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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 6 months, then you will now know that Kat Von D is now available for us Brits to buy over here in the UK. Kat Von D has become one of the most talked about brands within the beauty community but if you lived in the UK, it was very difficult to buy Kat's products as they were not readily available over here in the UK - the only way for us Brits to get this makeup range would be to order from the US (resulting in us having to pay high customs and taxes). But now all of us beauty addicts can rejoice, as Kat Von D is now available at none other than my favourite store to buy makeup from, Debenhams - meaning we can now pick up her range online and on the high street. 

Kat Von D is a brand that you hear beauty Bloggers, YouTubers and Influencers swooning over, and is known for their high pigmentation and long wear products - and now we can buy it in one of the biggest department stores in the UK. Yay! Kat, originally from Mexico, worked as a tattoo artist (even starring on LA Ink), and was renowned for her love of wearing deep red lipsticks and jet black eyeliner. Whilst working on LA Ink, Kat was taking the whole world by storm with her ultra-performance makeup and has become critically acclaimed within the beauty world. Her Lock-It foundation has become so popular and I'm sure we have all seen Instagram posts where people have managed to cover up tattoos with her foundation! Kat Von D has one of the largest followings on social media (with 3 million of us following her on Instagram) and she has fast become a favourite amongst beauty novices and experts. The product line is designed to meet Kat's own high beauty demands, as well as inspiring beauty lovers to express themselves through the artistry that is makeup!

Debenhams now holds the full Kat Von D range (although we do get the limited edition palettes slightly later than when it is released in the US)! I know that Kat Von D has been sold in the UK for a few months now but I thought I would share with you 6 products that I absolute love from the range, and give you the reasons as to why I love these products so much!

You can find the whole Kat Von D collection on the Debenhams website here. 


Probably one of the most infamous and most talked about products from the Kat Von D makeup range; the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks promise 24 hour wear (although I have only ever worn them for around 10 hours at a time, but was impressed with their longevity) and contains skin nourishing ingredients in the formula to combat the discomfort and dryness commonly associated with a liquid lipstick!

The packaging is very much inspired by Kat's profession as a tattoo artist (with its rock tattoo-vibe) and the calligraphic roses similar to those used for tattoos. Inside the box is the lip product, which comes in a skinny tube with a wand applicator for a quick and easy application. The formula itself is very creamy and applies quickly with no bleeding (so there is no need to use a lipliner) and dries within moments leaving a matte finish to your lips. As well as drying down matte, it is transfer proof - so a perfect choice for a meal out or for drinks with the girls!

I am yet to find another matte liquid lipstick that has more pigmentation than the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks and once you have applied them they do not budge until you take them off! The colours are very true to what you see on the tube, and they give such an even application on the lips. All you need is one thin layer to get an even and opaque application.

My two criticisms of these liquid lipsticks is firstly the fact that these dry down instantly matte, it can leave your lips feeling dehydrated and heavy; plus they can make any cracks in your lips visible if your have not moisturised them beforehand. Therefore, I would 100% recommend using a lip scrub before and after wearing this lipstick otherwise your lips can be left feeling dry and sore. Another negative is the colour range, as there is not as much of a choice for those of us who are not bold with their lip colours and prefer nude/pink shades. I picked up the three shades that I considered to be the most flattering and what I thought would be the most 'wearable' on me; Bow n Arrow, Lolita and Lovesick. These shades are beautiful and I can wear them everyday but the other shades in the collection are just too bold for me. Recently I have been trying to wear a softer and more natural makeup look and the colour selection for these lipsticks just do not go with that kind of makeup look; even the nude shades are quite bold as well. If you are much bolder with your lip colours then this range is perfect as there are lilacs, navy, black/grey and a bright orange (which I just cannot pull off) - although they would be perfect for Halloween. I would just prefer it if there were a few more easy-to-wear shades, and have some more nude and pink shades in the collection that can be worn everyday - similar to those sold by Huda Beauty, Joeur and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are £17.00 each from Debenhams.


I will be the first to admit that when it comes to contouring I am an absolute novice, so this purchase was probably a bit optimistic for me because it probably is aimed towards people who are great at contouring, and I am still learning the basics. However, I remain positive that this palette will help even a contour novice like myself to create some flattering angles and to improve my skills at contouring (I must admit since using this palette I have gotten 100 times better and this is such an easy palette to use for contouring - even if you are a beginner in makeup). This Shade and Light Contour Palette contains six matte shades that look like they will work on most skin-tones; three of the shades are for contouring whilst the other three are for highlighting the face. You can choose from a natural, warm or cool undertone in the contour shades and I personally love using the bottom left and middle shade to contour my face with - the darkest contour shade is a bit too dark for my skin tone on it's own! I tend to choose a cool toned contour (especially those which have a grey undertone to them), but I have read on another blog that you can use all three contour shades to create a really soft, natural shadow to the face - but I am yet to try this out! The contour shades blend so easily and really help to define the face plus they do not look muddy on the face - which ticks all the boxes for me!

