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I have been a huge fan of Revolution (also known as Makeup Revolution) over the last few years ... in fact I have even written a whole post dedicated to this brand where I tested Makeup Revolution. There were some hits and misses in this collective first impression post, but in general I love the brand. Revolution is an affordable makeup brand that creates amazing makeup that is often an exact of close dupe to other high-end makeup brands. They are available to purchase on Revolution BeautySuperdrug and Ulta.

Over the last few months, Revolution have really stepped up their game. They are constantly bringing out new products and the quality of those products have been improved so much since I remember buying them a few years ago. Also, Revolution are coming out with some amazing collaborations at the moment with a lot of beauty YouTubers ...

One YouTuber that I absolutely love is Sophdoesnails, who is a beauty YouTuber and she reviews products as well as coming up with some amazing makeup tutorials (that are so easy to follow). She also creates multiple videos for  Revolution's YouTube channel, so it was only a matter of time before she came out with a collaboration. Soph originally came out with an eyeshadow and highlighter palette last Autumn, which I purchased but never got round to reviewing (although I am happy to review them as they are still able to be purchased online and in stores). At the beginning of June, Soph announced that she had been working on bringing out a second collaboration with Revolution. She was bringing out a new eyeshadow palette that was considered the older sister to the original palette and three lipsticks in a variety of nude shades. So, of course I had to buy the whole collection and review it on my blog to give you all my first impressions of what I really think about these products ...

The second collaboration between Sophdoesnails and Revolution is available to be purchased from Revolution BeautySuperdrug and Ulta. Unfortunately the second collaboration are not on Ulta at the moment, but the first collaboration is available, however Revolution Beauty do ship internationally.


So, like always, let's talk about packaging. I love how Soph and Makeup Revolution have stepped up their game with the packaging but still making it fit in with their previous collaboration. They have still used the matte nud packaging (which is very reminiscent of KKW Beauty) but on the lid they have included this beautiful rose gold mirrored finish. It just looks stunning and worth more than only £10. My only criticism, though, is that it shows up fingerprints but that is only a problem when taking photos. On the inside they have included a really big mirror which is brilliant and is something that I use every single day when I am doing my eyebrows or mascara and I need to be really close to a mirror (as this stays on my vanity all the time). They have also taken on board people's advice and have gotten rid of that annoying piece of plastic that use to have all the shade names on. Instead, they have printed the names on the palette, making it so much easier for me to tell you what shades I have used ... as I would always lose that piece of plastic. Because, they have put the names on the palette, they have had to sacrifice a row of eyeshadows, but you still get 18 shades in this palette, which is great! Plus, I would rather have less shadows and have the names printed on the palette anyway.

I must admit, I never got round to using Soph's original palette much as so many palettes were coming out around that time and I just never grabbed it as much. However, when I did use it, I absolutely loved it! I was so excited to get my hands on this palette because the shades looked stunning and they are just full of beautiful warm-toned shadows that are my go-to shades. Plus this palette is only £10 ... I do not know how they have created such a beautiful palette for only £10 but it was something I could not pass up on.

Inside there are 18 shadows that come in matte and shimmer finishes - I love how there are some bright shades, some neutrals and then some more dark/smokey shades. There really is something for everyone in this palette, but I will talk about the actual shades later on in the post. I can definitely see why Soph and Revolution call Extra Spice, the older sister of the original palette, that launched last year. I feel like the first palette was more focused on anyone who loved a more natural eye with a few brighter shadows, whereas this palette is focused more on those warm, rich jewel-toned shadows that are perfect for the autumn/winter (although this can be worn all year round). I love the use of greens and the wine red shades that are just so beautiful to look at and I cannot wait to wear them in the autumn. I do feel like there are less transition shades in this palette but I still think you could create a more natural eye look with this palette, and of course, you could use this palette with the original palette as well because they compliment each other so well.

I love how pigmented these shadows are and they all have a good colour payoff - whether you swatch them with a finger or a brush. There are some shades that do have to be built up like the shades Lakes and Reputation but once you have built up the pigment, they look amazing. The shadows blend out really nicely with a soft, fluffy brush but you can also pack on the pigment with a synthetic brush to build up the colour. Like, with most Revolution palettes I have noticed that the shades can seem quite stiff and almost chalky. However, once I have gotten through the first layer, the shadow got much softer the more I used the palette (so don't be put off, if they feel quite stiff to start off with). I did see that with some of the mattes there was a bit of kick-up but it was nothing that was too bad. Plus I did not see any fallout under my eyes when I applied the shadow to my lids. The shimmer shadows are actually quite good and I would definitely recommend using either a finger to apply them or to wet a brush with MAC Fix+ or a setting spray to get the best result. A primer is also probably a good idea to use first (or a concealer) as that helps the shadows to last a lot longer but I say that in every single blog post I do about eyeshadow palettes.

