Tuesday, 16 January 2018



Makeup has always been a passion of mine, and that passion is what led me to create this blog almost three years ago. Over the last three years I have added more makeup to my collection and even though I have so much makeup already, I still managed to add even more to it last year. I feel like 2017 was one of the best years for new product releases, new beauty brands and new collaborations. So, of course last year I went a bit mad buying new makeup as well as being gifted some products, especially from family around my Birthday and Christmas. This means that I tried and tested a lot of new and older makeup products last year - and discovered some amazing pieces that I want to share with you.

As I do own quite a large makeup collection (I promise I do give some products away to friends and family, as well as donating some makeup) and because I tested so many products last year I really struggled to condense a list of my favourite makeup products that I thought were the best of beauty in 2017. When I first started making my list, I had over 90 products that I wanted to share with you. But, I have managed to narrow down my list of favourite products from 2017 to just over 50 (which is still a large amount of products and that means this post is going to be very long). I know this is a lot to include in one post but I wanted to give quite a few options and these are all products that I absolutely loved using in 2017. However, if you want a more condensed version then at the end of January, I am going to do a makeup tutorial on this blog that is going to include my top products from each category in this post that I considered to be my standout products from 2017!

To make this post easier to read, I have put each product into different categories including primers, foundations, eyeshadows, mascaras and lips etc. This is just to make it easier to follow and you can then pick and choose what categories you want to read the most as I know not everyone wears primers or eyeshadows. I have tried to include products from both the drugstore and from high-end brands and some of the drugstore products are dupes for the high-end version. 2017 was a great year for makeup, with the introduction of new beauty brands like Fenty Beauty to some amazing collaborations with YouTubers and celebrities. 

I also want to include a quick disclaimer; Just because these products have been included in my 2017 favourites, it does not mean that these products will be everyone's favourite and some of them might have even been a disappointment for you. Makeup is completely unique to everyone and what works well for me, may not work in the same way for you. Everyone has different skin types, problem areas and makeup works differently on everyone. 

Every product I have included in this Best of Beauty 2017 are products that I have loved and used constantly in the last year and I will definitely carry on using them in 2018 as well. Not all of these products were released in 2017, and some of the products I have been using for years but they are all products that I have been obsessed with in 2017 and I cannot wait to share them with you. Now let me show you the products that I have been loving throughout 2017 ...


Fenty Beauty was probably one of the most talked about makeup brands of 2017, so of course I had to include something from the brand. The one product that was my absolute favourite was the primer that they released. I got this on the day it came out at the end of September and I have used it so much that I need to repurchase it (that is how much I loved it). I love how this primer leaves my skin and it just makes my makeup go on flawlessly. It also helps to diffuse the look of any pores whilst mattifying certain areas of my face but leaving some areas looking dewy. I cannot even explain how amazing this primer looks when I apply my foundation.

I always find that my foundation and concealer apply even better when I have used this primer first, as it doesn't dry down fully matte. Instead you are left with a tacky formula that is perfect for allowing the foundation to stick to the primer. Even though it has a more tacky texture, it does not feel heavy and horrible on the skin. It just allows the rest of my makeup to go on flawlessly. I really do notice a difference in my makeup application when I do not use this primer and I will definitely be repurchasing this primer when I run out (which won't be too long away).

One of my most used primers of 2017 was this one from YSL, I even purchased it when I was in Hawaii because I had run out and couldn't not apply my makeup without it. Firstly, the scent is incredible and secondly it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. This primer really blurs the skin and leaves a radiant, luminous finish to the skin. This does feel more like a silicone primer but I absolutely love the finish of this primer and it works perfectly for me with foundation sticks. This is a primer that you can definitely feel on the skin, although it is not heavy, you can just feel a silicone style texture on the skin. I don't mind this personally as I find that my foundation and concealer cling to this primer really well. However, this is something to consider if you decide to purchase this primer for yourself.

I love the scent of this primer and it just smells so fresh and beautiful whenever I apply it. It is not an overpowering scent, but instead is quite subtle and quickly fades once you apply the rest of your makeup. I love how this makes my skin feel so soft and smooth; without emphasising any texture on the skin. It is quite expensive but definitely worth every penny - I have managed to go through three bottles since the beginning of September and even got some of my friends and family obsessed with it too.

This is the primer that I turned to in 2017 when my skin was particularly dry and I need a more hydrating primer. I absolutely love the scent of coconut, but this primer smells like a natural coconut rather than the artificial scent that you sometimes get in some shower gels etc. This is not a pore-filling primer but I would usually apply this primer where I was dry and then use Porefessional to help fill in my pores. I love how hydrating and moisturising this primer is and it always leaves my skin looking dewy and radiant. This also works perfectly with the Marc Jacobs foundation and the pair together would always make my skin look beautiful.

This primer is almost like a moisturiser as rather than sitting on top of the skin creating a film, it melts into the skin to give a beautiful dewy finish. I will wear this on its own, when I am having a good skin day, to give me a radiant glow. It really does help to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day and has fast become my go-to primer. The scent is a really nice fresh coconut scent - but do not worry as it does not smell like artificial coconut so is not too overpowering. Instead it just gives a fresh scent that is really lovely to smell on the skin. I particularly love this primer in the Summer when I want a more dewy finish and want to think about being on holiday, as this primer is a holiday in a bottle (if that makes any sense)!


I purchased the Milani foundation in the summer of 2017 and this has become one of my favourite drugstore foundations that I have used. This is definitely a full coverage foundation, that is quite thick and heavy, but it covers everything and I often find that I don't have to wear a concealer with this foundation. I love how this leaves me with a satin finish and it blends out smoothly. I love how this foundation looks on the skin and one layer is enough to get an even application. I love to apply this foundation with a brush and then blend it in with a damp BeautyBlender to help me achieve a glowing and radiant makeup look.

I find that when I use this foundation, I do not have to use a concealer as this is a 2-in-1 foundation and concealer. Therefore, this is perfect to take away travelling as you won't have to worry about packing a concealer into your makeup bag as this foundation does both. You do have to be careful to not apply to much of this foundation as it can sometimes look quite thick on the skin (but a couple of pumps of foundation should be enough to cover the whole face).  The only criticism I have is the shade selection as even the lightest shades are slightly too dark for me but it is definitely perfect for the summer months when I have more of a tan. I feel like this is not really a foundation that is suitable for anyone who has fairer skin than me, as the lightest shades are just not pale enough and even look a bit too dark for me.


Throughout the whole of 2017 there was one foundation that I used constantly and it was the Dior 'Diorskin Forever' foundation - I would wear this every day for months at a time and managed to go through two bottles in 2017. It is still the foundation I use regularly now and that is because the finish is flawless and makes my skin look so healthy and radiant. This is more of a medium coverage foundation but I have no trouble building up the coverage to hide any blemishes or imperfections. I do find that if I am suffering with some blemishes or redness, that I will have to use a smaller foundation brush to buff in some more foundation but even when I do this the foundation does not look thick and always looks really natural. Dior has definitely created one of the best foundations that I have ever tried.

