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Halloween is one of my favourite times of year besides Christmas. I love going to the scary farms
(where people jump out at you), pumpkin carving, dressing up and making Halloween treats. So I have you covered if you are planning a Halloween party but don't have much time to make anything from scratch. These marshmallow treats are so easy to make and you can get the whole family involved. Plus you only need two ingredients and kids will love decorating them.

All you need are large marshmallows and tubes of writing icing in different colours. I managed to find these massive marshmallows that are used for making smores and I just cut some of them in half. Then all you have to do is lay out the marshmallows and decorate them with spooky characters, or you can write little sayings on them. I had so much fun decorating these little marshmallow treats, and if you want to do something with children but you don't want the hassle of making brownies or cookies from scratch and you don't want to make too much of a mess then these are perfect.

I would definitely recommend buying multiple tubes of icings in popular colours like red and black so there is no fighting over the icing. Plus I would also say it is best to buy loads of colours so you can do all sorts of characters and just make them all look really spooky. I only had four tubes of icing; which were black, purple, red and green. However, I still managed to make loads of different designs on each marshmallow but I definitely could have made more if I had more choice in colours.

There are so many designs you can make and they will look amazing on your table with all of your other food. Or if you are just having a quiet night in watching scary films then these are perfect treats to go along with all the other sweets and popcorn. I also left some of the marshmallows whole and put skewers in them. You could wrap them in clear cellophane and then give them out as little party favours. Everyone will be impressed that you have taken the time to give them something which is more special as you have put in more time to create the designs.

Here are some designs that I came up with and are a good starting point for your designs:
Spider's Web
Happy Halloween!

You can go crazy with the endless designs and they will definitely look amazing for Halloween!! A quick and easy DIY treat that will add an extra spooky feeling to your party!!!


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