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It is no secret that when it comes to high-end beauty, Yves Saint Laurent is one of my favourite brands to shop with. I already have a couple of pieces from YSL (they're Babydoll mascara and a couple of the Touche Eclat highlighters) but I have never owned one of the Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks. Everything I have tried from YSL in the past has been incredible and I feel like every blogger has at least a couple of the lipsticks in the collection, and you may see them in the background of some beauty YouTube channels. Therefore, I wanted to treat myself to a new lipstick, and I wanted to get a new one for my graduation which is just over a week away. I was in my Debenhams department store and I could not decide between three brands; Urban Decay, Chanel and YSL. However, it is obvious I chose YSL for my lipstick. I feel like this lipstick is honestly plucked from every girls beauty dreams and you do feel special knowing you have a YSL lipstick sitting on your dressing table.

Even though I already have over 30 nude lipsticks, there is no harm in adding one more to my collection. I decided to choose shade number 09 "NUDE IN PRIVATE." This is such a pretty nude/pink shade and looks absolutely incredible. I really wanted a more natural and subtle shade, so that's why I chose a nude lipstick and also that is the shade of lipstick I will wear the most. My dress for graduation is black but the hood on my graduation gown will be Lincoln's Yellow and Blue colours so I didn't want a really bright lipstick that would clash.

Also the packaging is stunning; there is a reason why women will display their YSL lipsticks on their dressing tables or bedside tables for everyone to see. It obviously has the classic gold packaging that YSL will usually always use, and then it has the YSL logo cut out around the middle of the tube, with the shade of the lipstick behind it. It is absolutely gorgeous and it does make you feel really special to have one in your collection. Plus the shade behind the cut outs of the YSL logo make it easy to know which shade is which, especially if you own quite a few. This will definitely be out for display all the time because it is too pretty to keep in a drawer.

The Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks have the most perfect formula and are absolutely worth the price. They are made up of sixty-five percent oil, and are packed with nourishing ingredients such as pomegranate and macadamia butter. Therefore, they leave your lips feeling silky smooth and moisturised and help improve the condition of your lips over time. The consistency of the lipsticks are amazing as well, and you will find that it will melt onto your lips, so it will glide on smoothly and leave your lips looking perfect. Because of the moisturising benefits these lipsticks have, they don't leave your lips feeling dry but you will also feel like you are not wearing any lipstick at all because they are so light when you apply them. They are also really well pigmented and don't come out streaky when you apply them, plus they have the perfect amount of gloss to them, making your lips looking incredibly full and healthy. Infused with YSL's signature mango scent, which smells absolutely amazing, these lipsticks are a winner in my eyes and I am definitely going to be buying more in the future because these are incredible and definitely worth the £26 price tag in my eyes. There are some high-end lipsticks that I would not buy again and I wouldn't recommend to you, but these lipsticks but YSL are stunning and feel absolutely amazing when I wear them.

On the YSL website, there are 37 shades to choose from, which is every beauty lover's dream. Plus there is such a variety of shades available to purchase, so there will definitely be a shade for everyone. These range from oranges, to fuschias to nudes. Also the names of the lipsticks are also really adorable, although they don't have the names anywhere on the lipstick or packaging; you have to find the names on the website.

These lipsticks are truly special and they are expensive at £26 each, but they would make amazing birthday and Christmas presents. Plus I haven't come across a lipstick that made me feel as special and proud to take it out of my handbag to reapply! This is the perfect little treat to yourself and also a lovely item to add to your grown up birthday list. You will definitely feel like a million dollars when you wear this lipstick.

These lipsticks are available for £26 from the YSL website (here)

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