The lighter powders help to give a matte highlight - again like with the contour shades you can use just one shade or sweep your brush into each pan to create a really beautiful subtle glow to the face. A matte highlight will give you a more natural look rather than having an intense shimmer highlight, which can sometimes be too chunk and can show up any texture that is on your face, while they can be built up to create some serious contouring! These highlight shades are perfect for achieving that 'no makeup' makeup look so many people are desiring lately. I usually prefer a more intense highlight but I like the fact that I have the option to achieve a more soft and natural makeup look and this would be perfect if you don't want to look like you are wearing loads of makeup - but still want a subtle glow!

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette is £37.00 from Debenhams.


The one product that I have wanted to get my hands on for a while was the Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette (not that I really needed another palette!) I have heard so many great reviews about Kat Von D's eyeshadows and these are probably the most pigmented eyeshadows I have every tried. They are all matte shades and I love the fact that they are essentially three mini quads of eyeshadows that work well together.

There is a cool, warm and neutral eyeshadow quad and I have personally been obsessed with using the warm quad of shadows. You can really create a whole look with this palette as there are shadows for the base and crease, plus there are great transition shades, smokey shades and eyeshadows that would be perfect for a matte brown bone and inner corner highlight. There are essentially three quads of eyeshadows; making this palette perfect for beauty novices (as you can easily stick to one quad and you will know that the shades work well together) and it is also perfect for makeup experts (as you can easily mix and match the shadows to create your own perfect look!) These eyeshadows are so pigmented and they apply beautifully to the eyelid as well - I would suggest using an eye primer first to help make the matte eyeshadows look more dramatic and pigmented. I also love the shades and it does remind me of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette (which is another of my favourite palettes). If you love more neutral shades and smokey brown shades then this will be the perfect palette for you. There are no bright shades, which is great for me because I prefer to go for a natural eye look, but if you love your bright shades then this probably won't be the palette for you! The best shade in this entire palette is the black eyeshadow and it is probably the most pigmented black eyeshadow that I have every tried (making it perfect for smokey eyes). It is really difficult to make a black eyeshadow really pigmented and many brands have failed but Kat Von D has succeeded in creating a highly pigmented and intense black eyeshadow - and this palette is worth it just for this one shade alone. All of the shadows blend so easily and can be built up to create a more dramatic eye look.

There are only two small criticisms that I have with this palette - and both of them are things that I can live with. The first being that when you put your brush into the palette there is some fall out so you really need to use a light hand when you are using this palette. You don't need to swirl your brush in the pan much to pick up the pigment, plus you can build up the colour - so always use a light hand when using this palette. Also there can be some fall out when you apply the shadow to the eyelid but that is easy to wipe away; and you will find a lot of palettes will have some fall out when they have high pigmented shadows. The second criticism is the size of the shadows. I do not really understand the point in having the three top shades in such massive pans in comparison to the other shadows. I feel like the base colours they chose to fill up the larger pans are not shades that I am going to completely use up and I do not really use those shades as much. It would have been much better for them to have split those three pans into two shadows each, so in total there would be six shades at the top of the palette, but I can live with the size of the pans and it does not deter from the fact that these eyeshadows are amazing!

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette is £37.00 from Debenhams.


A concealer boasting 24-hour wear will usually sound too good to be true, especially for someone who is constantly having to touch up the coverage on certain parts of their face (for me I am always having to touch up my concealer on my T-Zone every few hours!!!) BUT, it would seem on first impressions this concealer is one of the best I have ever tried from a high-end brand. I wouldn't say that I have ever had to wear a concealer for 24 hours straight but this concealer will lock in place and will last throughout the whole day until I have to take it off at night! The Lock-It formula is creamy, blendable and has the longest longevity of any concealer I have every tried before. I also love how this brightens up my under eye area and it will not budge throughout the whole day - I have ever worn this to the gym (not that I wear much makeup to the gym, but I will often put on concealer if I look tired or have any blemishes that I want to cover) and it stayed in place after a 2 hour workout session. I did choose it in a shade lighter than my skin-tone as I wanted to see if it would be as good as my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and help to brighten up the under eye area; after using this a few times I would say that this is on a level pegging field with my Collection concealer and might even be slightly better, as the coverage is amazing! I have also used this concealer to blend over any redness on my skin (to act as a neutraliser) and to cover any blemished - and it worked really well for that although I would buy it in a shade that matches my skin perfectly so I when I cover any blemishes rather than highlighting and drawing attention to them!

