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I have made it no secret that when it comes to makeup, I am a bit obsessed and I have way too many lipsticks in my collection. I try to wear different lipsticks each day but I am someone who will always have a small group of favourite products that I will use time and time again. Lipsticks are the one thing that I will change every season - I have my pinks and peaches for spring/summer, my nude shades for all year round and when it comes to the autumn/winter months I have my red and plum shades. So of course this post has a mixture of red and nude lipstick shades that are perfect for the autumn/winter months.

Now we are in the middle of autumn, and getting closer to Christmas, I thought it was time to show you my top five favourite lipsticks that I have been using all the time in the last couple of months (and will carry on wearing them until we get to spring)! It is the crisper and colder months that make me want to bundle up in a teddy bear coat, throw on a thick, woolly scarf and add a red lip to my makeup routine. I am totally obsessed with red lips at the moment and as we near the Christmas season that obsession is only going to grow more.

When I look at these five lipsticks I just feel like they are perfect for the autumn and winter months and they are all my favourite lipsticks at the moment. I have a mixture of nude and red lipsticks so there really is something for everyone - plus I have included a few of my current drugstore favourites that I have been loving so much over the last month or so. I did try to keep this all just lipsticks, but I always find that I end up wearing more liquid lipsticks as I usually want a more matte and long lasting finish during autumn and winter; so of course I had to include a liquid lipstick into the mix as well. I absolutely love these lipsticks and think they are needed in everyone's makeup collection for the next few months - plus there are some shades that will make the perfect red lip for Christmas Day!

If you are wanting to add some new lipsticks to your makeup collection this autumn and winter, then these are the perfect shades for you, plus they will make great gifts for any makeup lover this Christmas!

L-R: Wifey, 107, Domination, Confession and Blush Nude


Tom Ford is one of my favourite lipstick brands; I now own a few in my collection and they are probably my most used lipsticks out of all the other lipsticks I own. There is no denying that these lipsticks are expensive but they are completely out of this world and the best lipstick I have ever owned, especially in terms of their formula. My absolute favourite shade by Tom Ford is Blush Nude and it is the one that I have been wearing constantly for the last couple of months. This is a shade that will looking amazing on so many skin tones (although I think it could be too pale for someone with a deeper complexion, but I have the perfect nude shade later on in this post which is great for all skin tones). This lipstick is not too pale on my skin tone and has a really pretty pink undertone to it. I love the cremesheen formula (which reminds me a lot of the MAC cremesheen formula that I love), as it doesn't make my lips look dry but instead gives a beautiful shine that makes my lips look hydrated. This is also not too heavy on the lips at all and helps to give some hydration to my lips; so perfect for those cold winter months when our lips usually get more dry. I have never known a lipstick that makes my lips look so good and I always get complimented when I am wearing this lipstick because it is natural and looks great with so many different makeup looks; this is the shade I will wear when I want a simple look that will look stunning with any eye makeup. The colour is so opaque and the formula does not change with the other shades so you only need one swipe to get a fully opaque lip. There are so many other shades that I love from Tom Ford but Blush Nude is the one that I reach for the most. The Tom Ford Lip Colours are expensive at £40 each but they are worth it and will make a great Christmas present for someone who loves luxury brands.


I have never owned a liquid lipstick from Jeffree Star Cosmetics; however I have owned a highlighter (that I was not a huge fan of) and I also own two of his lipsticks (that I do like). Controversy is something that seems to surround Jeffree Star and his makeup brand but I am not someone who knows much about the drama surrounding him as I do not watch his videos or know much about him. I only really knew of this brand after I watched sophdoesnails review some of his products on her YouTube channel. Therefore, I decided to go on BeautyBay and buy one of his liquid lipsticks, as I knew Sophie seemed to like a lot of his liquid lipsticks and so did other people on YouTube. I will admit there are not many shades in his liquid lipstick range that would suit me or I would usually go for but I decided to buy the shade Wifey (which is one of the new liquid lipstick shades from the Family Collection). This is a beautiful, rich wine red shade that looks absolutely amazing on the lips. I love this red shade as I think it works really well with my skin tone and with the colour of my hair; but I know this will look so good on a lot of skin tones. I have always struggled with finding a liquid lipstick that is not too drying and feel heavy on the lips, but this liquid lipstick is amazing. They don't feel dry on my lips and applies beautifully in one coat. Sometimes I can apply this lipstick in one coat and other times I find that I have to apply two coats to make it fully opaque. However, you can layer these liquid lipsticks if they do look a bit streaky and it won't feel too heavy on the lips. The longevity of this liquid lipstick is amazing and it stayed on my lips for the whole day, without the need for me to top it up or reapply. I think this shade is stunning for the autumn/winter months and will be great to wear on a night out with the girls! Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks retail for £16 on BeautyBay, but the Family Collection which has the shade Wifey is limited edition.


