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Like with review of the Subculture palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills, I am late to the game with reviewing this palette. I actually bought the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette back when it went on a one day sale in June, but I did not want to review it until it came out at the end of July. However, when it was released I was on holiday and then when I came home, I was ill with a cold (which I still have) and I was not too worried about playing with new makeup. However, that does mean that when I did want to apply makeup, I have had two months to test this palette out. I have tried every shade before I even started writing about it. I actually did take this palette on holiday with me and it was the best makeup companion for me as whenever we went out for an evening meal, I could use this palette and create warm toned looks with it. 

When Urban Decay announced that they were bringing out another Naked palette, I wasn't sure I was going to buy it. I find that the Naked palettes are either a hit or a miss with me, but when I saw the shades that they had included in this palette I knew instantly this was a palette that I would be able to get so much use out of it. Urban Decay really turned up the heat with their latest addition to the Naked collection, and I love the use of fiery oranges and deep browns. If you are thinking of buying one of the Naked palettes, I would definitely suggest you buy the Naked Heat palette as the shades are perfect for Autumn, plus they can be worn all year round. This is for sure my favourite Naked palette that I own and has restored my love for Urban Decay shadows.

I will usually go through a phases where I will only wear one eyeshadow palette at a time, and then after me using it for a couple of months it will be relegated to my eyeshadow palette drawer or given to someone who will use it more. However, I have used this palette so many times and I was still using it when I was testing out two other palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Juvia's Place. I can definitely see myself wearing this palette even more as this palette screams Autumn and I think this will be my most reached for palette in the next few months.

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was released at the end of July and you can find it on Urban DecayDebenhamsJohn LewisSelfridges and Sephora.

Ever since this palette arrived on my doorstop, every other palette in my collection has taken a back seat. Personally, I own a lot of palettes that will have warm tones in and I did think that this would be another palette to add to the pile. Plus I had seen in other people's reviews that they had found it difficult to create a lot of looks with this palette and how some shades did look similar to each other, however I couldn't disagree more. At first, I did think that there were too many warm toned oranges in the palette and in the pan they do look similar, however when swatched you can see that they have different undertones that make them look different from each other. I love the fact that there are a range of different finishes in this palette, from their intensely pigmented shimmer shadows to their soft and buttery matte shadows. I have managed to create so many different looks with this palette and you can create so many warm toned looks, from daytime to smoky evening looks. There is not as many cool toned shadows in the palette, but there are a couple of shadows that can help to make the eye look more cool in tone - especially the shades Low Blow, Ashes and Ember. This is going to be a palette for someone who loves their warm toned shadows - I think if you are a fan of the Modern Renaissance palette then you will love this, as it is warm in nature but is more focused on the burnt oranges rather than the rich reds.

When I first saw this palette, I did think that this is going to be a palette that is more for when I am wanting to look glam in the evening, but I have managed to create some beautiful warm toned day looks with this palette as well. There are twelve shadows in total, with eight mattes and four shimmer shadows, meaning you can use the mattes for a daytime look and then add a shimmer shadow all over the lid to transform it into an evening look. Also, don't be scared to use shimmer shadows during the day and I have used the shade Lumbre many time to create a beautiful rose gold daytime look. I have even created some smoky looks to wear during the day by using the matte shades En Fuego and Ashes to help smoke out the look in the outer corner.

The shadows themselves are so soft and buttery and they just glide easily onto the eye. You don't get much fall out with this palette, so you can do your eyes after applying foundation and concealer and you won't have to worry about too much shadow falling under the eyes and ruining your face makeup. The shadows blend so easily and you can achieve a wearable look in 15 minutes - so perfect for beginners in makeup.

I love the shades that Urban Decay have used for this palette; there are a couple of pale nude shades that are perfect for setting your primer or concealer, then there are some soft brown shades that can be used as a transition/crease colour, plus there are a couple of shades to help smoke out the eyes and create a really dramatic evening look. The other shades in the palette are all different shades of burnt oranges and reddish orange shades that are perfect for warming up an eye look (which is perfect for Summer and Autumn). As much as I love the shades in this palette, I would have loved for there to have been a shimmer Champagne gold or even a shimmer gold shade that I could wear all over the lid during the day. Personally, I love to wear shimmer shades all over the lid to create a daytime look, but I don't always want to wear a rose gold or burnt orange shimmer shadow, as it can sometimes look a bit too much on the lid. However, this is not a huge negative for me as I can easily use a shimmer eyeshadow from another palette (but I have worn some of the shimmer shadows in this palette during the day and the overall look has turned out really pretty). Other than this really small detail, I will rarely find myself having to reach for another palette when I am using this one to create a look.


In this palette, like with any other Naked palette from Urban Decay, there are 12 shadows that feature all brand-new shades in amber-hued shade - including warm browns, rich siennas and burnt oranges. This is truly the perfect palette for anyone who loves those rich warm toned shadows.