I know so many Bloggers and YouTubers who have talked about this foundation and there is a reason for that. The finish is always amazing and it does not matter whether I use a brush or a damp BeautyBlender to apply it; it always turns out amazing. Whenever I wore this foundation I got so many compliments on my skin and I love that I can build up the coverage depending on how my skin is looking that day. It never looks cakey on the skin and is such a beautiful foundation to wear - it feels like you are wearing nothing on your face.


2017 was the year that I tried out new foundations and I did go quite mad buying high-end brands of foundation; so I also tried to get a couple of drugstore foundations and I really loved the True Match foundation from L'Oreal. I had heard so many amazing reviews about this foundation that I needed to try it out and towards the end of 2017 this became my every day foundation choice. This is not as mattifying as I remember the old formula being, so it doesn't emphasise pores or any fine lines. Instead, this foundation creates a natural, flawless finish that doesn't look like I am wearing foundation. I love how this blends out and it offers me a medium to full coverage and lasts all day (after using a setting powder and spray).

This has got to be one of the best drugstore foundations that I have tried in all of 2017. I don't always buy drugstore foundations as I feel like a lot of foundations from the drugstore just don't work well on me and often make me break out and end up looking rubbish on my skin. However, this foundation is amazing and is just as great as some of my high-end foundations but only costs a fraction of the price. This has not become my everyday foundation as I want to not wear so many high-end foundations on a regular basis as I go through them so quickly and they are all really expensive. But, I love this foundation just as much and the result I get every time is amazing.


I am not usually a massive fan of foundation sticks, as usually they are too heavy on me and seem to cling to every dry area on my face. However, I found that the Hourglass foundation stick is amazing and was a foundation that I used in 2017 when I wanted a full coverage foundation that would last all day. You don't have to use too much of this foundation to get a full coverage and it is incredible at covering blemishes, acne scars and redness. When blended it doesn't look too thick and cakey - instead it looks really natural. I will sometimes use a facial oil, on days when my skin is particularly dry to really help it blend out. I would also use sometimes use this as a concealer as it is perfect for covering imperfections.

If you are someone who does not like full coverage foundations, then this will definitely not be the foundation for you as this is very full coverage. I remember the first time trying this foundation and I put way too much on that it just looked like a mess and really thick. I have not managed to finally figure out that I only have to draw a couple of stripes on each part of my face to get a beautiful coverage that is still full without looking too unnatural. I am usually not a fan of stick foundations but after trying this one, I am tempted to buy some more from other brands to see if they are just as great. This was definitely my favourite foundation stick in 2017.


In 2017 I really updated my skincare routine and I tried to improve the way my skin looks, therefore on days when my skin was looking amazing I would always wear the Armani Luminous Silk foundation. This is more of a light coverage foundation so usually I would pair this with a fuller coverage concealer to help cover any dark circles or blemishes. I love how this foundation makes my skin look and whenever I use it I end up with beautiful, luminous and glowing skin. I used this foundation so much in 2017 as it looks so natural on the skin and was perfect for those no makeup, makeup looks that I was obsessed with in 2017.

My only one criticism of this foundation is the scent. I am someone who usually does not mind when makeup products have scents, but this one is quite overpowering and not the most pleasant scent. I cannot even describe what this smells like but it is not my favourite. I put up with the scent because the quality of the foundation is amazing and I just love how it makes my skin look (so I can deal with the scent). This will not be for someone who has oily skin as it is more of a luminous finish, but it is perfect for anyone who has normal, combination or even dry skin. The foundation does not cling to any of the dry areas on my face and instead blends out beautifully. I cannot say enough good points about this foundation and I always get complimented on my skin whenever I wear this - I just need to buy it in a darker shade for when I am tanned in the Summer as this is the foundation I love to wear when it is hot and I don't want a heavy, full coverage foundation.


One of my most-used foundations in 2017 was the Too Faced Born This Way foundation; in fact this was the foundation I would always reach for when I was doing my every day makeup routine and I even took it on holiday to Hawaii with me as it was the only foundation that lasts even in hot weather. Plus I have once again been wearing this foundation constantly in the last couple of weeks and it has reminded me of why I love this foundation in particular. I love the finish and coverage of this foundation and when I want a more full coverage look I will apply it with a brush. However, if I want a more dewy finish then I will use a damp BeautyBlender. This always blends out beautifully and looks really natural on the skin, without being cakey. 

I really love how my skin looks when I am wearing this foundation as it does not cling to any dry areas on my face. I do have to use a setting powder, especially around my nose, as throughout the day it can crease a bit around where I get dry the most. However, a setting powder stops the foundation from creasing. I love how this foundation gives me a luminous glow and it is a buildable foundation so perfect for days when I have great skin and days when I have blemishes. This foundation works best with the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, however other concealers work just as well too. This is just a gorgeous foundation that is lightweight, luminous and beautiful!



2017 was the year that I was introduced to the cult favourite concealer for so many people; Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer. If you live in the UK, then this is a difficult product to pick up as Tarte is not sold in any store in the UK (although you can order from the Tarte website or from QVC). I managed to get a hold of it from QVC and I already purchased two more since the Summer, as I loved it that much. This is the best full coverage concealer that I have ever tried. I have it in both the Light and Fair shades which are perfect shades for me - the Light is perfect for covering blemishes as it matches my skin tone and the Fair is great for brightening certain areas of my face. This does not crease and dries down fairly matte, so is not going to budge throughout the day. I just love this concealer so much and I know it will be my all-time favourite concealer for many years to come.


I have been a massive fan of the Too Faced Born This Way collection for quite some time and I used the concealer so much throughout 2017. I even took this on holiday with me to Hawaii and used it as a foundation because I would want some makeup on but I didn't want a heavy foundation on when the weather was in the 90s. I do know some people who don't like this concealer as it can make them look shiny; however this is perfect for dry skin as it does not dry fully and gives a beautiful dewy finish to the skin. I find that this does not cling to any dry areas on my face and it just leaves my skin looking flawless - this is a medium to full coverage concealer and hides blemishes easily. The applicator is a great size as it is not as small as the Collection concealer but is not as large as the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. The size of the applicator makes it really easy to get a precise application on blemishes without wasting too much product.

This is a very lightweight concealer that is just the right thickness - it is not too thin that it covers nothing but it is not too thick that it feels heavy on the skin. I use this concealer more as a spot concealer rather than a brightening concealer (as the lightest shade I own is the same colour as my skin tone so would not brighten my under eye areas at all). This covers blemishes and redness really well without looking cakey. If I am suffering with quite a large blemish or redness then I will have to build up the coverage but that is so easy to do and it blends beautifully - it almost melts into the skin when I use a damp BeautyBlender. I really do like using this concealer and it is amazing either as a concealer or as a foundation, for days when my skin does not need much coverage.