The Rimmel Kate matte lipstick in the shade 107 has been one of my favourites for quite some time now - if you have been reading my blog for a while now, then you might remember it was featured in my Top 5 Drugstore Lipsticks in the spring of 2016. I have since bought a new one of these as it is one of my favourite drugstores reds and is much loved during the autumn and winter months. This lipstick is in every blogger's lipstick collection as it is a staple for the colder months. This is a really pretty, wearable red that looks beautiful with natural makeup as it adds a pop of colour but it is also a vampy red that I love during autumn. This is nothing like the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick as it has more of a pink/purple undertone to it. This is a matte formula, but I don't think it is matte at all as it does seem to have more of a satin shine to it when you apply it to the lips; but it is still beautiful. However this is not smudge proof, so if you are looking for a wine red that is long lasting then I would recommend the Wifey from Jeffree Star. I do find that I have to add a couple of coats of this lipstick to make it fully opaque but it doesn't feel heavy on the lips. Instead it feels very moisturising and doesn't stick to any dry areas on the lips. This is also the most affordable lipstick as it retails for £5.49 from Boots and the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick will make a perfect stocking filler for anyone who loves red lipsticks.


I decided to buy a couple of lipsticks from the L'Oreal x Balmain collection because I had heard so many great things about them and I wanted to see for myself whether they were as good as other people had said. There are some shades in the collection that I knew I would never wear as I am not someone who wears blue, purple or dark brown lipsticks but there were two shades that really stood out to me (a nude and a red that have both made my top five lipstick for autumn and winter). I think if you are someone who loves more unusual shades then you will love this collection as there are blues, purples and even a shade that has a green tint to it and I must admit the formula of L'Oreal lipstick are really nice. I have always been a fan of L'Oreal lipsticks! They are creamy and just glide on the lips effortlessly. Once again they don't feel heavy on the lips and are very hydrating which is perfect for those cold winter months. These are not smudgeproof but they don't really fade either so I don't have to reapply my lipstick too often when I wear this lipstick. A more satin finish is something I love from a lipstick and this is the perfect example of this finish as it has a slight sheen to the lipstick. However, you can make it more matte by rubbing your lips together slightly or lightly blotting your lips with a piece of paper. Domination is a beautiful red shade that is 100% going to be my lip colour on Christmas Day. It is more of a rich wine shade but it you blot it slightly, it looks slightly brighter that will be amazing to wear for Christmas dinner. This lipstick is so opaque and I only have to apply one coat to get a fully opaque lip colour; although I will layer it up to get a more intense red lip colour. The L'Oreal x Balmain lipstick collection is more expensive for the drugstore at £12.99 but they are definitely worth it as these lipsticks are amazing.


L'Oreal x Balmain collection is one of my favourites so far from L'Oreal and of course when I was looking at all of the shades that they had to offer, I had to pick the nude shade from the collection as well as the vampy red called Domination. Confession is the other shade that I bought and is such a pretty nude colour which is a lot darker than Tom Ford's Blush Nude and has a more pinky brown undertone to it. I think this will look stunning on so many skin tones whether you have a pale or deep complexion - especially as I think Blush Nude would be too pale for someone who has a deeper complexion. This is a perfect pinky nude that is rich in pigmentation and looks stunning on the lips. The formula is more of a matte formula rather than a cremesheen, but it would seen like there is a satin finish to it (which leaves the lips with a beautiful sheen). Like I have already said the formula is stunning and doesn't feel too drying on the lips and is fully opaque; it will even stain a bit so you will always have a bit of the colour even when the lipstick is almost gone. The only thing I am not a fan of when it comes to L'Oreal lipsticks, which is the scent of them. It is a very strong floral scent which can be slightly overpowering but I still love the colour and formula and the scent is something that I can totally put up with. The L'Oreal x Balmain lipstick collection is more expensive for the drugstore at £12.99 but I absolutely love the colour selection and will make such cute little stocking fillers.

L-R: Blush Nude, Confession, Domination, 107 and Wifey

Have you tried any of these lipsticks and what do you think of them? What are your must-have lip products this Autumn/Winter? Let me know in the comments what other lipsticks I should try out over the next few months? Let me know if you will be buying any of these lipsticks to add to your own makeup collection?



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