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It's not Christmas until you watch a Christmas film ...

I know it is officially Christmas, when I have watched the Christmas film Elf - my all-time favourite Christmas film. There is just something about snuggling under a blanket, drinking hot chocolate, with the Christmas lights on and watching a Christmas film to help get you in the festive mood. This is the time of year when all the classics are shown on TV and with it only being 9 days until Christmas (how has 2018 flown by so quickly?), I thought I would share with you my top 10 Christmas movies of all time; these are the classics that I watch every single year without a doubt. In fact, I am watching Elf as I am writing this blog post!

I found it really difficult to narrow down my top 10 Christmas movies, but after some thinking it was obvious as these are the films that I watch time and time again every single year. I have not put these movies in a particular order as they are all my favourites, but of course I have an all-time favourite - which I have written about first.

Elf - 2003

Probably considered my all-time favourite Christmas movie - Elf is a movie that I have to watch every single year to get into the festive mood. I always watch it when I am decorating the Christmas tree as it is just an all-round good Christmas film that provides so many laughs for the whole family. I have watched this film so many times and I still laugh throughout the whole film, even though I probably know every single word in the movie. It is just a great heart warming and feel-good movie that is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. If you have never seen Elf, then you will have probably seen a thousand GIFs pop up on your Twitter feed because everyone (including me) uses Buddy the Elf to sum up our excitement for Christmas. No matter what, I will always watch this film with my family every Christmas and it always guarantees to put a smile on my face. Plus Will Ferrell is just amazing in this film!

The Santa Clause - 1994

Following on from Elf, I had to write about The Santa Clause - can I just say how is this film a year older than me? But, it is still a film that I watch every single year as it is a great feel-good film that the whole family can enjoy. I have watched this film since I was a little girl and it just makes me smile and makes me feel all festive. This film does not seem to be mentioned much anymore but if you love Christmas or have children then this is a must-watch because it is funny, has a really lovely storyline and is just so festive. Plus I love Tim Allen in this film and there are two other films in the franchise although I would say that he first one is the best out of all three.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas - 2000

Probably this is the first Christmas film I ever remember watching - I remember being five and watching this with my Dad while hiding under the blanket because the Grinch scared me. This is the movie that I would watch every single year with my Dad and is something that I have carried on even though he is no longer with us. I am now no longer scared of the Grinch and this film just reminds me of being a child at Christmas. This is a film that comes with such a heartwarming message; that the food, presents and the lights don't matter, what does is being with family and friends at this time of year. This is something that I really treasure and I love the fact that my whole family can watch this with me because it is suitable for everyone. There is currently a new Grinch film out in the cinemas at the moment, so maybe that can be a great Christmas Day with the family.

Love Actually - 2003

I am usually not a massive fan of romantic comedies, but I do find that at Christmas I will watch them a lot more (I have been binge-watching all the romantic comedy Christmas films on Netflix in the last week!). This film is something that I have been watching for years and could not tell you how many years because it has been that long. I love how many big names are in this film and it is a heartwarming film that everyone can relate to. Every story is completely different and is just full of emotion - one minute I will be laughing and the next I will be crying. This will always be a film that I watch time and time again - plus I watch this film throughout the year because it is just set at Christmas!

The Polar Express - 2004

When it comes to Christmas films, I don't usually like animated films - I don't know why. This is probably one of only two films in this list that I do not watch repeatedly each Christmas. Instead, it is a film that I like but I often forget I have it. No-one else in my family likes this film and I think that is because it is not a comedy movie. This is the film that I will put on when I want a calm evening just relaxing and I don't want a film packed full of jokes. Plus the storyline is sweet, I just wish it wasn't on TV so much over the festive holidays.

The Holiday - 2006

This is another romantic comedy Christmas movie that I thought I would never like; I was always the girl who said that Die Hard was one of her favourite Christmas movies (it was set during Christmas, so I feel I can justify that). However, this is one of my guilty pleasures now - I mean who doesn't like seeing Jude Law in a film. I wouldn't say this is a film that gets me in the Christmas spirit but I absolutely love this film and it is a great film to  watch under a blanket whilst eating chocolate. 

Nativity! - 2009

Nativity! is probably up there in my top 10 and is more of a recent addition to my favourite Christmas movies - I first watched this film only a couple of years ago. I just love how it focuses on a school nativity and it captures it so well. This film just makes me laugh so much and the character Mr Poppy just has me in hysterics every single time I watch it. It also brings back memories of nostalgia and just reminds me of when I was in the school nativity. Also the children in this film are so sweet and they are also so funny as well. This is a great film to watch with the entire family.

The Muppet Christmas Carol - 1992

I think this is the only time I have ever watched The Muppets - maybe I watched them when I was younger but I don't think I have seen them before. However, this film is one of my favourites, although it is not a film that I often watch anymore because I feel too old to watch The Muppets. This is just a nice family film that tells the story of A Christmas Carol, so everyone in the family will know of this tale. I think this is just a sweet film although some of The Muppets use to scare me as a child. Now, I am completely fine watching The Muppets. This is definitely a film that I need to rewatch this year!

The Nightmare Before Christmas - 1993

I always remember watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and is just a film that reminds me of my childhood Christmas memories. Now I know it is more Halloween, but it focuses on Christmas as well and many people put this in their top 10 Christmas films, so I am justified to put it in mine too. I wouldn't say this is my all-time favourite Christmas film, but I do enjoy it - however, it definitely does not put me in the festive spirit. I have not watched this film in ages and is definitely one I am going to be watching over the holidays.
Home Alone - 1990

This is a film that I have added because it is so many people's favourite Christmas film - in fact this is probably more towards the bottom of my top 10 Christmas movies. I think I never use to like this film because it was on all of the time (I remember it being on TV in March). However, as I have grown older I have come to like the film and I watch it most Christmases so it definitely makes my top 10. It is just not my favourite Christmas film! I definitely prefer the first Home Alone and it is quite a funny movie.

I have currently been binge-watching a lot of Christmas movies on Netflix, so I feel like my top 10 Christmas movies may have to include some Netflix films next years because there are quite a few that I have really enjoyed watching this year!

Let me know in the comments what Christmas films would make your top 10? Have you watched any of the Christmas films I have listed above? What Christmas movies would your recommend?



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