If you don't want to spend a lot of money on Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer, then a great alternative is the Lasting Perfection Concealer from Collection. If you watch UK Beauty YouTubers or read blogs from UK bloggers then you will have probably heard of this concealer multiple times. This is not as full coverage as Shape Tape but it does a really good job of covering blemishes, highlighting and making everything look flawless. I would definitely recommend using a loose setting powder to bake your concealer as this can crease without it. I really like this concealer and have been wearing this since I was in High School and I still reach for it even now (5 years later).

Not only is this concealer great but it is also the most affordable concealer thatI have tried - it only costs £4.19. This is very similar to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, however the formula is not as thick so I do have to build up the coverage to get the same effect. I find that this is great for brightening the under eye area, as well as using it on my nose and forehead to brighten. The palest shade is not as fair as the Tarte Shape Tape but it is very close and is great to brighten when I am slightly more tanned in the Summer. The applicator is quite small but that makes it perfect for applying to small details of the face, like around the nose. One criticism is that the shade selection is not great and there seems to be no shades that cater for someone with a deeper complexion (but hopefully they will add more shades in the future). This is a great concealer for the price and there is a reason why it is loved by so many beauty Bloggers and YouTubers!


The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is a pretty good dupe for the Born This Way concealer. The coverage is identical and the shade Ivory in the Rimmel concealer is almost identical to Light in the Too Faced concealer. I would say that this concealer is a better option for anyone who has oily skin as this dries down fully matte and does not budge all day. This does not settle into any fine lines and does not crease (although I always use a setting powder over the top). I really loved using this concealer in 2017 and it was one of my most reached for concealers, especially when I was heading to the gym or for days when it is particularly hot.

This is a really great concealer from the drugstore and because it is from a drugstore brand, it is really affordable. The consistency of this concealer is quite thin, so I have to usually build up the coverage to really cover any blemishes or redness but even when I layer up the concealer, it does not look too thick or cakey. I do use this as a spot concealer, as the lightest shade they make is not pale enough to be a brightening concealer. That is one of my criticisms of this concealer as there is not many shades in the collection - in fact there are only four and they do not cater for anyone who has a deep complexion. In fact, they only just about cater to someone who has a light to medium complexion. I just hope that they add more shades to the collection because this is a great affordable concealer that can also be used as a foundation for days when I don't want a heavy foundation on.



If I could only choose one pressed powder to use for the rest of my life, this powder would be the one that I would choose. I have spoken about my love for this powder before and I will be talking about it more in the future. I usually never hit pan on any powder products, as I always test out new products all the time, but this is the first product that I have hit pan on -  there is no product left, that is how much I used it in 2017. My skin just always looks flawless whenever I use this powder and it just makes my skin look like it has been airbrushed. It helps to mattify the skin without making it look like you have put lots of product on your face. I think that this powder is needed in everybody's makeup collection as it is the best powder that I have ever tried and  will be my favourite powder of all time! 


When I first got this powder, I was a little sceptical and I believe it was even in my miss products when I reviewed the collection in September 2017. That was only because it just seemed like another powder and there was nothing special to it. However, I tried it a few more times and I found myself reaching for it when I wanted to touch up my makeup. This is what I keep in my bag and will use when I am looking a bit shiny or oily as it mattifys the shiny areas without moving the product around. I would also recommend using the applicator that comes with it as I find that I have more control with where I am putting the powder, in comparison to using a brush. I will admit that I have not tested whether this works with flash photography so that is something to check before wearing to a special occasion where there might be flash photography! 


During 2017, I was baking my under eye concealer quite a bit and my absolute favourite powder to use was the translucent setting powder from Laura Mercier. I am not going to spend too much time writing about this product as every YouTuber has mentioned this product but this really is the best loose setting powder of all time. It sets my makeup so that it won't fade or crease and it just makes my skin look flawless and natural every time. I love to bake with this powder, using a damp BeautyBlender, as it really sets and locks in my foundation and concealer without looking like I have put loads of powder all over my face. It also helps to make my makeup last even longer, with the help of my Urban Decay setting spray. This powder needs to be in everybody's makeup collection as it is one of the best loose setting powders in the market!


Sophdoesnails was the YouTuber that made me buy this powder last year, as she always uses it in her videos and I wanted to see if it was any good. I absolutely loved this powder during 2017 and I am already on my second pot. This is probably the closest dupe to the Laura Mercier powder that I have tried. I always use a damp BeautyBlender with a loose setting powder and this just melts instantly into the skin and just helps to make my under eyes look flawless and natural. It is a lightweight powder that just makes my skin look really healthy as well as mattifying my foundation and concealer. I love the finish that this powder gives me as the powder is so fine that it does not cling to any dry areas and instead just glides flawlessly over my skin. This powder does not add any colour to my skin, although I am not sure how this would look on someone who has a medium or deep complexion as there is obviously some colour to the powder. 



I purchased this palette in the beginning of last year and was a palette that I took with me whenever I went travelling as it is the perfect palette to travel with. Not only do you get a bronzer, two blushes and a highlighter, but you also get three eyeshadows that all compliment each other. You would only have to bring a foundation, brow product, mascara and a lip product when you are travelling. There are different shades that you can get and one of my favourites is the Natural Beauty palette as it is perfect for those no makeup, makeup looks that I loved during 2017. This palette is great for creating a beautiful, natural look without it looking like I had put too much makeup on. The powders are soft and blend beautifully on the skin - however, because I have the natural palette, the products are not as intense in colour but do look beautiful and you can build up the intensity. This is the perfect palette to use when you are in a rush doing your makeup and want a really pretty makeup look in a matter of minutes. I am really tempted to buy the Beauty Glow palette as that looks beautiful.


I hate it when I talk about a product that I loved during a year that is no longer in stock, but this was a product that I used a lot in 2017. This Hourglass palette was released in December 2016 and was limited edition, meaning it is no longer available (however, I have linked another palette from Hourglass that is part of the Ambient Lighting collection) - this is a trio of powders that are used for highlighting, blurring and for subtle contouring. The palette I have is very similar, except it has two blushes included as well; however, I am obsessed with all Hourglass powders and you can buy similar products individually. My absolute favourites are the bronzer and blushes as they are marbled so you don't just have one solid colour and instead they just create a really natural bronzed look. Hourglass powders blend beautifully and are very soft and subtle on the skin. You may still be able to buy this palette online (but please be careful and make sure the product is real) or you can buy the palette I have linked or even buy the bronzer and blush individually, which I have also linked. These powders are just beautiful.


