Friday, 31 August 2018



One brand that I have heard so much about is Wet N Wild - if you live in the United States then this is a drugstore brand that you have probably heard about and maybe have used. However, if you live in the UK, then you may not be aware of such a brand or you may have heard about it but never been able to try it. That is because Wet N Wild has never been sold in the UK ... until now!

Yes, that is right, Wet N Wild is now being sold on Beauty Bay and I was so excited. I have seen so many US Bloggers and YouTubers talking about Wet N Wild makeup and I have never been able to try any of the products because it is not easily available to be shipped to the UK. This is such an affordable brand where most of the products retail between £3 and £7. But, I wanted to know whether such an affordable brand can really be any good. So, of course a couple of weeks ago I went onto the Beauty Bay website and bought a few products to try out, so that I can see whether this is a brand that I will be buying from again.

I can see how Wet N Wild is so affordable as the packaging is very simple and not over the top like other brands - which is something that I really like because makeup should be about how the product performs, not what it looks like. The packaging is just plastic, which is clear and black so you can easily see what the products are and what shade you are picking up. I wish the packaging was slightly nicer but it means that the prices are more affordable which is more important. Now, that I have quickly mentioned what the packaging is like, let's discuss the products ...

Wet N Wild can be purchased from Wet N WildBeauty Bay and Ulta.


Friday, 24 August 2018



Everyone has probably heard of having a spring clean? I had a major one in April and it helped me so much to really declutter my life, so I am now of the opinion that I need to have a declutter every few months for each season - hence my summer spring clean.

I feel like when January comes around, I am always so motivated and passionate about making new goals and I stick to them for the following few months. However, I always end up not sticking to these goals or lack the motivation, so there is no reason why you cannot set new goals throughout the year. Life will always throw hurdles and challenges your way and it is always good to set new goals throughout the year as your priorities will change. I constantly am trying to re-motivate myself every few months to stick to certain goals and one of the best ways to motivate myself is to have a huge clear out and really prioritise what is important to me. If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen in my stories that I have been having major decluttering sessions. Summer is almost over so this might hopefully inspire you to set new goals for the autumn/fall months. 

I have mentioned on my social media, for the last few months, that I really wanted to change the layout of my blog and not just focus on beauty and makeup! I really feel that when I started my blog that I included more lifestyle posts and recently I have seemed to stick to beauty - as that it what I thought people wanted to see more of. But, now I want to write more fashion, lifestyle and travel posts, whilst still writing beauty reviews and talking about new releases. I really want to make this blog amazing and that is something that I am truly motivated about.

So let's now talk about how I decluttered over the last few months and maybe this can inspire you on how you can declutter for autumn ...


Thursday, 16 August 2018



If you look back at my blog over the last year then you will notice that whenever a new Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette is released, I will purchase it and then review it. I have all of the latest ABH palettes besides the Prism palette that came out during the Christmas period last year ... however I do own the other three Modern Renaissance, Subculture and Soft Glam! So, when I saw that ABH were bringing out a new palette called Norvina, I signed up to the waitlist on BeautyBay and purchased it the day after it was released. I have had mixed feelings towards ABH eyeshadow palettes in the past; I am a huge fan of the Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam palette but Subculture was a palette that didn't work as well (unless you were living under a rock last autumn, then you will be well aware of the controversy that surrounded that palette).

At first, I wasn't sure whether I was going to buy the Norvina palette as it is not a palette that usually fits my criteria of being full of either neutral shades or warm-toned peach and coral shades. A purple palette is not something that I would naturally gravitate towards ... in fact it is something that I would usually skip altogether. However, something just made me want to buy it as I loved the fact that there was a row of shimmers and a row of mattes and I wanted to buy a palette that was a bit more out of my comfort zone ... especially as I am not planning on buying another palette for a few months (as I own so many that I barely use). I was really hoping that this would fall under the Modern Renaissance expectation in regards to formula rather than the Subculture! And there is only one way to see ... and that is by trying it out and giving you my honest first impressions! 

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina eyeshadow palette retails for £43 or $42 from Anastasia Beverly HillsBeauty BayUlta and Sephora.


Tuesday, 14 August 2018



Recently, I have been posting so much about makeup that I wanted to change it up and talk about bath products. I find that bath products are something that I don't buy lots of because I don't have room to store loads of different shower gels and bath products. However, when I saw that Zoella Beauty had released a summer range I wanted to try it out and see if there were any products that caught my eye ... and of course there were!

