Friday, 9 June 2017



Regardless of whether I am going out for coffee with the girls or attending a special event, I will always apply my highlight before stepping one foot outside the door. Highlighters really are the makeup gift that keeps on giving - whether mixed with foundation to achieve a dewy and glowing lustre to the skin, applied to the cheekbones to help awaken and brighten your makeup look, or applied generously to the high points of your face to create that perfect Instagram glow! You really can make a makeup look come together by just simply placing some highlight on the high points of your face. There is a highlight that is perfect for everyone (you just need to know what suits your overall makeup look and choose one that is right for your skin tone). Whether you prefer a subtle, natural glow or if you want something that will blind people when your face catches a glimpse of the light, there will be a highlighter out there for you!

It is safe to say I am a highlighter hoarder! Looking at my makeup collection, I have just over twenty highlighters, and that is even with me recently decluttering my entire collection and clearing out the products that were old, broken or ones I simply did not use anymore. Yes I know I have a problem and no-one needs that many highlighters in their collection. But I am obsessed with highlighters and just like with eyeshadow palettes, whenever a new one comes out (and I know it is something that I will wear) I just have to buy it and add it to the ever expanding highlighter collection I currently have.

I love highlighting - it is just something that helps to complete my makeup look and I am never happy with my look until I have added highlight (just like I am never happy with my eye look until I have added mascara). Obviously, I have tested a lot of highlighters, from the subtle to the absolute blinding, and I have learned to love so many products on the highlighting market. The highlighting boom has really only taken over in the last few years. Luckily the trend of strobing all over our face faded fairly quickly and now we stick to highlighting the high points of our face, mainly focusing it on our cheekbones, brow bone, inner eye corner, nose and Cupid's bow. Since then, my collection has continued to grow, and with new highlighting products coming out all the time and it can often be hard to know which ones are the creme de la creme. I have included five of my absolute favourite highlighters, ranging from the subtle to the full on moonbeam products (there will be a product for everyone)!

Of course there are more than five highlighters that I would recommend, and I am sure you will see some of my other favourites on this blog at some point in the near future, but these are the five that I truly think deserve a mention and are the ones that I gravitate towards the most when I am wanting to achieve that gorgeous summer glow. From a more subtle glow to those that are a full on dazzling beam of light, these are the five highlighting products that really leave my skin glowing!  

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