I got this palette in Hawaii and I know that you can still buy it, even though it was meant to be limited edition. This palette is more for someone who has a medium to tanned skin tone; however, I can still wear this palette when I have more of a tan in the Summer but I can also wear it during the Winter when I have a fairer skin tone. The blush and bronzer are powders that I can use all year round as they are beautiful and blend out really easily so I can make it work with my skin tone. The highlighters are more for when I am tanned, however I love to use these as an eyeshadow all over the lids and they just look amazing - as they are a beautiful rose and peach gold shade. The powders just feel like butter and are absolutely stunning. I even use the bronzer as a transition shade in the crease and then apply one of the highlighters all over the eye for a quick and simple eye makeup look.



Hoola bronzer has been a favourite in my makeup collection for years now, but I found myself reaching for it more and more in 2017. This is perfect for so many skin tones and gives a beautiful warm bronze look to the face. It blends out really easily and just looks really natural and not muddy or too orange. I love using this bronzer when I am more tanned as it works so well as a warm-toned contour. I will also use this bronzer as a transition shade to give me a really quick and simple eye look that is stunning. I really love how this is such a versatile product and I will usually take this as my eyeshadow and bronzer when I am travelling so I don't have to bring so many products with me. I really love this bronzer as it is perfect for just gently warming up the skin without being too orange on the skin, plus it always looks really natural.


I am a massive fan of the Hoola bronzer, but it is not something that I can usually wear in the winter as it is usually too dark for my skin tone. So, when Benefit announced they were releasing a Hoola Lite bronzer I was so excited as I knew it would be perfect for my fairer skin in the winter months. The formula is exactly the same as the original Hoola and blends beautifully to give a subtle bronzed Goddess look without looking like mud or too orange. This is a lot lighter the original but works perfectly to just make me look slightly bronzed in the winter months and I have been loving it so much since I got it in June of 2017. I have reached for this bronzer a lot more than I have the original Hoola and I know I will hit pan soon. 


Not only did Benefit bring out a Hoola Lite bronzer, but they also decided to venture into cream contour with the release of their Hoola Quickie Contour Stick. I am not usually a massive fan of cream contours, but I do like contour sticks as they are a lot easier to apply to the skin rather than having to use a cream contour with a brush. I used this contour stick so much as it is perfect for giving a subtle contour to warm up the skin and define certain parts of my face like my cheekbones and nose. This applies really easily as it is so creamy and it blends out to give a warm, soft bronzed look. This is not a contour stick that blends into nothing, but it is also not too intense that it is too hard to blend out and make look natural. However, you can also easily build up the coverage if you really want to define your facial features and make your contour look a bit more intense. This is perfect for anyone who is new to cream contour and are a bit scared of using it.

There are not many cream contours that I am a massive fan off but I used this so much in 2017 - I did try some other contour sticks after trying this one, like the contour stick from Fenty Beauty but I preferred this one much more. I found that with some other cream contours, the product would actually drag and move the foundation underneath, but that was not the case with this contour stick. Instead, this glides on so easily and even when I blended it out with a damp BeautyBlender, it would not remove any makeup that was already on my face. This is Hoola bronzer in a cream stick form - so if you love Hoola you will love this!


This is a palette that I purchased last year, and was released, in 2017 and I loved the whole idea of having one side for powder contours and one side for cream contour products. I have only really tested out the powders fully in this palette and I absolutely love them and used this side so much in the last half of the year. They are so smooth and buttery, plus they blend out beautifully with a brush. My favourite powder is the highlighter as it is perfect for my skin tone. I did not really use the cream products as much as I struggle with cream contour but when I did use it I really loved how creamy it was and it did blend beautifully with a BeautyBlender. I absolutely love this palette as it is so handy to have powders and cream products in one place and is perfect for travelling.

I love this product as you have five cream products on one side, four mattes on the other side and each comes with their own mirror. I have been obsessed with the powders and I use the lighter shade as a setting powder, the two contour shades work well for me as a cool contour and warm bronzer and then you have a beautiful, blinding highlight that is just gorgeous - although you really have to make sure that you tap any excess of the brush as it is so pigmented. I am going to use the two cream pink shades as blushes as I think they will look stunning used in this way. I have only swatched the cream shades and they seem really cream and blend really nicely but I usually don't wear many cream contour products (although I will do a whole review on this palette soon)!


I did a whole blog post on items to pick up from Kat Von D in the beginning of last year and the one product that I continuously used on a regular basis was the face contour palette. There are six matte shades in this palette; three contours and three setting powders that are perfect to set the under eye area. The only powder I don't use is the peachy powder as I don't think it ever looks right on my skin tone. However, I do love using the other two pressed powders to set and brighten the skin under my eyes. But, the products I love to use the most are the contour shades, as you get a cool contour, a warm contour and then a deep contour. They blend out beautifully and even though they are fairly pigmented they can be blended to create a soft, natural, contoured look. None of the contours look muddy on the face and just help to create a beautiful, flawless finish. Also, I love to use this palette as my eyeshadows when I am travelling as I then don't have to worry about bringing a separate eyeshadow palette.



Not only is this blush from Milani absolutely beautiful to look at but it is also one of my most reached for blushes in the last half of 2017. The shade that I loved using the most was Romantic Rose as it is a really pretty soft blushed pink that looks really natural. This is not a really intense, pigmented blush but is instead very pale and just gives a beautiful flushed look to the cheeks without looking too much. You can also layer up the blush to make it a bit more pigmented but I am someone who loves a soft flushed look on my cheeks. This blush blends out beautifully and I always seem to pick up just enough on my brush to get the look that I really want. I am definitely going to be purchasing more of these blushes as they are so affordable and look beautiful on the cheeks. I don't find that I ever put too much on as it is so subtle and I know that I will be buying some more of these blushers soon.


I was a massive fan of the Sweet Peach palette released by Too Faced and when they released a new blusher in Papa Don't Peach, I knew that I had to buy it as last year I was obsessed with wearing a peachy blush (especially in the spring and summer months). This is a shade that they had in their collection years ago and they decided to bring it back and I am so glad that they did. This is a really pretty peach shade that just looks great on so many skin tones, whether you have a fair, tanned or deep complexion. It is very soft and natural looking which works perfectly with so many makeup looks. There is also a slight highlight/shimmer to it which really makes the blush pop when you are out. Plus I absolutely love the peach scent of this blush.


In 2017, I was obsessed with peach blush shades so of course when I chose to buy one of these blush trios I had to get the shade Peachy Love. This blush trio is absolutely beautiful and I love how you can use each shade separately or you can blend them together get a beautiful peach shade. These are really pigmented, so a little goes a long way and they blend so easily on the cheeks. Plus they work when I am pale or tanned without looking like I have too much blush on. This has probably been my most-reached for blush in 2017 as it looks so natural and just gives my cheeks a beautiful flushed look. I really love to use the shades individually and I love the shade Nectarine as it is a beautiful peach/pink shade. However, I do sometimes mix all the shades together to create a really lovely peach shade that will look great on all skin tones.