Zoella is a blogger and YouTuber, who has been around for years, I remember starting to watch her when I was in High School. Now, I wouldn't say that I watch her videos as much as I use to when I was younger but I do every now and again finding myself clicking on one of her videos and I have been a fan of some of her Zoella Beauty products in the past. I have not tried every single range or product that Zoella has brought out in the past (although I try to buy a couple of pieces from each collection) and I absolutely love the Bath Latte. But, when I saw her new summer range in my local Superdrug I picked up a few products that really caught my eye. I did not buy the whole range as I knew I would not use everything, but I will link the whole range at the bottom of the post, if you want to look at everything in the collection! This is limited edition, so I don't know how long it will remain in stock online or in stores but it has been out a while now!

The packaging of Zoella's beauty products are just always incredible and just look perfect on the side of the bath or displayed on a shelf. The Splash Botanics range definitely fits into that look where it just looks so pretty displayed in the bathroom. This range has been out a while now but I just had to review it as they look so stunning and smell amazing! Zoella seems to have made the packaging slightly more grown up but has still kept some products looking more quirky in the way they look - like one of the products looks like a milk carton. I love the tropical print that she has used and they all look stunning in my bathroom - or they could even fit in well in my spare room/beauty room as that has a tropical theme in it too. Plus these products are just so INSTA worthy!

The Zoella Splash Botanics range is available to purchase from SuperdrugFeelUnique and Ulta.


Saturday, 11 August 2018



I have been a huge fan of Revolution (also known as Makeup Revolution) over the last few years ... in fact I have even written a whole post dedicated to this brand where I tested Makeup Revolution. There were some hits and misses in this collective first impression post, but in general I love the brand. Revolution is an affordable makeup brand that creates amazing makeup that is often an exact of close dupe to other high-end makeup brands. They are available to purchase on Revolution BeautySuperdrug and Ulta.

Over the last few months, Revolution have really stepped up their game. They are constantly bringing out new products and the quality of those products have been improved so much since I remember buying them a few years ago. Also, Revolution are coming out with some amazing collaborations at the moment with a lot of beauty YouTubers ...

One YouTuber that I absolutely love is Sophdoesnails, who is a beauty YouTuber and she reviews products as well as coming up with some amazing makeup tutorials (that are so easy to follow). She also creates multiple videos for  Revolution's YouTube channel, so it was only a matter of time before she came out with a collaboration. Soph originally came out with an eyeshadow and highlighter palette last Autumn, which I purchased but never got round to reviewing (although I am happy to review them as they are still able to be purchased online and in stores). At the beginning of June, Soph announced that she had been working on bringing out a second collaboration with Revolution. She was bringing out a new eyeshadow palette that was considered the older sister to the original palette and three lipsticks in a variety of nude shades. So, of course I had to buy the whole collection and review it on my blog to give you all my first impressions of what I really think about these products ...

The second collaboration between Sophdoesnails and Revolution is available to be purchased from Revolution BeautySuperdrug and Ulta. Unfortunately the second collaboration are not on Ulta at the moment, but the first collaboration is available, however Revolution Beauty do ship internationally.


Monday, 6 August 2018



If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you may have noticed that whenever I link some beauty products in my posts, I will often give you a link to the website Beauty Bay (only if you can buy it from them)! Beauty Bay has been a website that I have been purchasing from for the last couple of years and over the years I have made countless orders ranging from buying expensive palettes to cheaper foundations. But, I have never done a haul on this blog where I show you what I have purchased lately, in terms of makeup. This is the best way to keep you up to date with what I have been buying lately, as well as being able to give mini reviews about each product; so you don't have to wait ages for me to do a full post on them.

Beauty Bay is an official stockist of a whole range of makeup brands; from Anastasia Beverly Hills to The Ordinary. They also stock a lot of brands that we cannot easily get in the UK like Jeffree Star Cosmetics and L.A. Girl. They also receive limited edition pieces (so a product has sold out on the official brand's website then definitely check out Beauty Bay a couple of weeks later). I absolutely love the range of products that they sell and I mainly go on to buy Anastasia Beverly Hills because it is so much easier for me to buy from there as I know the delivery schedule. Plus talking about delivery, Beauty Bay is amazing! I purchased all of my products at 10am and it was dispatched at 3pm (that same day) and was delivered to my house the very next day ... you cannot complain about that service.

So, last week, I decided to have a look on the Beauty Bay website because I hadn't made a purchase from them in a couple of months and I was in need of stocking up on some products I had run out of. I was also looking to see if they had the newest eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills (but they didn't), although you can sign up for when they have it here. So, I was browsing the website and noticed that they were having a discount on all Morphe Cosmetics products. Beauty Bay is no longer going to stock Morphe so they have reduced all of their products and at the time of me purchasing they were giving away a free 35 eyeshadow Morphe palette if you spent over £95. So, of course I had to spend £95 to get that free palette and it was very easy to do. So keep reading to find out what I got from Beauty Bay ...

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