Tuesday, 9 May 2017



If you are looking for the most perfect neutral eyeshadow palette, then Too Faced have you covered. Too Faced has long been one of my favourite makeup brands to buy products from; whether it is a blush, eyeshadow palette or liquid lipstick. I dread to think how many products I have from them and how much I have spent with them over the years. Still to this day I remember my excitement when I bought my first ever product from Too Faced, which happened to be the Chocolate Bar palette (which I still love to this day)! I must admit, even though I love the brand, their consistency with products has not always been great, but I will always do my research before buying a product from Too Faced - I will look at YouTube videos, read reviews and look at social media to see other people's opinions on the particular product. So far I can say that I have not been disappointed by any Too Faced product yet, but of course I do not buy every limited edition palette and I will only buy something if I think it is something that I will truly use!

The natural eye look has become so popular over the last few years, but it can often be hard to achieve (especially if you are a beauty novice). I always struggle when I am trying to create a soft, natural eye look as I will always end up using a shade that does not work with the overall look or I will put too much product on and spend half an hour trying to blend it out. That is until Too Faced started their Natural Eye collection in 2009 creating natural eyeshadow palettes that are perfect for creating that dreamy, neutral eye look. Now, Too Faced have created the ultimate natural palette with the Natural Love eyeshadow palette. Combining 13 iconic shadows from the past Natural Eyes, Natural Matte and Natural At Night palettes, this palette is a dream come true for any beauty lover who loves a soft eye makeup look!

A palette with 30 of the most stunning, natural eyeshadows, ranging from soft pinks to intense, rich chocolate browns, this is a must-have for anyone who loves a soft, neutral eye makeup look! There is an eyeshadow for everyone in this palette and will be perfect for those special occasions where you want a more subtle eye look; whether that is a bride on her wedding day, a student going to their prom or if you are going on a date. This is a beautiful natural palette that can be worn every day and will be great for special occasions or even just to wear into work. Whether you love Too Faced for their gorgeous, over-the-top packaging or you love the formulation of their shadows, this beautiful fairytale palettes is going to be a palette you won't regret buying!

Like I say with every eyeshadow palette review on this blog, this has become my favourite palettes of all-time (and I seriously mean it this time). If you are looking for a palette that is perfect for natural eye looks then this will be the only palette you ever reach for. You can find the Natural Love palette on the Too Faced WebsiteDebenhams and Sephora.


Sunday, 7 May 2017



We are now nearing the middle of Spring; the sun is finally starting to shine here in the UK and the weather is getting slightly warmer, therefore it is time to start thinking about updating your makeup collection - particularly your lip products (whether that is lip glosses, lipsticks or liquid lipsticks)! For me, personally, lipsticks are something that I change up every season - I have my brighter pinks and peaches for Spring/Summer and my bright reds and vampy shades for Autumn/Winter, whilst keeping my nude shades out all year round. The Spring months are the time of year when I am a bit more adventurous with my makeup and even though I will sometimes tone down my makeup, I like to add a pop of colour into each makeup look - and what better way to achieve that pop of colour that through your lipstick. At the moment I am obsessed with peach and coral shades (so of course I have included a couple of peach shades in this post). One sure fire way to put a spring in my step is to change up my lipstick collection ...

I must admit that I don't need an excuse to buy new makeup, but there is something about the transition from those cold and crisp Winter months to the much warmer and sunnier Spring months that makes a significant impact on my style - whether that is through fashion or makeup! There is just something about the sun shining, blue skies and a slightly higher temperature that makes me inspired to change up my look by adding a pop of colour to my makeup routine. The perfect shades for this Spring are pinks, peaches and of course my favourite, a good nude lipstick. There are so many of these shades being created by different brands that will be perfect for this time of year and will help to brighten up your lipstick collection.

I have recently been looking through my lipstick collection and have found four that I think are perfect for this Spring. Whether you prefer a lipstick, liquid lipstick or a lip gloss, I have you covered in this post and there is something for everyone! All of these lip products are amazing if you prefer to wear minimal makeup or love to go full glam when it comes to your makeup routine. I always find that when the clocks go forward I will change the way I apply my makeup and I will take a more minimalistic approach; opting usually for a lightweight foundation, a warm toned bronzer, my Brow Wizz, mascara and a lipstick or lip gloss! Therefore, I try to add pops of colour into my makeup through my lipstick and I have found two lipsticks, a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss/oil that I think will make perfect additions to your makeup collection this Spring.

If you are looking to change up your lipstick collection and are thinking of buying a couple of new lipsticks for Spring, then these are my four favourite lip products that I think are needed in everyone's makeup bag ...

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