I don't often buy blushers from the drugstore, but when I saw these I knew that I wanted to try them out; and I got these palettes in both shades, amber and pink. Both of these palettes are beautiful and have a mixture of matte and shimmer blushes. I would say that I am more of a fan of the matte blushes as they look more natural and soft on the cheeks, whereas the shimmer blushes are a bit too pigmented for me. They feel so soft when you touch them and they blend out to create a beautiful, radiant glow on the cheeks. These blushes just make my skin look so beautiful and makes me look really healthy. These palettes are amazing and are great for beginners in makeup as you get five shades in one palette and they are so affordable. There is also a shade in each palette that will suit every skin tone, plus you can easily mix shades together to create your own blush colour.


2017 was the year that I became obsessed with Hourglass as a brand and after using the face palette for months, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase one of their blushes in the shade Ethereal Glow. I love the marble effect, so it is not just one single colour and instead you can change the shade depending on where you put the brush. The shade I have is a really pretty pale pink that just gives me a natural flushed look. It also makes my skin look like it is glowing as there is a slight shimmer in it (although it is not full of glitter). If you are looking for a pigmented blush then this might not be for you as it is quite subtle when applied to the cheeks, but I sometimes add this on top of another blush to help give a beautiful glow. I absolutely love this blush and it always looks beautiful with a bronzed makeup look. Not only is this a pretty blush, but the packaging is stunning and looks great on a dressing table (it does make me want to buy something more when it looks beautiful and performs well).



This is another product that is no longer available as it was a limited edition palette in 2017, however it was a product that I used constantly throughout the year and I had to give it a quick mention. I have linked another new glow kit that Anastasia Beverly Hills released that is still available and it is very similar to this Glow Kit. I love this glow kit from Nicole Guerriero and ABH as they apply so smoothly and every shade is beautiful on the skin. They give a beautiful highlight to the face and is not too glittery either. I love the pink and the lighter shades as they work so well with my skin, however I do use the two more medium shades as eyeshadows and they always look stunning. They are really pigmented but can easily be blended out with some setting powder to help diffuse the amount of shimmer. The Sugar Glow Kit that I linked has a similar white and pink shades in them so thought it would be very similar to this one.


This was a highlighter that I used so much in 2017 as it is so pretty and is perfect for when I am tanned in the summer. I am hoping that Estee Lauder and Victoria Beckham bring out another collection as the highlights are beautiful. The highlight does not settle into any fine lines and does not emphasise any texture on the skin. Instead it just helps to make my skin look flawless and just gives the most beautiful highlight. There is no glitter in this highlight, but instead is just a beautiful highlight that is really intense. It is just stunning on the cheeks. I know that this highlighter is currently out of stock but hopefully they will bring it back soon and that Victoria Beckham will bring out a collection very soon. This highlighter is just beautiful and looks great on all skin tones, whether you are fair or have a deep complexion. It is easy to blend out so that it works with any skin tone, so when I am fair I will only apply a small amount and blend it out so that it works with my skin tone.


I absolutely love this highlighter from Fenty Beauty and is one of the only highlighters I would reach for towards the end of 2017. I particularly love the shade Lightning Dust (a peachy Champagne gold) and Fire Crystal (a Champagne gold) as they are perfect for my skin tone all year round. I have heard some people say that this highlight looks too glittery but for me there seems to be no glitter in it and is just a beautiful shimmer that highlights the high points of my face. They are a lot more subtle that some other highlights that I own but they look so pretty on the cheeks and are perfect for a more natural highlight that just gives a beautiful glow to the skin. I really like to layer this highlighter and build up the glow for a more intense highlight (Lightning Dust is more of a natural highlight, whilst Fire Crystal is a more intense highlighter). Therefore, there is a highlighter that is perfect for any occasion.


I tried the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in 2017 and fell in love with it as it produces such an intense highlight that looks great both under and over foundation. I have been using the shade Celestial for all of 2017 and it is perfect for those days when I wanted a really strong highlight. I always would apply this highlight with a BeautyBlender and I would usually apply a small amount over my foundation, as you only need a small amount to get an intense glow. You can soften the glow by applying under foundation and that just gives a beautiful dewy finish to the skin. These drops are so easy to use and my only tip is to apply it before any powder products otherwise it won't go on as seamlessly.

The only downside of these Custom Enhancer Drops is that it is very easy to apply too much product and then it is quite difficult to blend out (whilst looking like you have liquid metal on your face). I know that the first time I applied this highlighter over the top of my foundation and it looked so unnatural. In the end I had to remove all my makeup and start again and the second time was not as bad but was still a very strong highlight. However, after using these drops multiple times I got the hang of how to really use this highlighter. I will apply a few drops on the back of my hand and then use the pointy side of my BeautyBlender to apply the highlight to my face - I never apply too much and you can easily build up the highlight. This highlighter does also work better with a damp BeautyBlender so it melts into the foundation to leave a stunning glow on the cheeks and high points of the face.


This highlighter was probably my most used highlight of 2017 as it is perfect to wear everyday because it is quite a soft, gentle glow but then it can be built up to make it perfect for a night out. The powder itself is so soft and silky and applies beautifully to the skin without showing any texture on the skin. It is not full of glitter but instead just gives a natural glow to the skin where you can only see it when the light hits it in a certain way. It can easily be intensified by adding some MAC Fix+ to make the highlight a lot stronger, but I love how subtle it is as a highlight. Some highlighters can emphasise and make pores look larger than they are, however this highlighter applies so smoothly and does not do that all. Instead it makes my skin look glowing, radiant, luminous and flawless. This even made it into my five highlighters for that perfect Summer glow back in the Summer of 2017, and it is still one of my favourites now.



There was only one product that I used every single day, in 2017, on my brows and that was Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is so easy to use and because the tip is so small I can create really small lines to make it look like hairs. I always find that my brows look so natural with this product and it is so easy to do my brows now that I have this in my life. This is the most perfect product for anyone who is not very good at doing their brows as they will always look perfect and natural. The spoolie brush on one end is perfect for brushing out the hairs and shaping them before going in with the pencil end. I cannot go a day without using this product on my brows and sometimes this is the only product that I will use as I just love the natural finish that it gives to my brows (although if I am going for a full glam look, I will usually add other brow products to my makeup routine).


Another brow product that I loved during 2017 is also from Anastasia Beverly Hills and that is the Dipbrow Pomade. This is a beautiful cream brow product that just helps to fill in my brows on days when I want my brows to look a bit more full and I don't have as much time to use the Brow Wiz all over. I only have to use a small amount of product each time and they always look amazing. It is quite easy to put too much on and you can end up with brows that look like they have been drawn on with a Sharpie but after a while it is so easy to use and makes your brows look amazing all day. I love to use this pomade when I am going for a full glam makeup look and I will usually apply it with a small brush and run it through the tail of my brows to make them look fuller and slightly more filled in. 


