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When it comes to skincare, I am always someone who is quite cautious about reading the ingredients and making sure that it is something that is going to work well for my skin. There are so many skincare brands out in the beauty community like Ren, Drunk Elephant, Tatcha and The Ordinary. However, I never know which products are going to work well for my skin and most of these products cost a lot of money. I have been the girl who has immediately spent £70 on a moisturiser for it to not work that well for my skin and I have not seen much improvement in my skin. Of course, I used the moisturiser as I had spent so much money on it but I decided to change the way I buy my skincare to make sure that I was getting the most out of the product and out of my money.

I have really been changing my skincare routine recently - all of a sudden my skin has needed more of a structure. Before, I use to just rely on cleansers, toners and moisturisers but now I am definitely needing serums to add more hydration into my skin. My skin is normal to dry and therefore I really need to use products that are going to be moisturising but are not going to affect my sensitive skin. I have always struggled with finding skincare that is great for my skin and adds that required moisture, especially when some brands only sell online or in certain stores that are not near me. That was until I decided to test the skincare first in smaller versions to see what their skincare was like.

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Skincare is an investment and has become an obsession for me recently and I love trying out new products to see which ones work best for my skin type. A lot of skincare products are very expensive and I don't want to make the same mistake that I have previously by paying a lot of money for a cream that does not work for me. I always purchase mini or travel size versions of skincare first to see whether it is going to work for my skin and I usually buy the gift sets so I can try a variety of products from a brand. This is a great way for me to see whether I like the products, whether the products break me out and they cost a lot less than buying the products full size. If I love the product then I will go on to buy the products in full size and if I don't like a product then I don't have to worry about spending £70 on a moisturiser.

A lot of skincare brands will offer samples either in store or through their website when you make a purchase which is a great option to see whether you like a product. I will often buy the mini gift sets because I feel like I am getting more product. I purchased a Glow Recipe gift set at Christmas and I still have not even used a quarter of the products. I absolutely love this brand and I now know that it works well for me and is something that I will purchase in a full size when I run out. Another way that I love to try new skincare is through my Glossybox subscription as I have received multiple skincare products that I have been able to try out before going on to buy the full size. I have recently been using the First Aid Beauty Radiance Polish that I received in my Glossybox and that is something that I will repurchase in the future. Plus I can use my credit that I have from Glossybox to use on Lookfantastic to get money off.

Drunk Elephant is a brand that I have been hearing so much about and I really wanted to try out their products. However, I did not know how it would work on my skin type and whether it was a brand that I would want to use in my skincare routine. Also, I did not know which serums would work well for me and it is an expensive brand. I was really intrigued by this well-loved brand and knew that I wanted to try some of the products so decided to purchase The Littles 4.0 bundle. This was expensive at £76 but I did have a discount code so I got money off my purchase. In this bundle you get eight mini versions of some of their most popular products and I am very glad I tried it out first. I have found which products work best for me and am now happy to go and pay full price for some of their products. I have also realised that some of the products do not work for me and therefore I do not need to buy them in the future. If I had purchased all of these products in full size I would have paid £384 and wasted my money on the products that I don't need. Therefore, buying products in mini versions works well for me as I can see what I would like to add to my routine. Also I often find that I can make the products last a month and really put them to the test to see whether they work well or not.

Obviously, this is something that I do and that is only because I have sensitive skin that I do not want to break out and then waste my money on pretty skincare packaging that will sit on my dressing table but never be used. This is not going to be something that everyone is going to use but if you don't want to waste your money it is so helpful to buy a travel size version first to see whether it is worth investing. It is also a great way to try new skincare brands without committing to the full size! Sometimes, I will buy the full size especially if it is a cheap brand and I have always purchased products from Tatcha in full size because I know it is a brand that I love.

Let me know how you make the most out of your skincare? What skincare brands are you loving at the moment?


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