heard so many great things about this foundation, but I was slightly sceptical about how a cushion foundation would work, and whether it would dry out a lot quicker and whether it would apply evenly. This foundation leaves my skin looking glowing, luminous and natural, whilst also leaving a beautiful dewy finish to my skin; this is definitely not the foundation for anyone who wants a matte finish. It is so easy to blend into my skin and once I apply some on to my skin with a Beautyblender, it almost melts and blends into the skin on its own. You can also build up the coverage you personally want and I have found that I don't have to apply that much of the product to make my skin look even and glowing. This foundation would be perfect if you want to look more natural and not look like you are wearing too much foundation, although I have found that it can leave my skin looking a bit shiny; which I don't mind. However, if you have oily skin and you don't want it to look too shiny, then it is easy to mattify your skin by applying some powder over the top. I am not keen on the applicator that it comes with, however it is handy when you are on the go and want to touch up your makeup; however this foundation does last a long time and I don't really have to reapply unless I have been wearing it for hours and am going out for dinner. This is £14.99 and I personally think this is quite a lot for a drugstore foundation, however, it works amazingly well on my skin and for the finish it gives, I would definitely say this is worth the money.

Ever since I was in High School, I have been using Rimmel foundation. I have actually been using Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation for a few months now, but recently repurchased it in a slightly darker shade, as I am not getting a tan. Up until purchasing the L'Oreal cushion foundation, I have always used a liquid foundation and have loved using them. In comparison to the cushion foundation, it is more of a task to apply it; as I have to pump it onto my hand and then either apply it with a brush or BeautyBlender and then blend it into my skin. However, I am use to doing that so it does not worry me too much. I really love the formula of this foundation and the fact that it has SPF 15 in it. The formula is fairly thick and I really like that as sometimes liquid foundations can be too thin and won't build up on my skin. However, this offers me medium to full coverage and is the perfect match to my skin, although now I have a tan it is slightly too light. It is slightly scented but it is not too strong and it does remind me of suncream when I smell it. Whenever, I wear this foundation, I do notice that my skin is left looking radiant and glowing and it covers any dark circles or blemishes perfectly. This also lasts all day and whenever I wear it I don't have to reapply any foundation. I will often apply this foundation with my Beautyblender as I find it easier to blend this foundation with a sponge than a brush now. Also, this is so light and it doesn't feel like you are wearing makeup at all; I will often wear this foundation when I don't want to wear much makeup. All I will wear in terms of makeup is this foundation, mascara, lip gloss and then do my brows. This is £8.99 and absolutely worth it in my eyes, and is needed in everybody's makeup bag.

Finally, I decided to purchase the Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation. I also decided to buy the Maybelline Dream Blender as well, which is like their version of a Beautyblender. This is a completely different texture to the other two foundations that I purchased as it reminds me more of a mousse than a liquid foundation. This blends fairly easily and I really love the finish that it gives to my skin. I really love the soft-matte finish that it gives and it leaves my skin feeling really soft and glowing. It is also the only one that has a matte finish, which is not often my favourite. However, I use this foundation more when I am wearing bronzer or contouring and when I am applying highlighter. Whereas, with the other two foundations, I feel like I can wear them on their own because they leave my skin looking dewy, which is something I prefer. This gives me medium to full coverage and if I want full coverage I can build it up but I often find one layer is enough; especially if you are looking for a more natural look. I have normal to dry skin, and I think this would work for anyone who has dry skin, as I know some people who have oily skin and have said that this doesn't last very long on them. Whereas on me I have found that it can last a long time, although it doesn't last as long as the L'Oreal or Rimmel foundation. This is £7.99, so the cheapest of the three and I really do like this foundation but I would personally spend more and buy either the Rimmel or L'Oreal foundation instead. I have tried applying this foundation with the Maybelline Dream Blender, which is £4.99, and personally I am not impressed with it. If it was just a sponge on its own, it would be great because it is soft and it does blend the foundation really well. However, I cannot get to grips with the handle. I prefer the Beautyblender or the Real Techniques version because you can apply pressure to build up the coverage. Whereas, with this blender it is really difficult to get the even layer that I want and it is fairly small so it does take a while to blend in all of your foundation. I think this would work better if you were using it just for concealer under the eyes.

The L'Oreal foundation is available for £14.99 (here), the Rimmel foundation is available for £8.99 (here) and the Maybelline Velvet foundation is available for £7.99 (here). The Maybelline Dream Blender is available for £4.99 (here)


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