This is another cream-gel brow product that I also loved in 2017. This is very similar to the Dipbrow Pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills but it claims to be 24 hour proof and waterproof. This is the product that I reached for when I was on holiday as I wanted my brows to last in the water and I absolutely loved the product. It is really creamy, although it can dry out quite quickly but there are ways to bring it back to life (like warming under warm water, with the lid on). It makes my eyes look really natural and I love how the lid turns into a brush meaning you don't have to buy a separate brush for applying your pomade unlike with the ABH pomade. I don't always reach for this brow product but whenever I do, I absolutely love the results that it gives as they always look natural and fill in my brows perfectly. 



One of my most used palettes of 2017 has to be the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette that was released in the UK at the beginning of October. I switch my eyeshadow palettes a lot but when this was released I would reach for this every single day. There are 35 eyeshadows to choose from; so you can create so many looks with this one palette. There are shadows that are perfect for everyday makeup looks and then there are shades that are perfect for full glam looks and then there are some brighter shadows that are great for adding a pop of colour. The shadows in this palette are stunning. They blend so easily and are so pigmented - you really don't need a lot of product on your brush to get an intense colour payoff. I love these shadows and they are perfect for any makeup look.


When Urban Decay revealed that they were bringing out a warm-toned eyeshadow palette last Summer, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The selections of warm oranges, bronzes and reds are perfect for a natural or glam makeup look. The shadows are beautiful - they are so pigmented and blend really easily with a brush. There are a couple of shades that are not as pigmented but most of them are stunning on the eye. I love the shimmer shadows and they look amazing all over the lid. I used this palette a lot in the Autumn months as it is the perfect palette for that time of year; although I will be wearing this palette all year round.


I really loved this eyeshadow palette and I reached for it so often, not just in 2017 but I am still using it now all the time. Not only does it smell like chocolate but the colour selection and the quality of the shadows are amazing (and this palette is perfect for when you are craving chocolate but don't want to eat any chocolate).  I would say that I wore this palette more than the Sweet Peach palette (which I was obsessed with at the beginning of last year). The colour selections are really neutral and very wearable. I love the shade Marzipan and not only does it look great all over the lid but it also makes a beautiful highlight. All of the shadows are easy to blend and are so pigmented. I would say that with the shimmers you need to use a setting spray or MAC Fix+ to make them really pop. This is the perfect eyeshadow palette for natural, everyday makeup looks.


It is clear that in the year of 2017 that I was a bit obsessed with buying warm-toned eyeshadow palettes and it all stemmed from this one palette. I had heard so many amazing reviews about this brand from other beauty YouTubers and Bloggers and I knew I had to get my hands on one of the palettes. The mattes in this palette are really soft and apply so easily to the eyes and the shimmer shadows are like butter and have a really intense colour payoff. You really only need to use a small amount of each shadow to get a rich pigmented shade and they blend out so easily. I love this palette for travelling as I can create so many different warm-toned looks with this one palette. The only problem is that the palette has no fastening and it can open quite easily, so when I take it with me travelling I always make sure to place it in a separate bag so that it does not ruin my other makeup products.


I will usually always buy and eyeshadow palette rather than customising my own with single eyeshadows but in 2017 I did try out some of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows and I absolutely love them (of course I chose all warm shades). I chose six matte shades and three of the foiled shimmer shadows and both formulas are amazing. They are both so pigmented and blend out beautifully. The foiled eyeshadows look like metal on the eyes and I absolutely love the bronze and gold shade as they are so wearable and you don't really need to use a setting spray with them - although if you do, it will look like a foiled shadow. The shadows feel like butter and they are so easy to blend together to create a beautiful eyeshadow look. Plus these eyeshadows are one of the best eyeshadows I have ever tried and they are a lot more affordable than single eyeshadows from MAC and Anastasia Beverly Hills.


If you watch beauty videos on YouTube or read beauty blogger's blogs then you will have probably seen quite a few of them mention these liquid eyeshadows from Stila. These were so popular in 2017 and I became obsessed with these (I even included them in my New Year's Eve Glam Look post as they are incredible. I love wearing these when I want my eyes to really pop as they look like you have liquid metal on your eyes with a lot of glitter in them. They are so easy to use and they just make any eye look, look incredible and glamorous. They dry down fully and just look so glittery on the eyes. My only criticism is that they dry down fairly quick so you have to make sure you have blended it while it is semi-dry, however these are incredible and I am definitely going to be adding more colours to my collection. They just transform a day look into the perfect evening look and I always get complimented when I wear these liquid eyeshadows!

Stila are always bringing out new shades of the Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows, as they are so popular. The shades I have are Kitten Karma (which is a really pretty Champagne gold shade) and Rose Gold Retro (which is a stunning rose gold shade). These shades are absolutely stunning and they go with every single makeup look. They do have golds, silvers and even a black/grey glitter and I am definitely thinking of purchasing these as well but these two shades are definitely my favourites and will look amazing on any skin tone. There were days, last year, where I would transform my daytime makeup look into a glam look for going out by just applying a fresh coat of lipstick and using these liquid eyeshadows to freshen up my eye makeup and make it really stand out.  It is just a simple way to add glitter without having to use a glitter pigment and glitter glue.

I have been using this eyeliner for a couple of years and it is perfect for creating a really thin or thick line against your lashes as well as creating a beautiful wing liner. Not only is this eyeliner affordable, as it is from the drugstore brand L'Oreal, but it is also one of the best liquid eyeliners that I have ever tried. It is perfect for anyone who is not very good at eyeliner as the brush is very small so you can create a really thin line against the lashes. It glides on easily and is so opaque that you only have to apply it to your eyes once. The only criticism I have is that it can bleed slightly but it is not too noticeable and most liquid eyeliners will bleed. If you are a beginner in makeup, then buy this eyeliner as you will be an expert in no time and is a dupe for my next eyeliner that I loved in 2017.


One of my favourite eyeliners from 2017 was the Ink Liner from Kat Von D. This eyeliner is perfect as it is so opaque and is probably the best high-end liquid eyeliner I have ever tried. It has a really thin point making it perfect for creating thin lines as well as thicker lines. I love this eyeliner as it does not budge once it is on the eyes - it also does not bleed as much as the L'Oreal liner so you don't have to worry about it settling into any fine lines. This is also perfect as it is waterproof and it is the only eyeliner that I can use where it won't smudge throughout the day. I absolutely love this eyeliner but the L'Oreal eyeliner is just as good and a fraction of the price of this one from Kat Von D.