Coverage wise, it is full coverage and quite heavy (although once blended it doesn't feel heavy at all), also it does not leave your skin looking cakey - which is everything I look for in a good concealer. This is definitely up there with my favourite concealer from Collection - BUT, the Collection concealer works just as well and is a fraction of the cost of the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer!

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer is £20.00 from Debenhams.


One of Kat Von D's cult favourites and probably one of her most talked about products is her Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Trooper - and this was the first item I purchased from her makeup collection because I had heard so many Bloggers, YouTubers and Influencers talking about how great this product is. Like with the rest of her collection this liner promises high pigmentation and longevity - and it does not disappoint! The brush tip is super fine, which I personally love as I can create a slim line for those more natural makeup looks but I can also build it up into a thicker, dramatic wing for those days when I want a more intense eye look. Once you have applied this eyeliner, it will not budge until you remove it! I have once fallen asleep with this eyeliner on, because I had forgotten to remove my makeup (which is a bit naughty of me) and when I woke up I could still see some of the liner the very next morning - so it is definitely long-lasting! The liner is waterproof, paragon free and comes in two shades; Trooper (black) and Mad Max Brown (dark brown). Trooper is a shade that most makeup Bloggers and YouTubers will have in their collection because the pigmentation is amazing and you only have to swipe it along your lash line once to get an opaque finish - which is perfect if you are in a rush!

I don't think there is one negative things I could say about this product as it it is highly pigmented, lasts for such a long time and is perfect for a day or evening look. I have tried so many liquid eyeliners from high-end brands and from the drugstore, and this is probably the best liner I have every tried. It is waterproof, highly pigmented and lasts all day! If you only buy one product from Kat's range then I would definitely recommend you buying this - especially if you love your liquid eyeliner. I am so impressed with the shade Trooper, that I am thinking about buying the shade Mad Max Brown for those more natural eye looks that I want to achieve! Definitely a must-have in my makeup collection and I will definitely be repurchasing this when mine runs out!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is £16.00 from Debenhams.


One product I was desperate to try was the 'Studded Kiss' Lipsticks. I am already a massive fan of Kat's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks and I was hoping that these lipsticks would be just as pigmented and come in a range of more 'wearable' shades. These lipsticks promise rich-pigmentation and has colour cushion technology to help keep the lips feeling velvety soft whilst still delivering bold, long-lasting colour and full coverage.

The packaging is just so Kat Von D and I love the fact that the tube of lipstick is covered in these studded spikes. Instantly when you look at someone's makeup collection, you know which ones belong to Kat Von D as there are no other lipsticks that look like this. It really does compliment the whole feeling of her brand being dark and a bit more rock chic in comparison to other brand's packaging like YSL and Too Faced. My only problem with the packaging is that I have a few acrylic lipstick holders and none of them can fit these lipsticks, as the spikes make the tube too big for the sections - so I have to keep them on display on my dressing table rather than in the holder. Apart fro that, I love the look of these lipsticks and they do look really cool displayed on a dressing table!

The formula of these lipsticks is just amazing and Kat Von D has done it again with her promise of high pigmentation and longevity in these lipsticks. These are so creamy and give off such a high pigmentation - you really only have to apply one to two layers to achieve an opaque finish. They do not dry out my lips and it doesn't feel heavy either - which is something that I look for when I am buying a lipstick. Obviously this is a lipstick so it won't last as long as her liquid lipsticks (but I have found it will last approximately 4 to 5 hours). They do last a long time, but you will have to touch up your lipstick after eating and drinking, but that is to be expected with any lipstick!

Like with the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, my only criticism of these lipsticks is the colour selection that has been chosen for this range. I feel like once again there are not that many 'wearable' shades and I really struggled to find shades that I thought would suit me. In the end I chose the shades Lolita and Lovecraft, which are probably the two most easy-to-wear shades and the cult classics that probably everyone has in their makeup collection. The other shades in the collection are a lot bolder; there are hot pinks, black, purple and even a bright green (and I just feel like I cannot pull off a green or black lip, unless it's for Halloween - and even then it still wouldn't look good on me). I just with there were some shades that would be great for everyday looks, like having more nude and more natural pink shades that could be worn by everyone.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks are £17.00 each from Debenhams.

Kat Von D has seriously come out with some amazing products and I do have a couple more of her products that I have not mentioned in this post; like the brushes (which are amazing and definitely worth a look) and I also have one of the quad eyeshadow palettes (but this is not as good as the larger palettes Kat sells)! 

I would love to know if you've tried anything from Kat Von D, and if you have any recommendations for what products I should try next?



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