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We are now nearing the middle of Spring; the sun is finally starting to shine here in the UK and the weather is getting slightly warmer, therefore it is time to start thinking about updating your makeup collection - particularly your lip products (whether that is lip glosses, lipsticks or liquid lipsticks)! For me, personally, lipsticks are something that I change up every season - I have my brighter pinks and peaches for Spring/Summer and my bright reds and vampy shades for Autumn/Winter, whilst keeping my nude shades out all year round. The Spring months are the time of year when I am a bit more adventurous with my makeup and even though I will sometimes tone down my makeup, I like to add a pop of colour into each makeup look - and what better way to achieve that pop of colour that through your lipstick. At the moment I am obsessed with peach and coral shades (so of course I have included a couple of peach shades in this post). One sure fire way to put a spring in my step is to change up my lipstick collection ...

I must admit that I don't need an excuse to buy new makeup, but there is something about the transition from those cold and crisp Winter months to the much warmer and sunnier Spring months that makes a significant impact on my style - whether that is through fashion or makeup! There is just something about the sun shining, blue skies and a slightly higher temperature that makes me inspired to change up my look by adding a pop of colour to my makeup routine. The perfect shades for this Spring are pinks, peaches and of course my favourite, a good nude lipstick. There are so many of these shades being created by different brands that will be perfect for this time of year and will help to brighten up your lipstick collection.

I have recently been looking through my lipstick collection and have found four that I think are perfect for this Spring. Whether you prefer a lipstick, liquid lipstick or a lip gloss, I have you covered in this post and there is something for everyone! All of these lip products are amazing if you prefer to wear minimal makeup or love to go full glam when it comes to your makeup routine. I always find that when the clocks go forward I will change the way I apply my makeup and I will take a more minimalistic approach; opting usually for a lightweight foundation, a warm toned bronzer, my Brow Wizz, mascara and a lipstick or lip gloss! Therefore, I try to add pops of colour into my makeup through my lipstick and I have found two lipsticks, a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss/oil that I think will make perfect additions to your makeup collection this Spring.

If you are looking to change up your lipstick collection and are thinking of buying a couple of new lipsticks for Spring, then these are my four favourite lip products that I think are needed in everyone's makeup bag ...


There is no denial that when it comes to makeup, Charlotte Tilbury is in a league of her own - I don't think there is one product that I have tried from her makeup collection that I have not fallen head over heels in love with, especially when it comes to the formulation and colour selection of her infamous lipsticks. I was so happy when I heard that Charlotte was bringing out a lipstick version of her cult classic Lip Cheat Lip Liner in the shade Pillowtalk. This is a stunning nude pink shade but it is more of a darker nude, which I think is perfect for all year round. This will look amazing on so many skin tones and I think it is an incredible shade for Spring, especially if you are a fan of those slightly darker mauve shades.The formulation of these lipsticks are simply "out of this world" - they are creamy (even though this is a matte formula), long lasting, have amazing pigmentation, are fully opaque and don't dry out the lips. Pillowtalk is a matte lipstick but it does not feel heavy on the lips, however if you are not into matte finishes then there are some beautiful shades in a more creamy formulation. One of my favourites from Charlotte Tilbury are her "Hot Lips" lipsticks (that are more creamy) and my all time favourite shade is Kim K.W. which will also be a perfect shade for this Spring. When I am wearing a slightly darker nude shade in the Spring, like Pillowtalk, I prefer to apply a clear lip gloss over the top so it gives a pretty sheen to the lips and doesn't look as dark. This is just a beautiful shade and will look amazing for a day or night makeup look and I know I will be wearing this shade a lot over the next few months.