I absolutely love the shadows in this palette and you can create a variety of different looks with this palette. I love how there are bright shadows, jewel-toned shimmer shadows and then more natural shadows so there is something for everyone. Plus this compliments the original palette so well and I will definitely be using them together, sometimes, as I think you can create so many different looks with the both of them. I will definitely be taking this travelling with me in the future because it is great as it has a large mirror and I can create so many looks with it, whilst it is still fairly compact to fit in a bag!


There are 18 stunning shades in this palette that are full of warm-toned shades; this really is the older sister to Soph's original palette. There are definitely some similarities between the two palettes but this palette is definitely more warm-toned. The shades range from bright yellows, reds, maroons and warm bronzes in matte and shimmer finishes ...

EVERYDAY - a shimmer lilac with a duo-chrome finish
RUNNING LATE - a matte warm carrot orange
INIFINITY - a metallic silver
CHEESECAKE - a matte chestnut brown
COOKIE DOUGH - a matte soft brown
DREAMS - a shimmer warm champagne gold
VITAMIN C - a matte canary yellow
SWEET N SOUR - a matte electric orange
TWENTY ONE - a matte cerise pink/red
ROMANCE - a shimmer Burgundy with a pink shift
ENCHANTED - a matte wine
LAKES - a matte chocolate brown (although is described as a dark olive green on Revolution Beauty)
BROWNIES - a matte deep chocolate brown
CHOCOLATE ORANGE - a matte Sienna brown
MULLED WINE - a matte violet red
LA SUN -  a shimmer gold
AURORA - a shimmer khaki green
REPUTATION - a matte charcoal black

L-R: Everyday, Running Late, Inifinty, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough & Dreams

L-R: Vitamin C, Sweet N Sour, Twenty One, Romance, Enchanted & Lakes

L-R: Brownies, Chocolate Orange, Mulled Wine, La Sun, Aurora & Reputation

The Soph X Makeup Revolution Extra Spice eyeshadow palette retails for £10 from Revolution Beauty and Superdrug.


Last time, Soph brought out a highlighter palette, but this time she decided to create three lipsticks ... all of which are perfect nude shades for all skin tones. So, of course I picked them all up as I wanted to see what would work best for my skin tone. The three shades are: Cake (Pink Nude; my lips but better shade), Syrup (a classic brown nude shade) and Fudge (deep nude shade). For my skin tone, Cake is the perfect nude shade as it is a my lips but better shade. Syrup is a shade that would be perfect for almost every skin tone, especially anyone with a medium/tanned complexion. Whereas, Fudge is more for anyone who has a medium/deep complexion.


I love the packaging of these lipsticks and it follows the same packaging of the eyeshadow palette. There is the matte nude on the bottom with the rose gold mirrored finish on the lid of the lipstick. They just look stunning and I love how they have printed Soph's signature onto the actual lipstick in the case which just gives it a more personal touch. It shows a lot of detail went into the planning of this collection.

All of the lipsticks have a cremesheen finish or a satin finish, so they have a slight glossy appearance to them. This is my favourite type of lipstick as I sometimes feel matte lipsticks don't look good on me and can emphasise if my lips are particularly dry that day. They glide on so easily, and feel like butter when I wear them but they don't drag along the lips either. They are also super pigmented and only need one swipe to get an even application - there is no need to layer up these lipsticks as they are so opaque. I also feel like these lipsticks help to hydrate and moisturise my lips, which means they feel comfortable to wear all day. This isn't a liquid lipstick, so they will transfer but it is easy to top up by reapplying more lipstick.

T-B: Fudge, Syrup & Cake

Overall, I love the entire collection, including the first collaboration, but I feel like this second collaboration is just amazing. I have worn the lipsticks so much recently and the eyeshadow palette is beautiful. I am enjoying creating more brighter looks with this palette (which is out of my comfort zone) and I cannot wait to use this more in the autumn months, as I absolutely love the jewel-tone shimmer shadows. I think everything about this collection is worth purchasing as the eyeshadow palette is £10 and the lipsticks are £4 each. You probably wouldn't want to buy all three lipsticks because some may be too light or dark for your complexion, but it is entirely up to you!

The whole collection can be purchased from Revolution Beauty and Superdrug.

Let me know in the comments whether you have purchased any of Soph's new products? Which products are your favourite from the collection? Let me know what other products or collaborations you would like me to review on this blog? 



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