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Since I was a little girl Chanel has been a brand that I have admired and loved; I remember buying all the fashion magazines just to see what was in Chanel's collection. As much as I love their fashion, I also love their beauty collection. Until last week I only had one Chanel makeup item and that was a foundation that I got four years ago and I just couldn't bring myself to throw away the bottle, even though it was empty. I decided it was about time to treat myself to some new Chanel makeup items and I went to the Chanel counter and had my makeup done and came away loving every item that had been used on me. If I had bought everything it would have cost me a lot of money, so I decided to just purchase three items that I really loved.

The main reason for going to the Chanel counter in the first place was to buy a new foundation. I am the first to say that I will mainly wear drugstore foundations but every now and again I want to wear a foundation that is high-end, especially for special occasions. My recent high-end foundation has been Nars Sheer Glow, which I love but I just wanted a brand new foundation. As I had to be colour-matched, the lady at the counter had to take off most of my makeup, resulting in her using more products on me and that is why I came away with three items in my bag rather than just one.  


When I explained to the makeup lady what I was looking for (something for dry skin but gives me medium to full coverage) she showed me Chanel's LES BEIGES Healthy Glow Foundation, in the shade No 22 Rose. This is an invisible foundation that creates a natural healthy glow by leaving the skin feeling radiant and fresh. For me, this foundation is amazing because it has hyaluronic acid, which instantly gives me the sensation of feeling hydrated. This is perfect as I suffer from dry skin, especially on my T-zone and this did not settle in any of the areas where I suffer from dryness. When you apply this foundation, it just glides over your skin perfectly and will melt away leaving you with a soft and glowing complexion. I have had so many compliments about my skin over the last few days since I have been wearing this foundation, as it just leaves me feeling and looking radiant. It also does not feel like you are wearing foundation as it is so lightweight and it allows your skin to breath which is so important. My complexion is evened out when I use this foundation and it does have a sheer finish to it which I really like. This does give medium coverage but you can build that coverage up fairly easily, so if you are wanting full coverage you can definitely achieve it but you may have to spend a bit of time building up the foundation. There is Kalanchoe Extract, which is a beauty-protecting botanical active ingredient, which has been combined with SPF 25/PA++ sunscreen, which helps to protect your skin from any harsh conditions in the environment. Healthy Glow Booster mineral pigments instantly deliver a healthy glow, which has been combined with Soft Focus powders to help even out the complexion and to enhance the beauty of your skin. It comes in a glass bottle and is a great size for travelling and just keeping in your makeup bag. I also really like the scent of their foundations and it smells fresh and the scent lasts all day. Also, this is a long-lasting foundation, and lasts me all day without having to do any touch ups; although I do use a primer and setting spray as well. My one tip with this foundation is that you do need to blend this foundation in quite a bit and I would recommend working on one area of your face at a time because this does dry quite quickly and is then difficult to blend out. Apart from that, I love this foundation and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high-end foundation. It does cost £36 which I don't think is too bad for a Chanel foundation.

When I was having my foundation colour-matched to my skin, the makeup artist also used a couple of other products on me and one was the Chanel POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE Natural Finish Pressed Powder in the shade Naturel. I think there is something rather stunning about the packaging of Chanel Compacts, because there is no detail to them at all; it is just a black compact with the Chanel logo in white. I just love the simplicity of their designs. It does come with its own little dust bag, but I always lose them and I don't usually put my compact back into the bag when I am done with it. This is so handy for just keeping in your handbag to help mattify your face throughout the day. I only really ever take my powder with me when I go out because that is the only makeup item that I usually have to touch up. This shade is not completely translucent but the pigmentation is very soft and does not give much colour to your face when you use it. This mattifies my face perfectly and sets my foundation in place for a long time. It is a fairly light coverage which is something that you do want when looking for a powder, because if it is chalky or has full coverage then your makeup can look quite cakey. This powder just gives a soft coverage to help conceal imperfections and it does not feel like you are wearing powder when you apply this. This really does combine all the qualities of a loose powder but in a compact powder, which is so handy for when you are travelling or spending the whole day out. You can apply the powder on its own for a translucent and natural look, or over foundation for a more sophisticated look. I know that I don't have any drugstore powders that feel as lightweight as this product and it is just so easy to apply and helps to leave my complexion looking natural, radiant and luminous. This powder is £33 which for Chanel is a good price and like I said I haven't got a drugstore compact powder in my collection that works just as well as this one.

Finally, I decided to purchase a lipstick, and what a shock it is another nude lipstick. Do I need another nude lipstick? Well the answer is no but I just loved the shade she had used on me and it has a slight mauve undertone to it and it just looks really pretty on. Chanel's ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Colour Lip Shine in the shade Intime is stunning. This has more of a balm texture than a full pigmented lipstick and it almost becomes a fluid when it touches the lips. There are so many shades to choose from, and they vary from semi-sheer to a more intense colour. I chose Intime which is a beautiful mauve/nude shade and this is definitely has more of a sheer finish to it. It comes in a lightweight, travel-friendly metal tube and sticks to the faithful black and gold colours of the House. This leaves my lips feel hydrated and gives a gorgeous sheen to them when I wear it. It is not an intense pigment but it just gives a subtle colour to your lips. This really does give a beautiful shine to your lips. It is fairly long-lasting, obviously it doesn't last as long if you drink and eat but it can last me around 4 hours usually. This is £25 and for me it is a lot of money for what it is, especially when YSL lipsticks only cost £26 and have the gorgeous gold detailed tube, whereas this is very simple and I would rather spend £1 more on a YSL lipstick than buy another Chanel lipstick. I do like the fact that there is no scent to it (or if there is, it is very subtle and I cannot smell it). It does apply amazing and is very hydrating, I just wish the packaging was prettier like the YSL tubes. I might in the future try one of Chanel's Rouge Coco lipsticks, which doesn't leave a sheen to your lips and is more pigmented.

Overall, I love all the products and I think they are amazing quality. I would definitely recommend the foundation and the compact powder because these are incredible and apply so easily to your skin and just melt away. The lipstick is stunning but like I said I would rather spend £1 more on a YSL lipstick just because of the packaging alone. If Chanel up their packaging I would definitely purchase more.

The foundation is available for £36 (here), the powder is available for £33 (here) and the lipstick is available for £25 (here)


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