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It seems like forever since I did a favourites post on this blog; and it actually is, I haven't written a favourites post since last year. Recently, I have been trying loads of new products and have found some that are my absolute favourites for the month of September, plus I have been using a couple of older products that I have realised are amazing and that I need to use more. In the past I have tried to do beauty, fashion and a mixture of homeware in my favourites post, but from now I am just going to focus on beauty when it comes to favourites (and then I will do a separate post on other bits I have been loving in that month). It is no doubt that I am absolutely obsessed with makeup and I am always trying out new products to write about on this blog so I don't always use the same products every single day for a month, but I found that in September I wasn't trying that many new products so I was able to really use the products I own and bought throughout September. Therefore, I have some amazing favourites to share with you this month ...

How are we already in September? I cannot believe how fast 2017 is going and I feel like it will be Christmas in no time. I feel like throughout 2017, there have been some amazing launches in the beauty world. And I feel like the launch of Fenty Beauty this September has been one of the best launches of the year; so of course there are some Fenty Beauty products in there plus there are some products that I got when I was in America. I have mainly makeup in this favourites post as that is what I have been testing out more recently, but I do have a new skincare favourite that I have been absolutely loving. Also, for once I am actually posting my monthly favourites on the last day of the month, which I don't think I have ever achieved before (so I am super proud of myself for that)! 

September has been a great month for me, I have found a new passion for this blog, and am truly excited to make this amazing for you all that read this and I am so happy to share with you all my September favourites. Also, I am 100% going to make this a series on here and will be doing monthly favourites at the end of every month from now on! (I promise)!

Without any more waffling on, here are my favourites for the month of September ...


Any product that mentions matte or soft matte in the description is usually a no-go for me as I have normal to dry skin; therefore I have normal skin but there are certain areas on my face where I suffer from some dryness (mainly around my T-zone). But when Rihanna released her amazing beauty line earlier this month I decided to buy something from every category, so of course I had to try out the primer as well. I am so glad I bought this primer as I love it and it has replaced my much loved YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer, that I have been using almost every day for the last three months. The Fenty Beauty primer is not mattifying at all! Instead it is more of a moisturising primer that offers a lot of hydration to my skin. It does leave my skin feeling slightly tacky but this just helps my foundation go on smoothly and give me a flawless base. I, like everyone, suffer from pores and I have found that this is one of only a few primers that really helps to diffuse my pores and almost makes them look non-existent. This just leaves my skin looking naturally airbrushed and works well with both luminous and matte foundations. I would definitely recommend using this primer if you have the Fenty Beauty foundation, especially if you suffer from dry skin as it helps the foundation to not cling as badly to any dry patches you might suffer from. I have not used any other primer since buying the Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Primer from Harvey Nichols for only £24 - which I think is definitely worth the price tag.   


If you have been reading my blog for a while now, and saw my Sephora Haul Part 3, you will know that I am slightly obsessed with lip products - it is so bad that I am not buying any more nude lip products for a couple of months as I own so many nude lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. Therefore, it will come as a shock that for the past three weeks all I have been wearing is the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer from Fenty Beauty. This was the only shade released by Rihanna and is meant to be a universal lip colour for every skin tone, whether you have a fair or deep complexion. I love this lip gloss and it goes with every single makeup look that I have created (either natural or full glam). This is a rose nude shade that just looks amazing on any skin tone. Formula wise, this is just beautiful; leaving my lips with a gorgeous shine and not feeling too sticky. Also this is such a hydrating and moisturising lip gloss that I have not had to use a lip balm for all of September. If I have dry lips I will use this lip gloss and it instantly makes my lips look more hydrated. You can wear this on its own or it looks amazing paired with a rosy nude liquid lipstick which just helps to make the lipstick feel more comfortable on the lips as well as giving a stunning shine. I just keep this in my handbag as I know it is the lip gloss that I will wear on a daily basis even when I have no other makeup on. The Fenty Beauty lip gloss is available from Harvey Nichols for only £16, which I think is a great price.


Over the last few months I have become obsessed with skincare - and I am going to have a blog post up soon with my favourite skincare products. I always use to be someone who would prefer to spend money on high end makeup but recently I have been investing more in skincare. I feel like you can make any makeup work, whether it is high end or drugstore, if you have a good skincare base. Tatcha is a brand that I have always wanted to try, but we cannot get it very easily in the UK, so I decided to buy the Water Cream moisturiser while I was on holiday in Hawaii. Before I had used the Magic Cream from Charlotte Tilbury and that has now been put on a shelf as I now only use the Water Cream from Tatcha. This does not feel like a heavy cream that you can feel on your skin; instead it feels like you are placing water on your face. I cannot explain how light it feels when I apply it and I have found that my makeup does not apply well if I don't have this moisturiser on underneath. This just leaves my skin feeling hydrated and nourished and it just helps my skin to look flawless, whether I am wearing makeup or not. My skin always looks fresh and glowing every time I use this moisturiser and I would recommend it to anyone as it is perfect for most skin types. This is more pricey at $68 (which is just over £50) but The Water Cream is definitely worth it.    


