Friday, 20 January 2017


This is the second week of my series, which I have named Friday Treats. Every week I am going to share with you three products that I have been loving throughout the week. I am constantly trying out new products and I do love to shop quite frequently, so my favourites change week to week; one day I can be loving a drugstore lipstick and the next I could be obsessed with a luxury high-end liquid lipstick. In this series I will try to include a variety of luxury and less expensive items; whether it is fashion or beauty related. Most of these products will either be beauty or fashion related, but on some occasions I will include my favourite books, jewellery pieces, homeware or even food that I have been loving during that week. Whether it's something to add to your own wish list, a mid-week treat or a gift for a friend ... maybe this series can give you some inspiration on what to buy on your next shopping  trip.

First of all my favourite fashion piece of choice: Burberry's Monogrammed Giant Check Cashmere Scarf in "Stone Check." I have always said I would never buy an expensive scarf, but I have always secretly loved the monogrammed giant check cashmere scarf from Burberry. So this Christmas I decided to treat myself to the scarf of my dreams! This is a pricey item and some people will think that the price I paid is ridiculous but it was my Christmas present to myself and I have worn it non-stop since it arrived at the beginning of January. Being a cashmere scarf means that it is incredible soft and even though it is not a gigantic in size, it does keep me really warm which has been great as it has been so cold in England over the last few weeks! You can get this scarf in 32 colours ranging from the more classic camel check all the way to a bright emerald check; there really is a colour for everyone in this range. I decided to go with the classic colours of the Burberry check, which is a beige/camel, black and red check. The "Camel Check" is the most famous check but I wanted to buy a colour that I could wear with pretty much any outfit so I decided to choose the "Stone Check" instead. I am so glad I chose this colour as it goes with everything and I do like the fact that it has the red and black running through the check so it is clear that it is the Burberry Check. I also had the scarf monogrammed with my initials ('VLC') and I chose to have them monogrammed in the shade "Parade Red" which is a similar red to that in the check print. It doesn't really stand out when you wear it but it is still visible and it just makes the scarf more special. Also the monogramming on the Burberry website is free of charge; although the scarf is more expensive on the website than it is on Selfridges. If you are wanting to spoil yourself or want to ask for this scarf for a Birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary or Christmas then I would definitely recommend it. This scarf is definitely worth the price and I have already gotten my money's worth out of it, as I have worn it every single day since receiving it. The Giant Check Cashmere Scarf retails for £350 from the Burberry Website here (Monogramming is free of charge) or from Selfridges for £335 here (Monogramming is not available online).

Next for my liquid lipstick of choice over the last week: Kat Von D's 'Everlasting' Liquid Lipstick in the shade "Bow N Arrow." Now that we can buy Kat Von D in England (through the Debenhams website and in some stores) I have been buying quite a few of her products. I have always heard that the 'Everlasting' liquid lipsticks are amazing and I wanted to try one for myself. One of her most popular shades is 'Bow N Arrow' which is a beautiful stone nude brown and I had seen so many people wearing this shade in YouTube videos and on Instagram. I absolutely love nude lips but this is a lot darker and I really like the look of it on my lips paired with my skin tone. It works with a neutral eye look or I can pair it with a dramatic smokey eye; perfect for a night out! I think that this is definitely going to remain one of my favourite liquid lipsticks for quite some time, not only because of the beautiful shade, but the packaging is stunning and it dries down to a true matter finish. The only problem I have is that it dries down and does not keep my lips hydrated; so I definitely recommend having the lip balm on hand if you wear this. The pigmentation is beautiful and I love the fact that it does dry down to a matte finish, even if it does dry out my lips. This is the perfect 90's nude lip, with a really enhancing and pumping effect to my lips. It dries quickly on application to a matte finish but it does not feel heavy and remains comfortable throughout the day. Honestly, this shade is a must-have in ant nude lip collector's collection, and I will definitely be buying more from this collection. The price of this liquid lipstick is incredible (costing approximately £10 cheaper than a majority of the rival high-end liquid lipstick! This liquid lipstick retails for £16 and can be purchased from Debenhams here.

Finally, my third Friday Treat this week: the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera. Last year these were so popular and they are definitely making a comeback again this year. I brought mine just before Christmas and I used it so much over the Christmas holidays. Usually I only take photos on my phone or on my Canon EOS 100D, but I wanted to buy a polaroid camera and I knew how much these were loved last year. I feel like so many people have these cameras and they are always being shown on Twitter and Instagram. These are fairly inexpensive, if you are looking for a camera that will instantly print of the photos as polaroids and I think they look amazing as well. They are so easy to use and you can easily buy refills of the polaroid paper from John Lewis. I love using this camera during parties and I might even take it on holiday with me so I don't have to always take my heavy camera with me. The finish of the photos is almost a vintage feel so the resolution is not 100% perfect but I really like the effect of the photos once they have printed out. The fact that the camera prints the polaroids instantly is great because I have so many photos on my phone and camera and I just always forget to print them off, so this little camera is amazing! I also really want to create a wall feature including polaroids by hanging up some string on a wall in the study and clipping the polaroids onto the strings with mini pegs; which will look amazing! This Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera retails for £69.95 from John Lewis here.

Let me know what three products you have been loving this week in the comments below ...


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