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This has fast become one of my favourite series to create as it gives me the opportunity to share with you all my top three products from the previous week; some of these are old classics that I have loved for years and some are fairly recent purchases that I have not been able to put down since purchasing it. I am sorry that I could not upload this last Friday, but I was experiencing some difficulties uploading this post until now. This week is predominantly beauty based, but I did want to mention something that I have been loving for the last two months which is a new camera that I purchased (I actually bought a Canon camera and a Sony camera; which will be used for travelling and taking with me on the go). Most of these products will either be beauty or fashion related, but on some occasions I will include my favourite books, jewellery pieces, homeware or even food that I have been loving during that week. This series is not going to replace my monthly favourites and I will carry on with writing a monthly favourites at the end of each month but these are just three products that I have been loving for that particular week. Whether these products are something to add to your own wish list, a mid-week treat or a gift for a friend ... maybe this series can give you some inspiration on what to buy on your next shopping trip.

First of all my favourite piece of all time (not just this week) is my Canon EOS 100D camera. I bought this camera just before Christmas as I was tired of taking blog photos on my iPhone. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures for a blog on your phone and I have seen so many people create gorgeous layouts with a phone but I just cannot seem to get great quality photos. So I researched all different types of cameras and I ended up choosing the Canon EOS 100D. I wanted a camera that I could use for all aspects of my blog; whether it is beauty layouts, fashion posts, outfits of the day or anything else that I want to put on my blog, and this camera is amazing. I find it so easy to use and I have been able to take some gorgeous pictures with this camera. There are still some aspects of the camera that I am still trying to get to grips with and I have not used every setting on the camera yet, but so far I have had no trouble taking amazing photos within the first few attempts. You also get a zoom lens as well in this kit so you have two lenses in total, so for the price you really are getting a great deal; plus you can easily find other Canon lenses to fit this camera to take different shots. This camera has a 9-point autofocus system, meaning that you will always get the sharpest results from every image, there is a built-in flash and in camera red-eye reduction to keep your photos looking natural. There is a white balance control which helps you to achieve the most natural tones for your photos with a variety of settings for day light, cloudy days, as well as an automatic setting that will accurately alter the white balance to give you the most natural results in any photo. There is a touch screen LCD display which is just easier to use that having to press loads of buttons to delete a photo. I love this camera so much, the only problem is that it is very bulky and thats why I have also purchased a Sony camera which I will take away travelling with me which is more compact but is still just as great (I took the pictures of my Canon Camera on the Sony camera and I think they look just as good). This is quite pricey at £449.99, but if you are looking to invest in a great quality camera then I would suggest this or maybe put it on a birthday or Christmas list. You can purchase this camera from John Lewis online here.

Next for my concealer of choice; which has to be the Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Concealer in the shade "Ivory." I have been suffering with some breakouts recently and as much as I love the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, it is just too light and if I was to cover up a spot with that concealer it would just show up even more because it is more of a brightening concealer. Therefore, my go-to is the 'Wake Me Up' concealer by Rimmel. This is the perfect shade for me and matches my skin tone precisely so when I need to cover up any blemishes this is the concealer I reach for the most. It gives a medium to full coverage and I would definitely recommend applying this with a sponge as I have found that if I use a brush it just slides all over my face rather than concealing the areas that need covering. This is not a concealer that will cover really dark circles or really dark pigmentation on your skin but it is good for covering up small areas of redness or blemishes. This retails for only £5.49 and can be purchased from Boots here.

L-R: Bless Her Heart, Just Peachy, Cobbler, Puree, Summer Yum, Bellini, Caramelised and Luscious
Finally the eyeshadow palette of choice for the last couple of weeks; Too Faced's 'Sweet Peach' Eyeshadow Palette. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months, then you will know that Too Faced decided to release a 'Sweet Peach' collection; including a blush, lip oils, a highlighting palette and re-releasing the peach eyeshadow palette that was a success in the Spring of last year. I did buy the palette last Spring but I never reviewed it for some reason and it was a palette that I used so much in the Summer of last year. Then like all bloggers I bought more eyeshadow palettes and kind of left this one to the side for quite some times. However, when I saw Too Faced were bringing out a collection surrounding this palette I thought I would get it back out of my palette drawer and it literally is all I have been wearing for the last two to three weeks. This is such a gorgeous palette and it will 100% be the palette that I take away with me on holiday or when I am travelling to London, as you can create such versatile looks from this one palette. I am going to do a full review of this palette this month so I won't go into too much detail but the pigmentation of these shadows are stunning and they blend so easily on the eye. I would recommend using a powder over your concealer or primer just so that these shadows blend a lot more easily. There are beautiful transition shades, crease shades, highlights and shimmer shades. My absolute favourite eyeshadows are 'Luscious' (which is a beautiful shimmer champagne shade) and 'Bellini' (which is a really pretty rose gold shimmer shade). I have worn the shadows from this palette so much and I absolutely love it. I have been able to create natural every day looks and also created really dramatic smokey eyes which are are perfect for going out in the evening. I really love putting 'Puree' and 'Summer Yum' in the crease and then covering the whole lid with 'Candied Peach' and 'Bellini" to create a stunning shimmer peach eye look. Plus this palette smells amazing and really does smell like peaches. This palette retails for £39 and can be purchased from Debenhams here.

Let me know what three products you have been loving this week in the comments below ...


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