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I know I have uploaded quite a few posts on Benefit products that I have been trying out recently and I promise this is the last product I will be reviewing from Benefit for quite some time. However, I had to write a post about Benefit's NEW they're real Big Sexy Lip Kit that they released in the last week. Mine arrived a few days ago and I have been testing out all four lipsticks so I can review them on here.

In the tin are four mini lipsticks (although they are mini, they still have a lot of product) and are meant to be a limited edition tin before the full size lipsticks come out next year. There are four shades available and you get all four in the tin; Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-Up Red and Lusty Rose. Each lipstick is meant to reduce the amount of time we are applying our makeup. This is an all-in-one lipstick and lipliner. The custom tear drop shape of the lipstick means that the bottom shade is the actual lipstick product and the darker shade near the top of the tear drop is the lipliner. I really liked this idea and I thought the shades were quite bold but there is a shade for everyone and you could even split them up for gifts for people.

The tin is a novelty and it is nice to keep the lipsticks in them and it's not too bulky so it doesn't take up loads of room. The lipstick tubes are packaged identically to one of my favourite mascaras which is They're Real. I think the lipsticks look so cute. Although they are really lightweight and the perfect size if you wanted to take it with you in your bag for a night out or event. I did read that although these are mini versions of what will be coming out next year, they are not actually that much smaller than the full sized lipsticks. I think these are just really cute and it's nice to keep them in a limited edition tin, as I expect when the lipsticks come out, you will have to buy them individually.

I really wanted to like these lipsticks and there are some things I like about the product and some things I don't like. My two favourite shades are Pink Thrills and Lusty Rose; these are more pink/nude shades which I wear more. Whereas Flame Game is more of an orange shade and Revved-Up Red is a bright red shade. I thought the whole idea of a lipstick and liner in one was a really interesting concept and would reduce the amount of time you have to apply your lip products. However, I don't often wear lipliners because they will usually dry out my lips so for me it didn't make an improvement on that aspect of my makeup routine. I am really impressed with the two nude shades, and you can definitely see where the lipliner and lipstick are different (when I swatched them), but with the two red shades I couldn't actually tell much of a difference between the two shades when I swatched them on my arm. You can see a slight difference in the shades but it is not drastic which is what I thought it would be (especially from the pictures I had seen online). However, they are really pigmented and are beautiful shades when worn on the lips. I quite like the fact that the liners are not too drastic because I don't want a harsh line around the edge of my lips and they blend perfectly on the lips.

L-R: Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved-Up Red and Lusty Rose

I must admit I have found it difficult to apply. The custom tear drop shape is quite unusual for a lipstick and I have found it really hard to apply well on my lips, especially the inner corners of my mouth. Obviously the tip of the tear drop will always be near the edge of your lips but I just can't get to grips with it and I find I have to push quite hard when applying the lipstick to get any product. Also, you have to build up the colour as the first layer of lipstick can be quite streaky but have a few coats, you can get a beautiful shade. Also, I have noticed that on a couple of the lipliner shades, chunks will come out and then it won't leave me with a clean flat surface. It's almost like the lipstick and lipliner are coming apart. On my Revved-Up Red lipstick, I had to cut a lot of the product off to get a neat finish so I could photograph them. It just feels like they need to work on how to fuse the two different lip products together.

When applied they do look really pretty and last for up to four hours, if you are eating and drinking a lot. If you aren't eating and drinking much then it can last for up to eight hours roughly. I have noticed that it doesn't really make my lips look any fuller, which is something that the Benefit website says it should do. But I do have small lips anyway so I wasn't expecting much of a difference when I wore these. They don't feel drying on the lips either, which is a good thing for me as I always have dry lips. Plus it doesn't feel like you are wearing lipstick when you apply them and I did find that it didn't transfer too much unless I was drinking from a glass. The formula is creamy and although hard to apply at first, when you apply a few layers to your lips, it looks absolutely incredible.

I think overall these lipsticks are good, but I have other high-end lipsticks that are even better and even though they may cost £26 for one lipstick they are just amazing. I think this is a fun idea, and I like the idea of it being a lipstick and liner in one but I would have preferred for them to just be a lipstick. However, the shades are really pretty and it is long-lasting. I just find it annoying that some of the liner will chip off in the tube. Therefore, I like these lipsticks but there are other lipsticks out there (from both drugstore and high-end brands) that are just as good or better. I think this tin would make a lovely present for someone and the packaging is really cute and I hope Benefit bring out a collection of lipsticks on their own in this collection because I would definitely buy them. The formula is creamy and the shades are so pretty as well. I would definitely buy Lusty Rose and Pink Thrills if they bring them out in full size next year as I feel the quality and formula is much better that the red shades of Flame Game and Revved-Up Red.

This tin of four lipsticks and liners in one is available for £24.50 from the Benefit website (here)


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