Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Firstly I want to wish everyone reading this a VERY Happy New Year! I hope you all had an amazing time over the Christmas holidays and are excited for what exciting new things 2017 will bring. I had a lovely chilled Christmas in Suffolk with my family and then spent New Years relaxing at a spa hotel with family and friends. I am never a big fan of New Year's Eve, and I prefer to have a quiet New Years with those I care about. But I do love the feeling of starting the New Year feeling inspired, full of motivation and creative energy. In the past I have been useless with keeping my New Year's Resolutions but this year I am more motivated and determined than ever and I thought I would share with you all my goals/resolutions for 2017; some are personal and some are more work-based. I feel like it is an incredible cliche trying to do the whole 'new year, new me' thing, but this year I am truly inspired to improve myself and to constantly progress in all aspects of my life.

Here are my resolutions/goals:

1. Consistently post on Love Vicki Louise and grow as a blog. Last year was one of the worst years of my life and I felt it really impacted on my blog. I took a few months off over the Summer and I never felt motivated to come up with new content. However, I am now 100% committed to this blog and am going to be consistently posting every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm GMT. If I cannot post on that day for some reason then I will let you all know on my Twitter (so make sure you are following me @lovevickilouise). I also want to try and grow this blog and make it even better than ever, I am currently trying to redesign this blog so hopefully in the next few months everything will be finished but it is taking some time to try and get the layout how I exactly want it. I have even bought a new camera and once I have moved I will be able to retake photos and hopefully take some great photos as well.

2. Finally learn to drive. I have been taking driving lessons now for the last ten months on and off but just before Christmas I decided to give it another shot and have been taking lessons for the last eight weeks. I know a lot of people usually start driving when they are 17 but I was focused on University and luckily I didn't need to have a car there, so I held back from taking lessons. I have now decided that this is the year to finally learn and get my full driving licence. So hopefully, I will have passed my test by the Summer, although I really want to pass around the end of March (fingers crossed I do pass).

3. Use Social Media more. I love looking at social media and at the moment I mainly use Twitter. So this year I want to improve all my social media pages, whether that be Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest and Twitter. Over the next week I am going to be focusing on the design of my blog but after that I am going to be posting more on all of my social media platforms. You can find me by typing lovevickilouise into all the search bars and vdckilouisecaldwell for Instagram (I will have all my social media pages linked at the end of this post or you can just click on the social media icon under my photo (to the right of this page) which will take you directly to my social media pages.

4. Travel more. I love to travel, whether it is with family or friends, and this year I really want to travel more. I am currently planning a holiday with my family for this Summer as it has been forever since we have been on a family holiday. But I also want to travel more in the UK as well as abroad. I spend quite a lot of time in London so I want to spend even more time there and I also want to travel to some places that I have never been to before in the UK, like Edinburgh, Bath and Dublin. I am also wanting to travel more with friends hopefully this year before I go and study my LPC in September.

5. Use my phone and laptop less at night. I have the worst habit of spending two hours before I go to sleep on my laptop or on my phone (usually looking at Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat). So this year I really want to try and not look at my phone and laptop as much when I am in bed. I also want to try and read more this year and am planning on reading just before I go to sleep rather than looking at my Twitter feed!
6. Lose weight and become more healthy. This year I am motivated to lose weight and become more healthy. I am happy with my figure and how I look but I really want to tone up this year and eat more healthily. Plus I also want to workout more regularly this year, as I use to workout at Uni but since coming back home I barely workout at all. I also want to buy a treadmill for my home so I can workout at any time, because a lot of the time I cannot be bothered to go to the gym and lose all energy once I have arrived at the gym.

7. Look for flats in London. I don't think this will really happen this year, but I will want to try and look for somewhere to stay when I am in London. I will be studying in London from September for a year and then hopefully I will get a training contract in London after that, so the plan is to try and find somewhere to stay while I am completing my further studies and then go home at the weekend and then eventually move to London. Like I said I don't think this will happen this year, as I will probably commute to London and can stay with friends when I am studying, but I will be looking at potential areas to live and maybe look round some flats this year with the hope of moving in the next couple of years! 

8. Spend more time with family and friends. I really want to spend more time with my family and friends this year, whether it is going on holidays, weekend breaks, spa trips or just having a coffee. I feel like since leaving High School I don't see my friends that I went to school with that often, so I really want to reconnect with them. Plus I want to see all of my Uni friends more this year as well as my distant family who live in Scotland and Ireland.

9. Study my LPC and get a training contract. This is something that I have been working towards for the last ten years of my life (believe it or not I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was twelve years old). After the events that happened last year I decided to take a year off from studying and spend more time with my friends and family. However, this year I am planning to study my LPC in London in September for a year which will mean I will be a qualified lawyer. I still want to continue with this blog even when I am studying and I cannot wait to study again and to carry on work with my blog.

10. Be happy and do more good in the world. I think this is a resolution that is very difficult to keep because we are always going to have sad moments in our life, but I want 2017 to be more happy and to reflect that in my blog as well. Whether it is spending time with friends and family or just doing something that I love (which includes writing this blog). I also want to do more good in the world. I am pretty charitable as it is and have sponsored my friends countless times when they have run marathons and I will donate money when I see the little charity pots but I want to do more, whether it is running a sponsored run like a half marathon or just giving up my time to help those in need. I think that it is something that we all need to think about and take some time to figure out what we can do to make this world even better. I am always remembering that there are people out there who are less fortunate and I want to donate either my time or money to help those who really need it!!

So those are my New Year's Resolutions (I apologise if I waffled on a bit in some places, but I tried to keep this relatively short while explaining each goal for this year). Please let me know in the comments what your New Year's Resolutions are ...


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