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Limited Edition London City Palette (Exclusive to Bobbi Brown & Harrods)
and a free 30ml sample of Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover

Since 1991, when Bobbi Brown established what was then just a line of 10 natural lipsticks, which has now blossomed into one of the best selling beauty brands of all time; selling products in over 70 countries. Following 25 years in the beauty industry, Bobbi Brown has stepped down from her company which is a shame but I am sure that the company will keep to the high standard that Bobbi Brown has perfected over the last 25 years. I have been lucky enough to try out a fair amount of her cosmetic range and I am yet to be disappointed by anything as everything is made with such precision and made to a high quality. I am a huge fan of her Shimmer Bricks (Pink Quartz is probably my most favourite shade from the range), her eyeshadows and her mascara. Despite the fact that I have tried so many products from her beauty line, I still found myself asking for products for Christmas and I even went onto her website just after Boxing Day scouring the site for new products. I decided to order the "Bobbi to Glow Shimmer Brick Palette", and 30 minutes later, some other products had somehow managed to creep into my basket too. 

One of my all-time favourite products from Bobbi Brown are her Shimmer Bricks. When I was looking through her Instagram and Website, I had only owned one of the shades (Pink Quartz) and that is such a beautiful colour and makes a great blush topper. So one evening I was scrolling through Bobbi Brown's Instagram and noticed that she had released a new palette called the "Bobbi to Glow Shimmer Brick Palette" but I thought it was only being sold in the US. I decided to have a little search of the UK website and was happy to see that it was being sold on there as well. I am so glad that I managed to purchase it and I have been wearing it every single day since I bought it. In the palette you get three of her best-selling Shimmer Brick shades (Gold, Bronze and Wild Rose). My favourite out of the collection has to be the "Wild Rose" as it is such a soft pink and would make a beautiful blush topper. Essentially in this palette, you get a highlighter, a bronze topper and a blush topper. These just blend onto the skin like a dream and they have a subtle glow to them; if they are too much for you then you can easily blend them out so it is a more subtle glow or you could apply pressed powder over the top to reduce the glow. I also love the fact that these can be used as eyeshadows as well and I have been particularly loving the "Bronze" Shimmer Brick for eyeshadows. They are stunning as eyeshadows as they are not a dramatic shimmer eyeshadow but instead they over a beautiful and subtle shimmer over the eyelid. The "Gold" highlighter is quite hard for me to pull off at the moment as I am so fair right now but it will look beautiful on someone who has a tan or a deeper skin tone; so I am hoping that I can use it more when I am tanned. 

While I was looking for the Shimmer Brick Palette, I also found some other products that I had not tried or I had noticed were new. One of these was the City Palette collection. To celebrate Bobbi Brown being in the beauty industry for 25 years, three palettes were released (London, New York and Paris). Bobbi Brown collaborated with the artist Richard Haines to create three beautiful palettes. Each palette is supposed to represent the city, and of course seeing as though I am British I had to choose the "London" City Palette. This is not usually a palette I would be drawn too and the other two would have been more suitable as they have more nude and neutral shades. However, I have so many neutral palettes and I wanted to go for something a bit different and I love the drawing on the front of the palette. In each palette you get four eyeshadows and a blush, making this palette quite expensive for what you actually get as it retails for £45. The blush in this palette is absolutely stunning but I was slightly disappointed in the quality of the eyeshadows. Usually Bobbi Brown eyeshadows are stunning and I have so many and I even received some for Christmas (that were pigmented and looked beautiful). These shadows just did not perform as well as I had hoped, especially the "Navy" shade. The other three shades are quite subtle and do look beautiful on the eye but the "Navy" eyeshadow came off patchy and just would not blend properly. It also comes off more as a black rather than a rich navy shade but I just could not get it to be pigmented, even when I swatched it with my finger. I think this palette looks beautiful and I love the design and three of the eyeshadows and the blush; but I have Urban Decay palettes that cost just as much and they are a lot better quality than this one.

As the only other things I have truly trialled and tested in this haul, I thought it would be worth mentioning the Lip Gloss! I absolutely love Bobbi Brown Lip Glosses and my favourite is a clear lip gloss that I received as a sample last year. These retail for £19.50, you would expect these to be nothing but amazing and they truly are. I wish the packaging was a bit more beautiful as they do remind me of some of my drugstore lip glosses, but the quality and performance of these glosses are incredible. They are not too sticky and give such a beautiful shine to the lips. I love wearing the crystal clear lip gloss over matte liquid lipsticks, especially when my lips are a bit chapped. I decided to get a new lip gloss in the shade "Nougat" which is a beautiful nude lip gloss. It is not highly pigmented but is perfect for that "No Makeup, Makeup Look." I just wanted a lip gloss that would look good with any eye makeup and I think this is gorgeous. 

I love everything that I bought and I also received some of these for Christmas as well (including one of the mascaras, the "Cool Dusk" eye palette and the three individual eyeshadows). I have not tried and tested the other products properly but I have watched them on the back of my hand and they are so highly pigmented and look beautiful, especially the shade "Heather Dusk" in the Cool Dusk palette. If you are thinking of buying either the City Palette or the Cool Dusk palette, then I would definitely recommend the latter.


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