Friday, 19 April 2019

A Palm Paradise ...

Seven nights in the Arabian sun!

LOCATION: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai - a mixture of paradise, Arabian culture and a splash of modernism. I have always wanted to holiday in Dubai and this was my first time visiting one of the most beautiful and magical places in the entire world. When it came to booking the family holiday for this year, there was only one option DUBAI and there was only one hotel that we were going to stay in; The Atlantis, The Palm. I have heard so many great stories about this hotel from influencers to friends and family and it did not disappoint!

So, at the beginning of April 2019 I travelled to Dubai from Heathrow airport with my Mum as our family holiday. If you follow me on Instagram (@vickilouisecaldwell) then you will have already seen plenty of photos that I posted to my feed and Instagram Stories. But of course, I had to share my amazing experience with you all on my blog and tell you about the hotel and this beautiful country.

As soon as you step off the plane all you will be saying is "WOW" - the heat, the gorgeous skyline, the views and the overall culture of this country (everything is just stunning). Even the tunnels are beautifully decorated with mosaics and the palm trees are covered in dazzling fairy lights. I have never experienced such beautiful views during a car ride from the airport to the hotel - the whole 30 minute ride I was just in awe of everything and was left speechless!

When it comes to the epitome of luxury hotels in Dubai, only a few spring to mind (although most of the hotels in Dubai are beautiful) but one of them has to be The Atlantis, The Palm. When you first arrive, you are immediately greeted by the most stunning exterior which looks like an Arabian palace - I loved the cultural aspects that were included in the design of this hotel. You are greeted by porters who immediately take your luggage to your room and are escorted to the lobby to check in. I have never seen a more stunning lobby in my entire life - so much detail has been put into every part of the hotel even down to the ship statues adorning the ceiling. Central to the lobby is the Chihuly Sculpture which stands 18 metres high and is made up of 3,000 pieces of glass to form a majestic fountain.

I have never been so excited to be in a hotel room (and it was all because of how beautiful it was). They have recently been refurbishing the rooms and you can tell how much detail has been put into them - from the tiling in the bathroom to the coral pieces of art that adorn the walls in the room. I loved how the bathroom was divided by double sliding doors and there was a freestanding bath separating the rooms - so you could have privacy if you wanted to. Everything about this room was just beautiful and there was so much space - perfect if you are going with small children who need to run around or have an afternoon nap. The room came with a huge king size bed, TV, seating area and then a desk with two chairs. The bathroom was bigger than my bedroom at home with the toilet and shower in separate rooms! My room was overlooking the ocean (at the front of the hotel) and I spent many a night sitting on the balcony just looking at the most amazing view. There was even a doorbell to the room (I mean what hotel room has a doorbell)! This was the most luxurious hotel room I have ever stayed in and I have stayed in a lot of hotels.

If you stay here then you never have to leave the hotel - in fact, there was only one day that we decided to venture into the city of Dubai but the rest of the time we just wanted to relax by the pool. In the future, I definitely plan to return to Dubai and this hotel and will do more around Dubai then, but this time I just wanted to relax and try to work on my tan. There is so much to do at this hotel - from lounging by the pool or beach, shopping, going to the aquarium, going to the waterpark, walking around the huge resort or eating at one of the many restaurants. I absolutely loved staying at this hotel - my favourite part was the fact that there was an aquarium (that is free for guests to go to) and there were sharks, fish, lobsters and jellyfish. It really was an amazing aquarium for a hotel. If you decide to go to the waterpark, it is free for guests although you can go there even if you are not staying at the Atlantis (there is just a fee to enter). The whole hotel has security guards at every entrance and point to get to the hotel rooms, so they will only allow hotel guests in the lifts and some areas of the hotel which I thought was great - guests will have there key cards hanging around their neck so they can see and if not then you will be asked to show your key card. The security were so friendly and always said morning, afternoon or have a good day and it didn't feel like they were security.

Whilst I was in Dubai, the weather was pretty good (although cloudy on a few of the days) but it always stayed around 30 degrees celsius. It was so nice being able to relax by the pool and just jump in when you want to. The pool itself is huge and is perfect to relax in as there are seats around the pool for you to sit on. The whole pool is shallow so adults can easily stand in, so I wouldn't say it is a pool you would want to constantly swim laps in, but is perfect for children who are learning to swim. Also the pool never got really busy, you could easily come down later in the morning and still be able to find a sun lounger!

The whole hotel is just amazing and beautiful to walk round and there is so much to do just at the hotel. If you want to venture outside of the hotel then you can go to one of the many shopping malls, go jet skiing, go on a helicopter ride, go up the Burj Khalifa or hit the sand dunes in buggies. Travelling around Dubai is really easy, as taxis are outside the hotel at all times and they are so cheap. For a 20 minute journey to one of the malls it only cost around £8. There is so much to do here and I cannot wait to come back one day in the future - I now understand why people are always coming back to Dubai (hopefully soon)! It really is a palm paradise ...



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