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I am forever on the search for the perfect nude lipstick whether it is a luxury brand or from the drugstore; and I think I can say that I have finally found the perfect nude lipstick for me. In the Summer of 2016, Charlotte Tilbury brought out 16 'Hot Lips' lipsticks, featuring 4 bestselling favourites, inspired by and in collaboration with some of the world's most inspiring female celebrities; including Kim Kardashian-West, Miranda Kerr, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham, Poppy Delevingne and Salma Hayek. I have only recently gotten onto the bandwagon of buying Charlotte Tilbury and my collection has now grown even more since buying one lipstick from them (I now have a face palette, eye palette and a couple more lipsticks)! When these lipsticks first came out, there was one shade that every blogger and beauty YouTuber was raving about and that was the shade Kim K.W. and since owning it I can see what all of the fuss is about. If you have ever wanted to know what Kim Kardashian wears on her lips to create that perfect pinky/nude shade, then Charlotte Tilbury has you covered. I would definitely say this is the perfect nude lipstick ...

Firstly, the packaging of all Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks is stunning and they look so pretty on a dressing table. I love the rose gold packaging and it is very simple, letting the lipsticks do all the talking! I was not going to buy this lipstick because I didn't see what all the fuss was about and I have over 100 nude lipsticks as it is, but all of them are so different (with some having more brown undertones, pink undertones or even peach undertones). So I thought I would add one more to my collection and I am so happy that I purchased this just after Christmas; this is all I have been wearing since it arrived through my letterbox. Like I said the packaging is very simple with grooves alone the tube and the Charlotte Tilbury logo on the top of the lipstick tube. When you open the lipstick you have this gorgeous shade and the actual lipstick has been stamped with lip outline to obviously represent the 'Hot Lips' Collection.

The formulation of this lipstick is amazing and they glide on the lips so smoothly, feeling like butter. It is not tough to apply an even coat and I find that I only have to apply one layer of the lipstick to get that perfect coat. This lipstick is creamy, smooth and highly pigmented; which is something that I always want when I am buying a lipstick from a luxury brand. You can get a medium to full coverage with this lipstick, and I recommend 2 coats if you want a pigmented full coverage, but it also gives a beautiful natural shine to the lips when it is worn. There is a fragrance of vanilla in this lipstick, which I really like and the scent definitely lasts throughout the day. This lipstick will last between 4 and 5 hours but of course it is less if I am eating and drinking in those hours! I love the fact that the formulation of this lipstick is the same as some of the other lipsticks that I own from this brand and they are so creamy. It really does hydrate my lips, but I do make sure to put a lip scrub on my lips before applying this especially if my lips are cracked as this particular shade can show those cracks and make them visible. But overall, this lipstick does not dry out my lips, it doesn't flake off as soon as I put it on and it does not feel heavy when I am wearing it; this is definitely a winner in my eyes. 

A shade like this will not suit everyone, and I think anyone who has fairer skin than me will really struggle to pull this lipstick off. Even though I am fair I have a slight tan (I don't know how I have any tan to be honest!) and the shade looks really nice on my skin tone at the moment. Also, this might be a bit too light for someone who has a deep skin tone but I think if you paired it with a darker lip liner underneath and put this lipstick on top, it could look absolutely stunning on someone with a deeper skin tone. I think this lipstick looks different on everyone, and on me it is a nude but it has a slight pink/peach undertone which looks perfect with a smokey eye or even a peach eye look that I have created with the Too Faced 'Sweet Peaches' Palette. I have worn this lipstick for coffee with the girls, for meals out and even worn it on nights out with a really smokey eye. 

The Kim K.W. Hot Lips lipstick is 100% my favourite shade from the collection and I think it looks stunning on. I would definitely recommend trying to find a retailer who stocks Charlotte Tilbury and swatch the lipstick first because it will not suit every skin tone and you might find it washes you out. Although it will look perfect with a tan for the summer months. I am definitely going to repurchase this lipstick when it runs out because this is my perfect nude!!! I am also going to be purchasing some of the other lipsticks in the Hot Lips collection because they look stunning. You can find the whole Hot Lips collection on the Charlotte Tilbury website here.

Kim K.W. Hot Lips Lipstick retails for £23 and can be purchased from Charlotte Tilbury here or from Selfridges here.


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