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I know my latest blog post was on what I thought was the perfect nude lipstick; which was "Kim K.W." from Charlotte Tilbury (and now I have a review on another Charlotte Tilbury product. I promise this will be the last Charlotte Tilbury post for a while but I really wanted to talk about this product because I have been using it so much since I bought it a couple of weeks ago. 

Charlotte's Instant Look In A Palette was brought back due to popular demand; I feel like this was so talked about during 2016 and unfortunately when I went to originally buy it, it had sold out and was limited edition. But Charlotte Tilbury brought back this palette just after Christmas and I knew that I needed to get my hands on one of them (it comes in "Natural Beauty" or "Seductive Beauty")! I decided to choose the "Natural Beauty" palette as I thought it would have products that I could use every single day and I could even take travelling with me. Recently I have been obsessed with trying to create a 'no makeup, makeup look' and this palette is perfect for creating this look. Featuring 7 exclusive and beautiful shades, this 5-minute magic makeup palette is perfect for any person; whether they are 18 or 90! This is perfect if you are in a rush or you want that beautiful fresh-faced look on-the-go!

This palette is stunning and in it you have 7 exclusive shades that you cannot buy separately. In it you get three eyeshadows, a bronzer, two blush shades and a highlighter. This is a perfect on-the-go beauty product and it is fairly small so it is easy to just throw in your handbag and touch up your makeup throughout the day. You could also take this travelling and all you would need is a foundation, concealer, powder, brows and a lip product. I absolutely love this product and I will definitely be taking this on my summer holiday this year as when I am somewhere hot, I don't want to wear too much makeup, as I prefer a more natural look when I am on holiday! This is great for any age and it does not matter whether you are a makeup pro or a makeup novice, this is an instant natural beauty look that anyone can achieve and leave your skin looking fresh, radiant and natural!

Like with all of Charlotte's collection, the packaging is beautiful; you have the maroon background with the Charlotte Tilbury logo in rose gold on the palette itself. When you open up the palette there is a fairly large mirror which is great to take with you when you are on the move throughout the day. I have actually been using this mirror every single day when I want to be closer to the mirror to apply eyeshadow or eyeliner. The products themselves are fairly decent sizes. The eyeshadows and blush shades are the same size as any regular eyeshadow and then you have two larger compartments for the bronzer and highlighter. Personally I wish the blushers were slightly larger as I usually use a Real Techniques fluffy blush brush and I really struggle to just get the blush product on the brush (usually I  end up getting bronzer and highlighter on the brush as well). Apart from that the sizes are a really good size and I like the fact that they have imprinted what each product is on the actual product (plus it also says what they are on the back of the palette). The imprinted wording will eventually rub off but I have been using this for a few weeks now and you can still see the writing quite clearly. In terms of the size of the palette, it is fairly small and compact and will definitely fit in any handbag (whether it is a tote or a clutch bag) and it is also light so it won't weigh down your handbag or luggage.

R-L: 1 Brighten Eyeshadow, 2 Enhance Eyeshadow, 3 Smoke Eyeshadow, 4 Bronze Face, 5 Swish Cheek, 6 Pop Cheek & 7 Highlighter Face
I love every Charlotte Tilbury product I have ever tried, and I don't think I have ever been disappointed by the quality or pigmentation of any of her products. This is exactly the same with this palette; I am in love with it! As it is a natural beauty palette, you cannot expect the makeup products to be really bold and dramatic, instead they are subtle and soft. They really enhance the beauty of your skin and leave it looking fresh, natural and radiant. The pigmentation is not as strong as some other brands but I expected that as it was a natural beauty palette, but you can definielty build up the colours (especially with the eyeshadows and blush shades). My favourite products are the bronzer and the highlighter. As I am very fair I often struggle with finding bronzers that don't make me look orange and this bronzer is the perfect shade for my skin tone; it does not leave me looking orange and it just warms up my skin perfectly. The highlighter is a beautiful light champagne shade (and reminds me a bit of Champagne Pop by Becca, but it is slightly lighter). This just gives me the most beautiful glow and it is not too light for my skin but it is not too dark either. I have not really tried out the eyeshadows in much depth, but I have been using the smoke eyeshadow quite a bit and I absolutely love it (it just gives me a more natural smokey eye and the pigmentation is stunning and they blend so easily onto my eyes. I wish they had chosen another shade than the brighten eyeshadow as it is very light and I really had to build up the colour (in my swatch) just for it to even be shown but it would make a beautiful inner corner highlight if you wanted a natural makeup look!

Overall, I am really impressed with this product and would 100% recommend buying this if you want to go for a more natural look. The pigmentation is not really dramatic but it is a 'natural beauty' palette and it gives a glowing and soft look to the face. This palette is available from the Charlotte Tilbury website here and retails for £49!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this product before and what you think of it and let me know what some of your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products are as well!!!


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