I had heard so many great things about the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer from beauty bloggers and YouTubers, but every time I went to buy it, it was always sold out. For us in the UK, we can only get Tarte through Sephora or QVC. However, it came back in stock in the middle of August and I have been using this concealer every day since. I have not even looked at my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer since owning this one from Tarte. The formula of this concealer is amazing, it is so creamy and a little goes a long way - I can easily get away with putting a few dots under my eyes and it will cover most of my cheek. I am currently using the shade Light as I have a slight tan and I have found that this is the perfect shade for brightening my under eyes (but in the Winter I will probably need to buy the shade Fair). This is perfect for anyone who suffers from dryness as the concealer does not cling to any dry areas on my face and almost seems to add a hint of hydration. I do use this as more of a brightening concealer and I absolutely love it, plus it has a full coverage that covers any redness or dull areas, whilst still making my skin look slightly dewy (this concealer is 100% magic). I just wish that it was not always sold out on QVC as this is my new holy grail concealer and I will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out. The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is available from QVC, with a blending sponge that I am not keen on, for £28.


September is always a time when I start to switch out my clothing from Summer to Autumn, but I also do exactly the same with my makeup. I have owned the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette since the end of June and I never really wore it much during the Summer months. But now we have reached the start of Autumn I have been wearing this palette so much in the last couple of weeks and I have been loving the looks I have been creating with this palette. The shades in this palette just scream Autumn to me; with the rich browns, fiery oranges and copper shades. This is by far the best Naked palette that Urban Decay has created! I have created so many looks from all mattes, to full glam and even more natural every day looks with this one palette, plus I don't have to reach for another palette as I can create a whole look with this one alone. The shadows themselves are really pigmented and blend out beautifully (I really feel like anyone could use this palette, no matter what their experience in makeup is). I love wearing more warm toned shadows in the Autumn. This palette has been kept on my dressing table for most of September and it has been the one palette that I have been reaching for the most this month. I love how I can create a simple look in around five to ten minutes and every look I have created with this palette looks amazing. This palette is £39.50 from Debenhams but I would say this is better than all of the previous Naked palettes put together and you can read my full review of this palette here.


Why is Sephora not in the UK? I wish I had bought more products from the Sephora Collection when I was on holiday in America because I absolutely love the products I bought. The products themselves are on a par with the price of some of our drugstore products but the quality is just amazing. I have been wearing their blush in the shade Shame on You for the last month and have been loving it. This is a beautiful dusty rose shade that is perfect for just adding a rosy look to the cheeks. It never looks too much and I can easily blend out the product to make it look more natural and flushed. These are really pigmented so I only lightly tap my brush into the product and sweep it across my cheeks and then I can layer up the product if I want a bit more of a rosy look. I am going to have to order more of these blushes because they are beautiful and only cost $14 that you can buy from Sephora.


I have recently been loving sheet masks that fit under your eyes - I am not a massive fan on sheet masks that cover the whole face because I find they never fit the face perfectly and you end up with the mask either in your eye or mouth. But I have been loving eye masks and the one that I have been loving since the middle of August are the rose eye masks from Sephora. I used this after my 16 hour flight home from Hawaii and have been using these masks every three weeks since then. I don't use an eye mask every week because I don't suffer from much dryness or puffiness under my eyes but the rose ones are perfect for brightening and moisturising and are great to use on the plane or for those days when you want some added brightness. These are so easy to use and I just love how my under eyes look once I have used them. If you are like me and don't like full sheet masks then I would definitely recommend trying these. These Eye Masks are $5 and each scent has different properties to them and I would definitely recommend stocking up.


This is a product that you have not seen on my blog in over a year when I showed you a little Chanel haul and this foundation was my go to foundation from October to December of last year. I actually have repurchased this foundation three times since that post, but I stopped wearing it after February of this year - not because I didn't like it but because I was trying out other foundations that I liked just as much. This is more of a foundation that I use in the colder months because it does have a medium to full coverage which I prefer in Autumn/Winter, whereas in the Spring/Summer I prefer a more sheer coverage. I decided to try this foundation out again and I have fallen back in love with this foundation. This is for the days when I want a medium to full coverage but I also want a natural healthy glow to my skin. This won't leave my skin looking like I have covered my face in thick layers of foundation. I just love the way it leaves my skin looking and it is perfect for anyone who has dry skin - my skin will look hydrated for the whole day and the foundation doesn't dry down on any of my dry areas. This really does give a healthy glow to my skin and I am once again obsessed. This is a more pricey foundation at £37 but the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation is amazing and is the perfect present to put on your Christmas list this year.

I hope you enjoyed this post on my September Favourites! Let me know in the comments what products you have been loving this month and think I should maybe try out in the month of October?


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