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For years I have always been inspired by blogging and always felt a passion to have my own blog. I have been writing on Love Vicki Louise since 2015, when I was just 19 and studying law at university. My love for blogging was instant and I was able to commit to posting consistently and it was a true highlight of my experience at university. However, like with everyone life changed and I started a new career and new exciting adventures stood in front of me. Therefore, I was unable to post consistently and find the time to write and take photos. Most of my time was taken up by my career and spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends. During this time my love for reading blogs never altered and I still kept up to date with my favourite bloggers regularly.

I have grown as a person since publishing my first post and therefore my blog has to follow the same change. With the whole world currently in lockdown for the foreseeable future I have found the time and motivation that I have desperately wanted to start blogging again. Firstly, I found that changing the design of my blog so that it matches the style of my new content and feeling more modern really helped to give me that much needed motivation. My love for photography will hopefully really shine through my blog, especially as I have started playing around with different settings. Also, my boyfriend has started helping me in taking photos which has made me feel more confident with the quality of my work.

Love Vicki Louise started as a place for me to solely share my favourite beauty products and routines, as well as being a creative outlet for me during my hectic schedule of studying. My biggest aspiration when starting Love Vicki Louise was to grow my blog and write content that I would want to read myself; there is no point spending hours writing content if you would not sit down and read it yourself. My love for my blog and social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest has never changed and I always felt guilty for not blogging. Therefore, I am starting afresh with my blog and wanted to let you know what you can expect from me in the future. So here are the promises that I am making to myself, my blog and you.

For me, I want Love Vicki Louise to represent a place of positivity, creativity, growth, love and self confidence. As I have changed a lot since 2015, I want to show you that growth in my blog. Hopefully you will see this through my content and photos. My style, priorities and tastes have changed since I was 19 and therefore my content has to grow up with me. I have so many exciting ideas that I cannot wait to share with you and I just want this to be a positive space where you feel welcome to share with me your ideas and comments. I want to share with you how I have grown in confidence through this blog and my social media. Sharing what I have learnt through this process to hopefully inspire you to do something you love is my main priority. I am still learning about using a camera professionally and learning about editing but hopefully we can learn and help each other along the way.

Like always, I will be 100% honest in all my reviews; I always reviewed products in the past on this blog and would never lie to you. I want you to know that this is something that will never change with me. I will never slate a brand or write a negative review intentionally as I want to keep this a positive space and only share with you products that I truly feel are worth investing your money into. However, there will be times when certain products will not work for my skin type or won't fit into my lifestyle and therefore I will always be honest. Just because I may dislike one product does not mean that I have any ill-feelings or hatred towards that brand (some products just will never work for us and that is fine). I will always be a beauty blogger as this is one of my biggest passions as I love experimenting with makeup and trying out new products.

As much as I love beauty and writing reviews and routines about makeup, skincare and haircare, I also want to expand my blog to show my growth. I want to be able to share with you my true interests and what I love to do in my spare time. Fashion is a huge love of mine and therefore I want to be able to share more of this with you, including writing about some of the luxury items I own in my wardrobe. I also want to share with you content on lifestyle, advice, recipes and travelling (when we are allowed to travel again) as these all interest me. Therefore, beauty will still be a main focus but I want to branch out of the niche of just being a beauty blogger. I don't want to just limit myself to writing beauty reviews and want this to be a space where I can offer helpful advice and create a place where you can escape and relax. In terms of posting, I am going to be more consistent and schedules will alter every so often especially when I return to work. At the moment, I am planning to post every Wednesday and Sunday. There may be times when I post more in a week and times when I have to post less but make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter to be updated.

I want to thank every single person who has ever taken the time to click on my blog, read my content, chosen to follow me on social media or liked a picture. 

How do you think your blog/platform has grown since you first started? Are you thinking about starting a blog and what is your main aspiration? I would love to hear from you in the comments below and make sure to include your blog link so I can check it out.


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