Thursday, 4 August 2016


There is no doubt that I love makeup and I already have too much in my collection, but I am always buying more and more. I am a sucker for pretty packaging, and my favourite makeup products have got to be eyeshadow palettes and lip products. Therefore, it would come as no surprise that when I decided to buy some products from Tanya Burr's makeup collection, I decided to buy one of her eyeshadow palettes and three of her lip glosses. I actually got these in April but was going to wait to do a blog post on them until I had brought a few more pieces, but I thought why not blog about them now as these are products that I grab the most. She has just brought out her new collection which is called The Soft Luxe Collection, which I am going to buy in the next few weeks as the shades she has chosen look amazing.

L-R: Nude Delight, Gold Coin, Bookworm, enchantment

I am absolutely in love with this palette, which is the Hollywood Eye Palette. This has four natural eyeshadows, with a cream, two natural brown shades and then a shimmer dark brown with gold flecks of glitter running through it. I think the shades in this are absolutely perfect and can create a natural day time look or you can add the shade enchantment to transform your eyes for the night. This palette only costs £6 and the pigmentation and quality of the shadows are incredible. They are soft and really easy to blend, which is sometimes not the case when you are buying a less expensive palette. I love the shade enchantment because it is the only shimmer shade in the palette (with the red being matte) but when applied to the eyelid, it is a gorgeous bronze/gold shade. I am definitely going to buy her other palettes because they are so inexpensive and the quality is brilliant!

L-R: Picnic in the Park, Lunch Date, Just Peachy

I love lip products, and when I knew I was going to purchase some of Tanya Burr's collection, I knew I had to buy a few of her lip glosses. I have Picnic in the Park (a gorgeous bright pink, almost neon!), Lunch Date (for the perfect nude lip) and Just Peachy (a subtle coral/peach shade). All of her lip glosses are stunning and are such wearable everyday shades. They last for a long time and even when I have eaten and drunk something, you can still see the shade of lip gloss I was wearing. The formula is not too sticky and the scent is gorgeous. I love the smell of watermelon and I love the fact that Tanya Burr has scented all of her lip glosses to smell like this scent. My favourites are Lunch Date and Just Peachy, which are shades I find myself grabbing the most recently. Whereas Picnic in the Park is a shade that is a lot bolder and is not a shade I would always wear. It is almost a neon pink (although it looks like a dark pink in the photo), however it is a gorgeous colour and would look amazing on a night out. These lip glosses are only £5.99 and are definitely worth the money and I will be buying more of her collection in the future.

The Hollywood Eye Palette is available for £6.00 (here) and the lip glosses are available for £5.99 (here)


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