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A few months ago, Yves Saint Laurent brought out a new limited edition packaging for their infamous Touche Éclat pens. Of course I had to buy one, as I have been a fan of this product for years; I loved it so much that I remember going into my Mum's makeup bag when I was in High School and borrowing it without her knowing. When I first bought this I wasn't going to do a review on it because I didn't know how long this would be in stock, however it is still available to be purchased from the YSL website and from Feelunique (links will be provided at the end of this post). I am going to specifically be talking about the collector's edition Touche Éclat, however you can get this in the normal gold packaging for the same price and that comes in 10 different shades and is available for £25 (here).

Firstly, when I saw these were coming out in collector's packaging I knew I needed one; and in the end I actually bought two out of the three. Now before you all say that I don't need two of the same product, I actually bought one for me and one for my Mum and I just borrowed hers to include in the photos. The packaging is the classic gold tube, but then it has what looks like a splash of black paint across the tube with different slogans in gold written on them. YSL brought out three slogans; "I am not a morning person," "No need to sleep," and "All lights on me." The idea behind the slogans is that Touche Éclat is meant to be "eight hours of sleep in a magic wand!" Therefore, it will help to make you look less tired and instantly make your skin look more radiant. As you can see I got "I am not a morning person for myself" and I bought "No need to sleep" for my Mum. These would make perfect presents as you can buy them the slogan edition that is most relevant to them.

I would say that YSL is well-known for their Touche Éclat and they definitely know how to make you look less tired with just one sweep of this magic pen-brush. I have used the classic for years and I like the fact that it comes it ten different shades. However, this collector's edition only comes in one shade, which is Rose Lumiere; although this is known as the universal shade in the range. I personally like the fact that it only comes in one shade as it means I don't have to worry about getting the wrong one, plus it is more of a rose/pink shade rather than being a nude. Therefore, it should be perfect on anyone's skin tone as you would then put your foundation over the top. However, there will be some skin tones that this won't work for, especially if you want to put it over foundation, therefore it might be best to just purchase the classic packaged Touche Éclat.

This take-anywhere pen-brush is perfect for highlighting and to refresh makeup. YSL has included tiny particles and mineral extracts into this product to help create a healthy, natural glow when applied, leaving the skin looking luminous and radiant at the click of a button.

Touche Éclat can be used to add a radiant touch of light or to help conceal shadows and dark circles around the eye area, hollow of the chin, around the mouth and at the sides of the nose. This is perfect under your foundation as a concealer, or it can be used over the top of foundation to give a natural highlight to the face. I will usually use this as more of a highlight and then add a powder highlight over the top. If I want to go for a more natural look then I will just use Touche Éclat on its own as my highlight as there is no shimmer in it.

It is so easy to use and all you have to do is click a button and the product will come out of the brush which can then be applied to the areas you want to conceal or highlight. Also, with the fact that you have to click a button to get any product, you will not be wasting any of the highlighting liquid.

The product itself, is quite thin, which makes it ideal as a liquid highlighter. However, I wouldn't say it is the best formula for a concealer. I prefer full coverage when it comes to concealers and whenever I use this as a concealer I notice I have to layer it up to get it to cover blemishes, however for dark circles and highlighting, this is incredible and a must-have.

Would I use this as a concealer on an everyday basis though? Probably not, I will only ever use this as a concealer if I has really bad dark circles under the eyes or if I was going out with family for a nice meal or if it was a special occasion like a wedding. I think there are less expensive alternatives out there from the drugstore, like Collections Lasting Perfection concealer that costs just over £4 and gives a lot more coverage that this one from YSL. However, as a highlighter, this is incredible and I would definitely suggest buying this if you want an easy-to-use highlighter pen that will make your skin look incredible.

Whether you choose the Touche Éclat in the classic packaging or in the collector's packaging, this is a must-have in anyone's makeup bag and is definitely worth the price.

The limited edition collection is available for £25 each on the YSL website (here) and on feelunique (here).

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