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Can we just talk about how beautiful this brand new palette is from Urban Decay? If there was a palette that was more suited to me, it would be this one. It is no secret that I am in love with Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes and the Naked palettes are one of my favourite ranges from a high-end brand. So when I heard that Urban Decay were bringing out a new palette to join their Naked collection I was so excited and I knew that I was going to be buying it; even though I don't really need another nude eyeshadow palette.

This is the 7th palette to come out in the Naked collection and is named the Naked Ultimate Basics; if you include the Naked Flush palette then this is technically the 8th palette in the collection. This palette reminds me of being a cross between the Naked Basics palettes and the very first palette that they bought out in the collection. For me, I can never have too many nude eyeshadow palettes because they are the shades that I will wear everyday on my eyes. I rarely go for a bright or bold eyeshadow look, unless I am going out or its Halloween. Therefore, when I saw the first pictures of this palette on Urban Decay's Instagram and Twitter, I knew I needed it. I even signed up to be told when it was released in the UK and I spent an hour looking at a countdown on the website so I could order it as soon as it was released. Let's just say I have found the palette that is perfect for me and sums me up completely ...

Firstly the packaging on this palette is stunning, and is a step away from the shape and style that we are so used to seeing from the Naked collection. Instead of being a rectangular shape, it is a square and is very lightweight; which is perfect for travelling. I love the rose gold colour that they have chosen and it looks incredible on a dressing table or nightstand. Also the print of rays is really striking and completely different from any of the other Naked palettes, which are usually more simple. I wish it did feel a bit heavier and better quality, because it does feel like plastic; whereas the Gwen Stefani palette released earlier this year is a lot heavier and feels like it costs more. However, because it is so lightweight, it makes it perfect for travelling and I could definitely get away with just taking this palette with me on holiday and create multiple looks with it.

When you open up the palette, there are 12 all new shades from Urban Decay; that are all matte as well. You get a large mirror on the opposite side of the shadows and it even comes with a double-ended brush. When I got this I had a little play with the brush to see how it blends out the shadows and I am not keen on the brush. I do like the end with the shorter bristles, as it is a lot more dense and is perfect if you want to create a sharper crease or if you want to use it under the eye. The blending end of the brush is pretty good but I found I had to use the brush from the start to be able to blend any shadows. Usually I will use my own eye brushes anyway but the brush is good if you are starting to get into makeup and don't have that many brushes.

From past experiences with Urban Decay eyeshadows, I knew that these would be just as good, as was hoping that they would be the same formula and be just as pigmented as the other eyeshadows I have got from them in the past. Urban Decay have definitely delivered with this palette and I am in love with everything to do with these eyeshadows; from the pigmentation to the formula and even down to the colours that have been chosen. All the shades are nude, except for the shade Extra Bitter (which is a burnt orange/rust colour) and is perfect for adding a hint of warmth colour into any of your eye looks. I love using this eyeshadow in the crease of my eye to just add some warmth, as I usually always go for cool toned shades. There are some gorgeous cool-tone shades in this palette, which I love for this time of the year anyway. There are also a couple of warm-toned shades which are perfect for the crease and for a transition shade. There are also quite a few transition shades in this palette and I like the fact there is a dark brown, a dark gunmetal grey and a black shade which are perfect for creating a smokey eyes. You can really create multiple looks with this palette; plus you can go from day to night really easily.

L-R: Blow, Nude, Commando, Tempted, Instinct and Lethal

L-R: Pre-Game, Extra Bitter, Faith, Lockout, Magnet and Blackjack

If you love matte eyeshadows then this is the palette for you. There are no shimmer shades in sight and personally I prefer matte shades over shimmers. If I am going for an everyday look then I will always been drawn to matte shades; I will only go for shimmer shades for special occasions or on a night out. So I love the fact that these are all matte. The formula of these eyeshadows are incredible and I love them. They feel so soft when you touch them, plus they are not chalky at all. These blend so easily on the eye and you don't have to put too much effort into blending them out because they are so soft. I have been using the Gwen Stefani palette again and the pigmentation is amazing in that palette, however the pigmentation of these shadows is 100% better. I find with the Gwen Stefani palette that I really have to build up the colour, whereas with this palette I don't have to. They are just so pigmented and even the really pale nude shades show up and look beautiful. You really don't have to swipe much to pick up a lot of product, but then they do blend out beautifully.

I have also included a side by side view of the shade Extra Bitter below; one has been swatched on my hand just by using my finger and the other has been swatched by using a brush. Whenever I look at reviews, I notice when I am reading reviews that the blogger has usually used their finger to pick up the product and swatch it on their arm. The problem with this is that you are always going to pick up more pigment on your finger and then when you use the brush it will always be slightly lighter. Therefore, I have included a photo to show you that there is hardly any difference between picking the product up with my finger and a brush.

Swatched with my finger (left) and swatched with a brush (right)

Overall, I just love this palette, and I can create so many looks with this one palette. If you love matte nude shades then this is the palette for you and I would recommend buying this.

This palette is available for £38.50 (here) and is available from Debenhams for the same price from today (here)


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