This is an eyeliner that can be used by everyone - whether you are a professional makeup artist or whether you are someone who is new to makeup and wants to start using makeup more. The pen feels really nice in your hands and is really comfortable to use meaning you don't have to worry about your hands shaking. The point of the pen is really small and also is flexible, so it will work with you rather than against you and every time you will have a perfect line against your lashes. This liner does not drag at the skin and instead glides effortlessly along your lash line. It is also really easy to create a wing as the pen tip is flexible and you can go into a lot of detail as the tip is so fine. I just love how this liner looks and I always get an even application every time I use it. This and the L'Oreal liquid eyeliner are the only liners I usually ever touch and every other liner I try will always be compared to these two.



I really love this mascara from Benefit as the more I used it in 2017, the more I liked it in comparison to They're Real. I find that this mascara does not clump my lashes together and just makes them look fuller and longer. I always use this mascara when I am wearing false lashes as it helps to separate each lash and just makes my lashes look really natural. This mascara does not transfer, as with some mascaras I will notice black smudges under my lower lashes from where the mascara has come off. However, this is not waterproof so will come off in water.

When it came to Benefit mascaras, I would always reach for They're Real and when this mascara came out a few years ago, I did not jump on the bandwagon and buy it straight away. Actually, I didn't even buy this mascara until last Summer in Hawaii and that was only after my Mum said that this had become her favourite mascara. I decided to buy it in the black shade as I am not someone who will usually buy brown mascaras and I am so impressed with this mascara. It coats every single lash whilst helping to curl and lengthen them. I really like how the wand is curled slightly so that it mimics the natural shape of the lashes and makes it easier to grab every single lash. I usually like wands that are synthetic as it means each bristle really coast the lash and I don't get any little hairs attaching to my lashes or going in my eyes. This is definitely one of my favourite mascaras that I have used and it is great for using on my upper and lower lashes as it is really easy to use and apply to the lashes.


I got this mascara last year for Christmas and I wore it so much during the first half of 2017 that I received it as a Christmas present this year. This might not be a mascara for everyone as it is a fairly large brush which can be quite difficult to use and I have read some comments where people have found that the brush actually clumps their lashes together. However, I love this mascara and because I have long lashes it makes them look like they are false lashes. I love how long this mascara makes my lashes look and it really opens up my eyes. I will say that this is not a mascara that I would use on my lower lashes as the brush is too big and I end up getting more product on my skin than my lashes. Because of the size of this wand, it is quite difficult to coat the lashes on the inner and outer corner of my eye and sometimes you can end up with mascara smudging on the eyelids. However, after some practise it is quite easy to use this wand and full coat every lash with an even application of mascara.

This is a mascara that can sometimes smudge, but I will always use this with the No Smudge mascara from Bobbi Brown which is perfect to apply over mascaras that will sometimes smudge. However, most of the times I can get away with just wearing this mascara on it's own without having to use the other Bobbi Brown mascara as well. The bristles on this wand are more like fibres so I do sometimes have to put on a couple of coats of mascara to really coat every lash. 


There is not much more I can say that is different about this mascara as there are a lot of great mascaras out there and they will all do the same thing - usually lengthen your lashes and give them more volume. I loved this mascara during 2017 and I used it so much that I had to buy a new one as I wore it so much. This did not clump my lashes together and I would not get little black pieces of mascara fall onto my skin during the day. Instead, it stayed on my lashes until I need to take it off and just made my lashes look really thick and luscious.

The shape of this wand is quite different to any other mascara that I have tried before. This wand almost concaves in the middle of the wand and I am not particularly sure what this is meant to do. It does not seem to make applying the mascara any easier and it does not affect the application of how the mascara coats each lash. Therefore, it doesn't seem like a useful feature, however it is great at coating every lash and getting an opaque and even application.

I also love the packaging of this mascara and it feels very heavy when you use it. Because there is a slight weight, it is really easy to control where you are applying the mascara and this helps to get every single lash coated. Also, who doesn't love a pretty pink tube of mascara to sit on their dressing table. Not only is the packaging pretty but the mascara itself is amazing and I love to use this on both my upper and lower lashes.


This mascara from Chanel was probably my favourite and most-used mascara of 2017. I actually need to buy a new tube of this mascara as mine is currently empty and it is the best waterproof mascara that I have ever tried. It does not smudge and is perfect for me as I do suffer from hay fever in the summer months and my eyes can water quite a bit. However, when I wear this mascara it does not run and just makes my lashes look really natural. This is also a mascara that I will use on my lower lashes sometimes - although, I have to be careful as the brush is quite large and the bristles are quite small. This is the best waterproof mascara I tried in 2017 and was perfect for when I was on holiday and wanted to go swimming. The bristles on this wand are synthetic and a lot shorter than any other mascara that I have tried. Because the bristles are so short it means that I can really get to the bottom of each lash which helps to make my lashes look fuller and longer - whereas with other mascaras that have longer bristles you can not get close to the lash line as you will usually end up poking yourself in the eye.

Chanel is one of my favourite brands but I do not always buy products from them as they are so expensive and this mascara is definitely expensive - however, I received this as a Birthday present last July and I used it so much in the Summer. In fact I think I managed to finish the whole tube in a couple of months because I used it every day. And even though it is expensive, I am definitely going to buy a new tube soon. This is the best waterproof mascara that I have ever tried and after using this mascara, all my other waterproof mascaras do not even come close to this one.

I have always liked L'Oreal lipsticks but the collection that they created with Balmain, last year, are probably my favourite lipsticks that they have created. I love how creamy these lipsticks are and they apply so easily to the lips. I found that I only needed to apply one coat of the lipstick to get a fully opaque colour. I will admit that the colour selection is a bit strange for me as there are a lot of colours that would not suit me but I love the shades Domination (a rich wine red) and confession (a pink nude). I am also not a massive fan of the scent of L'Oreal lipsticks as they are quite floral, but the formula is amazing and they last for such a long time before having to reapply.

The finish is almost a satin matte as it is not a dry matte but it is not a cremesheen formula either - instead it is somewhere in the middle. I love the finish and it does not make my lips look dry and feels quite moisturising when I wear it. I will usually wear a lip liner with this lipstick, especially the red shade, as I always find that when applying a bright lipstick it can be more obvious where you have gone wrong. However, these lipsticks do not bleed so it is not necessary to apply a lip liner first, however it does help with making a precise application.

I included these lipsticks in my five lipsticks that I love for Autumn/Winter and especially towards the end of 2017 I wore these all the time. This was the lipstick (in the shade Domination) that I wore on Christmas Day and Boxing Day as it is a gorgeous red shade that is perfect for the holiday season and the shades that I have will suit almost every skin tone. 


Hourglass are absolute geniuses with these refillable lipsticks; as I own so many lipsticks and I don't have enough room to have lipsticks with massive bullets. So when they came out with refillable lipsticks where you just buy one bullet and they can buy the refill lipsticks in different shades I knew I needed to try it. I actually got the Confession Lipstick Set for Christmas and they are amazing. I did already own a couple already and I love the formula of these lipsticks. They are so creamy and pigmented; plus the shade range is amazing. It almost feels like a moisturising lipstick and I love that it does not dry down to a matte as that can often make my lips feel really dry. I love these lipsticks and will definitely be buying more this year.


