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I am very good at going into Lush throughout the whole year and only picking up a couple of products each time I go in; however, Christmas is the one time of year that I cannot control myself in Lush and I just want to buy everything in the store. I actually have two hauls, as I went into a Lush store and it was so busy that I only manager to pick up a few items that I wanted. Therefore, later that day I made an online order and bought some more products that I really wanted to treat myself to; and I will link those products at the end of this post, so you can treat yourselves to these products as well. Christmas is one of the best times to go into Lush, as they put so much effort into their bath bombs, bubble bars and showers gels. Their products also make great presents for family, friends and work colleagues; plus they would make great gifts for stocking fillers and Secret Santas.

The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95) is one of my favourite Christmas Lush products and I repurchase this every single year. These reusable bubble bar wands are always so pretty and are perfect stocking fillers; plus they are so fun for kids to use as they can easily swirl the wand round the bath to create loads of bubbles. This is probably my favourite product from Lush as I love the detail that has gone to it, with the cinnamon stick, the cloves, the ribbon and the little bell. I must admit the glitter goes everywhere but I think it is so cute and looks amazing in a jar next to the bath. This has cinnamon, orange and almond oils in it, and it just reminds me of marzipan and it smells amazing once you have swirled it in the bath for a bit. Also, this is reusable and will usually last for five baths which is great but it could be less depending on how many bubbles you like in your bath. This is Christmas for me in a bubble bar wand. Also this would make a great stocking filler or could be bought for work colleagues or your children's school friends.

While I was in Lush, I also picked up a Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (£2.95) which is probably the most talked about Lush Christmas product on YouTube. This is similar to The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar; but it is not reusable or on a wand. You can create amazing bubble baths by crumbling this pink candy mountain under hot running water to create so many bubbles. This is really sweet and has vanilla and cornstarch; but the smell actually reminds me a bit of Snow Fairy and a sweet that I use to have when I was little. If you are not into sweet smells then this might not be the product for you, but I absolutely love it and I usually get two baths out of this product, but it does crumble easily. As soon as I took it out of the bag I managed to break off the top of the bubble bar.

Last year I wrote a post on a Lush gift set I had bought which include one of my favourite Christmas bath bombs, and instead of buying the set again I decided to just buy the bath bomb on its own. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (£4.25) is simply amazing and I buy it every single year. This is covered in glitter, so if you are not keen on that then I wouldn't recommend this bath bomb, however the scent is incredible and not too Christmassy. I am personally not a fan of mixed spice and cinnamon scents, so this bath bomb is perfect as it has citrus scents instead; with lime and orange oils. This is in the shape of a beautiful golden present, but when you release it into the water it changes to a gorgeous turquoise blue. I often break this in two because it is such a large bath bomb and then I can enjoy this bath bomb for two baths instead of just one.

I have heard so many people on YouTube talk about this next product I have bought, and I thought I would finally join the bandwagon and purchase a small bottle of Snow Fairy Shower Gel (£3.95-£21.50). I only bought a small bottle, which was £3.95, because I didn't know if I would like it and it was just sitting there on the counter so I decided to add it to my basket. The scent reminds me of the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and is very sweet; it almost has the scent of bubblegum, which I don't mind. I can't imagine I would use this every day as I much prefer citrus scents like the pink grapefruit shower gel from The Body Shop. I have had shower gels from Lush before and really loved how they have left my skin feeling, and I would definitely recommend this if you love sweeter scents in comparison to spicy and citrus scents.

Finally, I purchased a Christmas gift set that would make a perfect present or stocking filler (in fact it was included in my Stocking Filler Gift Guide for Her this year). I decided to buy the Rudy Christmas Gift Set - this was the reason why I went into Lush in the first place. I really liked this set and you get two bath bombs; Butterball and Shoot for the Stars, both of which I have never tried before. I love the fact it is in their classic reindeer knot-wrap and would look so cute in a bathroom. Butterball is perfect if you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin and has cocoa butter pieces and ylang ylang. Whereas, Shoot for the Stars smells of orange and bergamot. It creates a beautiful blue starry night with gorgeous gold glitter stars. This is perfect for a relaxing bath after a stressful day.

As I said earlier, I have also made an online order, but the products have not arrived yet, so I have linked all the products below if you are interested in buying them as well ...

Left to Right

The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar - £3.95
Snow Angel Bath Melt - £4.25
Father Christmas Bath Bomb - £3.75
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb - £4.25
Santa's Belly Shower Jelly - £4.25
Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - £3.95



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