OUNCE - Shimmer Ivory
CHASER - Matte Light Nude
SAUCED - Matte Soft Sand
LOW BLOW - Matte Soft Brown
LUMBRE - Shimmer Copper with Gold Pearl Shift
HE DEVIL - Matte Burnt Red
DIRTY TALK - Metallic Burnt Red
SCORCHED - Metallic Deep Red with Gold-Micro Shimmer
CAYENNE - Matte Paprika/Cayenne 
EN FUEGO - Matte Burgundy
ASHES - Matte Deep Reddish-Brown
EMBER - Metallic Dark Brown with Copper-Burgundy Shift


I always swatch eyeshadow palettes on this blog by using my finger and applying one to two swatches of an eyeshadow. Often, eyeshadows will look pigmented when you use a finger to apply a shadow and can apply differently with a brush. It is often known that matte shadows will not usually be as pigmented as shimmer shades when swatched, but I was really surprised that most of the shadows swatched really nicely when using either a brush or my finger. I did find that some of the  shadows do not swatch well at all. I really struggle with the shades En Fuego and Ashes in particular, and when I swatched them they just looked really patchy. However, I did find that all of the shadows do perform well on the eye, which is more important for me than if it swatches well. I just wish the swatches were slightly more pigmented so you could see the true colour of these shadows, however like I said when applied to the eye these shadows are amazing. I could have applied a primer underneath or layered up the shadow to create a better swatch, but I thought it was only fair to show you how these shadows swatch with just two swipes. The other shadows swatched beautifully as well as performing well on the eye, so I am not sure why those two shades swatched patchy.

In terms of pigmentation, I am pretty impressed with the formula and the way the shadows perform on the eye - is it the most pigmented eyeshadow palette I own? No. However, the eyeshadows are still fairly pigmented and perform really well when applied with a brush to the eyes. The shadows are really soft and blend effortlessly; there is no need to spend half and hour blending these shadows out. You can definitely be a bit more heavy handed with this palette as you can blend the shadows out really well, even if you pick up too much product on a brush. I did find it a lot easier to get a beautiful blended look when lightly dipping my brush into the pan and then blend the shadows out with a clean blending brush and then layering up the colour to achieve my desired result. Ounce is a shade that is meant to be a shimmer and when applied with MAC Fix+ makes a beautiful inner corner and brow bone highlight, however on its own it is more like a shade that I would use to set my primer. The shades that I love to wear the most are He Devil and Cayenne as they just warm up any eyeshadow look and are probably the most pigmented shadows for me to use. There is also not too much fall out with this palette, which is perfect as they are still pigmented shadows but I don't have to worry about doing my face makeup before my eyeshadow as I know that it will not be ruined if I do my eyes after applying my foundation and concealer. I love how you can create a soft daytime look and then transform it with one of the shimmer shades in the palette to make it perfect for any evening.

L-R: Ounce, Chaser, Sauced, Low Blow, Lumbre, He Devil, Dirty Talk, Scorched, Cayenne, En Fuego, Ashes, Ember


My makeup routine would not be complete without me using either an eyeshadow primer or concealer before I apply my eyeshadow. I feel like when I use a primer or concealer first, my eyeshadow applies a lot easier and always blends out really nicely. It might seem like a wasted added step for some people but it does not take too much time to apply some concealer first and blend it onto the eyelids; plus you don't have to go out and buy an eyeshadow primer as I find that concealer works just as well. I have used all types of concealer as a primer (and it does not matter whether it is a drugstore or high end concealer, as they all work well), from Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer to Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer and every time my eyeshadow has turned out perfect. I have, like with the Subculture palette, tried this palette without primer and I did find that the shadows did blend out well and the look was still pigmented, however the longevity of the shadows was not as good. I did find that when I used a primer first, the shadows lasted a lot longer (which is especially great if you have a special occasion to go to and you need your makeup to last throughout the day and night).

It is very uncommon for me not to use a setting spray or MAC Fix+ when I am applying a shimmer or metallic eyeshadow. I find that I get a much better application when I use a setting spray and it is a lot easier for the shimmer shadow to stay on the lid. It really does help to make the shadow really pop and give a high impact metallic finish. Some shadows when used with a setting spray will give a foiled metallic look, which I love especially when I am going out at night. You could also use concealer over the areas where the shadow will go, so that the shimmer shadow can stick to the eyelid, however I find that MAC Fix+ is all that is needed to make a shimmer shadow really pop. With this palette, I found that the shimmer shadows are not that intense when you use a dry brush and it almost didn't look like a shimmer at all when I didn't use MAC Fix+. Whereas, when I did use it, it created a beautiful shimmer to the eyes that just popped and looked really intense in the light.


In my Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette Review I was really undecided whether it was a palette that was worth buying. However, with this palette I can say that it is definitely worth having in your makeup collection. The shadows perform amazingly on the eyes and you don't have to spend much time blending them out. There is hardly any fall out and you can achieve a soft daytime look or transform it into an intense smoky eye for when you are going out in the evening. The shadows are pigmented, although I did have to layer the shadow to really make the look more dramatic, but the formula is still soft and buttery and it is so easy to achieve your desired look. This is predominantly a warm toned eyeshadow palette, but there are a couple of shades in the palette that can create a more cool toned eye look. I definitely think this is the perfect palette for anyone who is a beginner in makeup as you can be more heavy handed and even if you pick up too much product, you can easily blend it out. I haven't always been the biggest fan of the Naked palettes and they are palettes that I do not find myself reaching for, but this palette is 100% me as it has warm toned shadows that I absolutely love wearing and the formula seems a lot better than some of the original Naked palettes. I think this is such a great palette for the Summer, but it is also perfect to transition into the Autumn months as well. I love to wear a warm toned eye mixed with a berry red lip in the Autumn and this palette will definitely be my most reached for palette in the upcoming Autumn months.

The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette is £39.50 and can be purchased from Urban DecayDebenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges and Sephora.     

I would love to know what you think of the Naked Heat palette? Let me know what other products are perfect for transitioning from Summer to Autumn? Also let me know in the comments what your go to Autumn makeup products are? 



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