When it comes to lipsticks I am usually a nude shade of girl - whether it has a pink or brown undertone to it, I will usually be wearing a nude lipstick and I probably have over 100 nude lipsticks in my makeup collection. Therefore, this Spring I decided to buy some lipsticks that are completely out of my comfort zone - therefore I introduce you to the Tom Ford lipstick in the shade Spanish Pink. This is a really beautiful natural pink that is usually a shade that I will not wear on a regular basis. When I first purchased it, it looked a lot brighter than it does now; therefore it seems to be a shade that will look different depending on your skin tone and it does look a lot brighter when I am slightly paler. I am so glad I purchased this shade and since buying it I have worn this religiously over the last couple of weeks. This is not a pure hot pink shade but is instead a really wearable pink shade which has a slight peach undertone to it - it almost reminds me of my natural lip colour but just made better. In terms of formula, there is nothing better than a Tom Ford lipstick in my eyes. Every lipstick I have from this  brand have been creamy, had amazing pigmentation and the longevity of these lipsticks has been insane. Like with the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks there are matte formulas available if that is something you prefer, but this shade is one of the more creamier lipsticks in his collection. They apply so easily and you are left with a beautiful finish without it being sheer or patchy. I know I will be wearing this lipstick so much over the next few months, as you can wear it with any makeup look. These are more of an investment piece at £40 a lipstick, but if you are looking for a lipstick that you will truly use time and time again this Spring, then this is the lipstick for you - I would say that this is probably my favourite lipstick I own (and I own quite a few lipsticks)!


Winter is when I am all about the liquid lipsticks that dry fully matte, but when it comes to Spring and Summer I am more of a fan of liquid lipsticks that have more of a creamy formula and do not dry down fully matte. If that is something that you are looking for then the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Cremes are the products for you. Like they say in the name, these have more of a creamy formula, so they won't dry down fully (and there will be a slight sheen finish to the lips, which I think is perfect for this time of year). One of my favourite shades is Truth or Bare, which is a beautiful deep raspberry pink shade. This will be stunning all year round, but especially during the Spring and Summer. It is such a wearable shade and will look great on all skin tones, plus it will add a pop of colour to your makeup look without being too over the top. With an easy-to-use applicator, this liquid lip creme is so easy to apply and I find that I only have to sweep the product over my lips once to be left with a beautiful opaque and even finish. As it does not dry down matte, it won't leave a heavy feeling on the lip - plus with a creamy formula you won't have to worry about the product settling into fine lines and cracks (which will often happen with a drying, matte lipstick). I absolutely love this liquid creme lipstick and think this shade is an essential in your makeup bag this Spring!


When the Too faced Sweet Peach collection was brought out this year, I was pretty excited, I already was a massive fan of the eyeshadow palette and I knew that I really wanted to try the Peach Oil Lip Glosses. Technically I have five lip products that you need for Spring, but really it is only four products and I have chosen two shades from the Too Faced lip glosses that I think are perfect for Spring! The first shade that I absolutely love is Peach Fuzz, a beautiful light peach shade which is perfect for that no makeup, makeup look as it is so subtle but will leave a really pretty peach shade to your lips without being too much. There is a slight pink undertone to this shade and will look absolutely stunning if you have a tan, although it will work on most skin tones (it probably won't work if you have really fair skin). The second shade that will be incredible for Spring is Papa Don't Peach - this is still a peach shade but is darker than Peach Fuzz and has a nude/brown undertone to it. Both of these shades are absolutely stunning on the lips and are perfect for the Spring and Summer. The formula is that of a lip gloss but unlike most lip glosses I own, they do not feel sticky or too glossy; they are more like a lip oil that leaves a beautiful shine to the lips without being too much. I love to wear these on their own over the lips but you could easily pair them with a lip liner or lipstick, if you want a more opaque finish. I love the formula of these lip glosses and because it has coconut and peach oil in them, it leaves your lips feeling moisturised and they are fairly long lasting for a lip gloss (but it will come off when you eat or drink). These have more of a sheer finish but it still leaves a beautiful colour to the lips. If you are looking for a beautiful formula and stunning peach shades that will look amazing on almost every skin tone, then I would 100% recommend these Too Faced Peach Oil Lip Glosses. If the two shades I have mentioned are too pale or if they are too much of a nude then there are six other shades in the collection. If you are looking for a much brighter shade then Pure Peach is a gorgeous peach/coral shade. This is a stunning lip gloss that can just be thrown in your bag and all the shades are perfect for this Spring - plus they smell like peaches and there is the perfect peach shade for everyone's skin tone!

What are your must-have lip products this Spring? What other lipsticks should I try out this Spring/Summer?



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