In the last couple of favourite lipstick blog posts, I have included one lipstick every time and that is the Tom Ford Lip Colour Lipstick in Blush Nude. If I only could include one lipstick that I wore all the time in 2017 then it would be this lipstick. I do own a couple of other shades (one is a matte shade) and I absolutely love them although the Blush Nude is the one I wear on a regular basis. The formula is so creamy and just feels so luxurious on the lips. I really love the cremesheen formula as it leaves a beautiful shine to the lips, although the matte is perfect for days when my lips don't look dry. They are all so opaque and I only need on coat of lipstick to achieve a rich and beautiful colour. I know these are expensive but they are definitely worth the price tag.


2017 was the year that I discovered and fell in love with Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, especially the shade Kim K.W. I usually only buy nude lipsticks and of course these shades are all different nudes as well and they are just stunning - I am going to buy some more of these lipsticks in different colours other than nude. They just feel so comfortable on the lips and I love how Kim K.W. and Valentine look with a tan, whilst Pillowtalk is an amazing lipstick version of the best-selling lip liner. They are so opaque and pigmented and I love the creamy formula. I do have to reapply these lipsticks quite a bit but they are perfect for every day makeup looks as well as glam nighttime looks.


Makeup Revolution is not a brand that I really talk about on my blog but it is a brand that I buy from a lot, as they do amazing dupes of some high-end products. I feel that Makeup Revolution really upped their game in 2017 and I started buying more and more products from them; one of them being these rose gold lipsticks that are only £3 each. These lipsticks are amazing for the price and are similar to my MAC lipsticks. They are not as creamy as some of my other lipsticks that I own, but they feel comfortable on the lips and don't fade that quickly. I do find that I often have to apply a couple of layers to get a fully opaque lip but these are amazing and you cannot moan about that incredible price.


I really wore a lot of liquid lipsticks in 2017, and I tested a lot out, but one of my favourites were the liquid lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love the colour selection of these lipsticks (but of course I chose two nudes when I purchased them) and they have shades that will suit all skin tones. These do dry down fully matte but they don't feel heavy or uncomfortable. It only takes a couple of minutes for the lipstick to dry down fully. I love the shades Pure Hollywood and Crush and these are the most perfect nude shades that will suit so many skin tones. I found that these don't feel sticky and you only have to swipe the product across your lips once to get a fully opaque colour. Even when I am eating and drinking, the liquid lipstick stays put so there is no need to reapply throughout the day which is perfect as we don't always have time to find a mirror and reapply our lipstick. This is definitely the best liquid lipstick formula that I have tried.

I really love the applicator on the wand as it is quite flat so it is really easy to get an even application of the liquid lipstick. Because of the shape of the wand it never goes streaky and one coat is enough to get an opaque finish. 

I love the formula of these liquid lipsticks as they apply and glide on the lips so easily and I don't have to use a lip liner with these - as they don't blend and they stay put all day even when eating and drinking with the lipstick on. If you are worried about making sure that you get a precise application, then you can easily use a lip liner first to make sure that you stay within the lines and achieve a beautiful result.


These are probably my second favourite liquid lipsticks of 2017 and I wore these so much last year; I love the scent of these lipsticks (as they smell like a vanilla cupcake) and I love the formula. The formula of these lipsticks are just beautiful and they dry down fully matte in a few minutes. They also don't feel too drying on the lips and it is so easy to get a opaque finish. In 2017, I was also a fan of the Skinny Dip Lip Topper which is perfect to go on top of liquid lipsticks to give a beautiful shine to any matte lip products. At first it looks quite glittery but the more you rub your lips together, the more it looks really natural and beautiful.


I don't often wear lip glosses but when I do, I will always reach for my Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses as they are incredible. I got these in Hawaii last year and I have worn them so much in the second half of 2017. These are not sheer lip glosses that have no colour; instead they are really pigmented and have such a great colour payoff. They give a beautiful shine to the lips without feeling too uncomfortable or too sticky. These are just beautiful lip glosses that look great on their own or over the top of lipsticks.

The applicator is the same as the liquid lipsticks which means that you always get an even application. I also love to pair these over the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks, to just give a bit of shine, however these look just as good on their own. They are a fully pigmented lip gloss so you don't need to worry about using a lipstick underneath. Of course these will not last all day, so I do have to top up my lip gloss throughout the day but lip glosses are not expected to last especially when eating and drinking with it on.

The two shades that I am absolutely obsessed with are Undressed and Butterscotch - both are beautiful nude/pink shades that look great on every skin tone. These are the perfect nude shades they are my go-to lip gloss as they pair well with every makeup look. I always keep a tube of lip gloss in my handbag and these are the ones that I always keep in my bag. I also love the scent of these lip glosses as they smell quite sweet like a vanilla/caramel scent and they are the best smelling lip glosses that I have ever tried.


Another lip gloss that I absolutely loved in 2017 was the Ultra Shine Lip Gloss from Tom Ford in the shade Rose Crush (which is a beautiful nude brown). This is very similar to the ABH lip glosses in that it is not a sheer lip gloss that has no colour. Instead it is very pigmented and this particular shade is beautiful on so many different skin tones. It is very opaque and does not feel too sticky on the lips. Instead it is a really comfortable lip stick and is perfect over a nude liquid lipstick. Obviously this is a lip gloss so is not going to last as long as a liquid lipstick but I can wear it for a couple of hours before having to reapply. This lip gloss does feel quite moisturising when I wear it and that is perfect for days when my lips are feeling a bit dry and I don't want to wear a lip balm or use a lip scrub.

The applicator of this lip gloss is completely different to that of the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses, in that this is more of a lip brush rather than a sponge applicator. As the applicator is more like a brush, it is easier to get a precise line around the lips. However, the brush is quite small so it does take quite a long time to apply the lip gloss all over the lips and sometimes it can take a while to get an even application. However, it always looks amazing and it just makes my lips look really moisturised, shiny and luscious.  

These lip glosses are very expensive  and I only own one because they are so expensive but the formula is amazing and I am definitely thinking about buying a few more as I wear them so often. However, the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip glosses are more affordable and just as good. But this is a luxury lip gloss that I love to have in my collection for when I want a beautiful lip gloss on.

If you have managed to get to the end of this post then I am so impressed! I know that this was such a long post to read (trust me, I had to write it) but I wanted to include a variety of products as I don't really do favourite posts regularly on my blog and every product I mentioned are products that I loved in 2017 and still love now!

I hope you enjoyed this very long post all about my favourite beauty products from 2017! Please let me know in the comments what products were from 2017. Also let me know if there are any products that you would like me to review on here (whether they are new products, older products or products that I have included in this post and you might want a more detailed review on).


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