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When it comes to beauty products, I am very lucky to own a large collection and I am always buying new makeup to try regularly - often I will share these with you if I truly love them! However, even though I have a lot of makeup, I will always have those products that I am obsessed with and cannot live without them. These are the products that I will repurchase as soon as I am getting low as I know they work well for me. Often these "holy grail" products for me are skincare as once I have found a product that works well for my skin type, I will constantly use it and am very reluctant to change up my skincare routine. At the moment I am trying out some new Drunk Elephant products that I am loving which will definitely become part of my products I cannot live without in the future!

I love wearing makeup and often I am always buying new releases and therefore I rarely find myself needing to replace a makeup product as I either never run out of it or I have a lot of products that are similar. When it comes to repurchasing makeup it will be foundations, mascaras and eyebrow products that will be added to my basket. However, there are times where I am trying lots at one time and it takes me a while to finally repurchase makeup. I am also not someone who has to wear a full face of makeup whenever I leave the house; I am very happy and more confident walking out the door with no makeup on (although I will always have competed my skincare routine first). Therefore, I don't always go through products that fast. However, I have five beauty products that I need in my beauty collection all the time. These are all products that I know I love and will repurchase as soon as I am running out of it. Here are the five products that I am unable to live without and will always repurchase ...

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Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Lipstick - JK Magic (ad)

When it comes to lipstick, I often find that I don't repurchase them as often because I own so many (in fact I have just decluttered all of my makeup and it made me realise how many lip products I own). However, one lipstick that I wear almost every day and will 100% repurchase when I run out as I know that will happen soon. I love every Charlotte Tilbury lipstick that I own but my favourite is the shade JK Magic. This is the perfect nude/pink for my skin tone - often nudes can look too brown or too light for me but this shade is stunning. It is my lip shade but better! The formula is so creamy and it glides on with just one coat. It hydrates my lips and doesn't feel uncomfortable on the lips - I wish they would make this as a liquid lipstick so that it can last longer. I gravitate towards this shade every time I do my makeup and looks amazing with a lipgloss over the top or paired with another lip shade. This will definitely be the first lipstick that I will have to repurchase when I get low on it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (ad)

I am someone who often finds a makeup routine that I love and then sticks to using those products all the time. However, I am changing up my makeup routine a lot recently but one product that I use all the time on my brows in the Brow Wiz from ABH. There was a time that I wanted to try new brow products and did not repurchase it and nothing compared to this brow pencil. I love the brush as it is perfect for making my eyebrows look more fluffy and then I am able to brush through my hairs and neaten them up. The pencil itself is amazing - I wear the shade chocolate - and it is perfect for creating tiny hair-like strokes. I have tried other products and I love the fact that I am able to control how much product I use. Often, I will press harder on the tail of my brow to make it look fuller and then press lighter as I get more to the middle of my brows. You can create perfect brows with this product and I am already on my third Brow Wiz and will have to repurchase soon. I will usually use this product on its own and then use a clear brow gel to set them in place but I have paired this up with a pomade as well or a tinted brow gel which has worked just as well.

Pixi Glow Tonic (ad)

Skincare is often something that I do not like to change - one product that I have used consistently for the last year and a half if the Pixi Glow Tonic. I have just started my third bottle and before I have had supersize version that is 500ml. I use this tonic every time I cleanse my skin as it helps to brighten, tone and condition the skin. I always notice a difference when I do not use it as I feel my skin does suffer from dullness and therefore using this tonic helps to make my skin look more radiant and give a glow. It is really gentle on my skin and just makes my skin look amazing. This is definitely a product that I cannot live without.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water (ad)

When it comes to tanning, there is one brand that I love so much and that is Isle of Paradise. One of the products that I have found to be one of my favourites is their self-tanning water. This was definitely a product that I purchased after seeing so many beauty YouTubers and bloggers talk about it. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and is perfect for self-tanning during the winter months. I have currently been enjoying the beautiful sunshine we have been experiencing in the UK recently and therefore have not had to rely on self-tanning too much but I love to use this product to top up my tan and to tan areas like my back, my stomach and legs which are often the areas that don't tan as well naturally. It does not streak and I don't find there to be a horrible self-tan smell when I use it. I make sure that I spray the water all over the area I want to tan and then I take a mitt to rub it in. I will be repurchasing this in the shade medium as I find the light is slightly too pale for me and I would like to own the medium especially for the summer months when I am tanning naturally.

Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover (ad)

This is the second cleansing balm that I have purchased from Clinique and is one of the best products that I have found for removing my makeup each night. This really helps me to remove stubborn makeup and leave my skin feeling fresh. Often I find that I have to really scrub at my makeup to remove it but with this cleansing balm I can just massage the balm into my face and then rinse it off with warm water. It is really soothing on the skin and it removes almost all of my makeup. I always go in with my Pixi Glow Tonic after using this product to just make sure that all of the makeup has been removed. However, I usually find it is only a bit of mascara that is left. It is perfect for removing makeup and is the only product that I use which works really well but is also gentle on the skin. I will always repurchase this product when I am running out of it but it does last me a long time as you only need to use a small amount.

Which products are your "holy grail" products? Let me know in the comments which products you use all the time so I can check them out.


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