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Subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular - there are now so many all over the world and sometimes it is hard to know which one is really worth subscribing too. There is Glossybox, Birchbox, Lookfantastic and in America there is Ipsy and Boxycharm (just to name a few). For me, Glossybox seemed to be the most popular; it would appear on my Instagram feed, I saw many unboxings on YouTube and I knew a lot of people who were subscribed to their boxes. Therefore, last September I decided to finally press the subscribe button and received my first box in October.

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service that only costs £10 a month plus delivery. What is even better is there is usually always codes so that you can received your first box for a much lower price. Within this box there is five sample beauty products ranging from skincare to makeup. I will admit that some brands included I have never heard of before but you will often get a treat from a well-known brand like Eyeko, First Aid Beauty, Huda Beauty and Rituals. You will also sometimes receive full-size products - in May's box all five items were full size and were valued at £60. So is Glossybox really worth the price?

I have been received my Glossybox for the last eight months and I have been really happy with the products that I have had in my box. Of course, there have been times when some boxes were better than others and sometimes I have received a box with products from brands that I have never heard of. However, there are times when you get an amazing product that you have always wanted to try. For me, it was when we got a little Glamglow sample mask that I have always wanted to try and now I know that when I finish my sample I will purchase the full size. The boxes are also great for storage and I will often keep the boxes to store products in the cupboard under my sink and will usually keep the boxes with designs on display if I really like them.

Every month, it is like receiving a present of mystery items (I always try to not look at their social media so I don't see what items may be included in the box). It is also perfect if you don't have much makeup or skincare and you want to try new items each month. I have found products that I never knew existed and am now a huge fan. I also love the fact that they have limited edition boxes every so often. These are available for anyone and you do not need to be a subscriber to purchase them. However, you will find that subscribers will get money off these boxes. When I purchased the advent calendar last year I was able to get money off as I was a subscriber. Some of the limited edition boxes don't always appeal to me and I am very selective with which ones I will purchase. These can often be very expensive at £25 or £50. This is when I will usually look at which products are included so that I can see whether it is worth the money.

What is also great about this brand is they offer credit! Every month you can received credit for completing surveys about the products that were in your box - often it is 25p or 50p but after eight months I accumulated £19 worth of credits. These credits can be put towards limited edition boxes or be used on LookFantastic. With my credits I was able to buy the Pixi Glow Tonic and I did not have to pay anything, not even shipping, as there was a discount code that I could also use. It is brilliant for anyone who has seen something they like but don't want to pay a lot of money all at once - you can build upon your credits and get five beauty products each month for only £10 which is a lot easier than spending £70 at once. Obviously this is only worth it if you know that you want to pay £10 a month for this box and received lots of beauty products.

I was really impressed with this month's box as it included five full-size samples and were products that I would use. We received an eyeshadow palette, sheet mask, eyeliner, hair mask and a lip balm. Sometimes boxes will received different shades of an item or a different design or they will receive a different style of product. This month there was a different design for the sheet masks and different shades for the glitter eyeliner. I am definitely excited about trying the different products in this box as they are all products I will use at some point. Also, I know that there will be a Huda Beauty product in next month's box as you always receive a sneak peak on the back of the spoiler card.
I would say that Glossybox is definitely worth subscribing to in the UK! I pay for my subscription and do not have any affiliate links with this brand. It is the only subscription box that I am currently subscribed to and maybe in the future I will subscribe to the others and do a comparison between them all. However, for me Glossybox has never failed and I have found some great brands from relatively unknown brands. I will admit if Boxycharm was to ever come to the UK I would 100% subscribe as I can see the quality of brands they have are amazing but I would still keep my subscription to Glossybox. The samples are great for travelling or to just try out a product before buying it full size and it is always great to receive a full size product.

Let me know what you think of Glossybox in the comments. Do you think it is worth the money? Are there any other subscription boxes that I should look into.


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