Tuesday, 21 March 2017



Let's face it; there is nothing physical that will come anywhere close to what our Mums truly deserve. Without getting too soppy and making this post really emotional, think about every little thing that our Mothers do for us every single day - the list will be endless, and they do it to make us happy, often just wanting a simple thank you in return. Therefore, this Mother's Day is the perfect time to treat your Mum to something that they would not expect. Even if you don't have a mother around, think about that one female presence in your life who has helped you so much in your life - whether that be a Stepmother, Grandmother, Aunt or Guardian. There will be someone in your life that you want to say thank you to and Mother's Day is the best day to really spoil our Mums!

I am of the opinion that we should spoil our Mums all year round (whether it is taking them out for a meal, buying them flowers or just saying thank you for the little things they do for us), but with Mother's Day only next weekend is the perfect time to treat your Mum to something special to show how much you appreciate all their hard work. Personally, I cannot thank my Mum for everything she has done for me - over the last 21 years she has sacrificed so much (especially when I would ask her to read essays at five in the morning on the day of the deadline). There is so much that my Mum has done for me over the years and even though I try to treat my Mum all the time, Mother's Day is the one day that our Mums can put their feet up and relax.

This Gift Guide is full of more luxurious products, but it does not matter how much you spend on your Mum this Mother's Day - it could be £5 or £1,000 (just remember that how much you spend does not reflect how much you love that person)! Even though I have included some more luxury products in this Gift Guide, it does not mean that you have to spend that much money this Mother's Day (it really is just a guide of what sort of products would make great presents for your Mum). The brands that I have mentioned have amazing alternative products that are slightly more affordable, plus there will be other affordable brands who make similar products to the ones I have mentioned in this Gift Guide. I have made this Mother's Day Gift Guide a little more luxurious than the ones I have done in the past - but that is because I believe that Mums deserve nothing but the best on Mother's Day!

Firstly, the gift that I have given my Mum for probably the last three years in a row, and this year will be no different; a set from Molton Brown. This year, they have released three limited edition sets and I have decided to gift my Mum a set from the Comice Pear & Wild Honey range. This is a limited edition set from Molton Brown and comes with a Hand Wash and Hand Lotion, which are particular favourites of mine. Moisturising and luxurious with a fresh and light fragrance of honey and pear, a perfect treat for pampering someone! This set just makes any bathroom feel more luxurious and they look beautiful next to the sink. Molton Brown Hand Wash and Hand Lotion makes washing your hands even more luxurious. This set is £40 and you get three amazing products that will be loved by Mum on Mother's Day.


Friday, 10 March 2017



Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that most beauty addicts will have heard of and most likely they will own at least one product from the makeup range in their own collection; whether it is Brow Wiz, the Dip Brow Pomade, the Glow Kits or now the "Modern Renaissance" Palette. Before Christmas an Anastasia Beverly Hills website was created for the UK (making it easier for products to be shipped to us Brits without having to go to the US website or Sephora and being charged high custom fees) - although before the UK website was created, we were able to buy some products from Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay, although they do not sell everything from the collection. This is a brand that beauty bloggers, influencers and YouTubers swoon over and her products are loved by so many people, usually resulting in products selling out fast and not being restocked for months at a time!

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a global success, founded in 1997 by Romanian beauty entrepreneur Anastasia Soare. First to introduce "brow shaping" to salons in the US - based on her patented "Golden Ratio" method - Anastasia Beverly Hills is now one of the most sought after cosmetics brand in the world and the collection has been expanded to more than just brows. Soare continues to break through makeup boundaries and continues to create some of the most sought after products - like her liquid lipsticks, glow kits and contour palettes. Anastasia Beverly Hills is now the most followed beauty brand on Instagram, boasting over 11 million followers, and the reason for this is due to how beautiful her products are and how well they perform to make us look like our best selves! Her brand spans the globe and is loved by so many famous faces (including Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez - just to name a few). Her brand is all about Anastasia's "unique vision of individual beauty" that can be applied to your own beauty!

Unless you have been avoiding all social media in 2016, you would have probably noticed photos of the "Modern Renaissance" Palette flooding your timelines on Twitter and Instagram, as well as it being constantly mentioned in yearly favourites and makeup tutorials all over YouTube. Just typing "Modern Renaissance" into YouTube produces over 253,000 videos - making it one of the most talked about makeup products of 2016. This palette was getting so much attention and great views, so because of that every time I went to purchase the palette it would be sold out! I knew that I wanted to try this palette after seeing so many YouTubers fall in love with it, and when I saw it had been restocked on Beauty Bay last month I automatically hid the add to basket button and purchased it. Since the palette arrived in the mail (at the beginning of February) I have used it so much and it is now one of my favourite palettes of all time - I now realise why it was in so many YouTubers 2016 favourites!

You can find the whole Anastasia Beverly Hills collection on the Anastasia Beverly Hills UK WebsiteCult BeautyBeauty Bay and Sephora.

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