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Luxury beauty products! You will either be a huge fan or think it is a waste of money. For me, I am definitely in the middle I love buying luxury makeup but there are some products I know are not worth spending so much money on. I am someone who loves purchasing both luxury and drugstore makeup but for today I am focussing on the luxury end of beauty products. When it comes to makeup, we all have our favourites - whether it be a well-loved brand, a specific formula or certain finishes. All of these powders, creams and liquids will be different for everyone!

Keeping lists of products is a brilliant way for me to narrow down those key luxury beauty products that I want to try - often my list will comprise of products that I need to repurchase or products that are mentioned time and time again by beauty bloggers and YouTubers. I am now much more smart about knowing which products will suit me and therefore my list does not get as long as it used to be. The only issue is knowing where to buy these beauty products from - with so many beauty retailers both online and on the high street it can be overwhelming to know where to make your purchases. Often, I would find that I would have orders from multiple sites because at the time the amount of brands that would be stocked were limited. Whereas, now more brands are added to online retailers and it is much easier to just choose a one stop shop for all your beauty needs.

I have comprised a list of my favourite online retailers for stocking luxury beauty - these are all sites that I use frequently. I have found that these sites are brilliant for stocking my favourite luxury must-haves and I can often find everything I need with just one of these websites. I have found that their range of brands grow by the day and I am aware of which brands are stocked by who so I know which site is more appropriate for when I am purchasing new makeup. So here are my favourite online luxury makeup retailers that I frequently use ...

Cult Beauty

Probably one of my favourite online retailers to purchase new luxury makeup. Cult Beauty stocks brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Patrick Ta, Kevyn Aucoin, Glow Recipe, Sunday Riley and Hourglass. This is the site that I will often look to first to see if they stock the brand I want to purchase. It is where I have purchased most of my Anastasia Beverly Hills products from at the moment. It is so easy to use this website and I will look at the list of brands first to see if they stock the brand that I am looking for first. I love to buy my skincare from this website as they sell so many different brands and it was where I purchased my Drunk Elephant mini skincare set. I know when I have used up these products I will be purchasing my repeats from here. It is definitely a one stop shop for all of my skincare needs as I love brands like Sunday Riley and Glow Recipe so it makes more sense for me to buy all of these products from one site rather than purchasing from different sites. Also, Cult Beauty often have coupon codes available where you can save money. I was able to save 15% on my Drunk Elephant order and when you are spending a lot of money these coupon codes definitely come in handy.


Beautybay is a website that I use just as much as Cult Beauty. It is a brilliant site as it sells both drugstore and luxury brands so is perfect for everyone. They stock brands like Ofra, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Stila, Lilly Lashes and Lunar Beauty. Beautybay is definitely more of a site I will use when I am looking for makeup that is harder to purchase in the UK as they stock a lot of influencer's brands. I often purchase makeup from Ofra, Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I have purchased some Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes in the past. This is definitely a brilliant website to purchase makeup from as it stocks a variety of brands. They will often have coupon codes as well which makes purchase orders much cheaper. I would say this is the best site for purchasing luxury makeup from more affordable brands.


If you are looking for high-end beauty then Selfridges is definitely the place to go. Not only do they have a website but they do have stores so you can pop in and test out the makeup before buying it. They stock La Mer, Natasha Denona, Pat McGrath Labs, Dior, Chanel and Benefit. There is a huge range of brands from more affordable like Benefit to the high end products from La Mer. I really enjoy treating myself to a luxury beauty product from this website as it stocks a lot of my favourite high-end products and I can easily make one order rather than having to go to the individual website. I am at the moment thinking about treating myself to one of the Pat McGrath palettes. This website is definitely the place to go if you are buying a present for yourself as you can often have it gift wrapped or if you are someone who loves the more designer luxury makeup brands.


When it comes to buying makeup, I always saw Boots as being the best of both worlds! They stocked luxury and drugstore makeup and like Selfridges sold makeup online and in stores. Boots is definitely the online retailer that has expanded the most since I first started my blog in 2015. I remember looking online and they would sell brands like Chanel, Dior, Benefit and YSL. However, they have grown to selling Fenty Beauty, Huda Beauty and Becca. I recently went onto their website and could not believe how many luxury brands they now sell. I will definitely be using Boots much more in the future as I have a Boots card which allows me to collect points on all of my purchases. I definitely have my eye on buying some more bits from Fenty Beauty and was so excited when I heard that Boots were stocking them. Boots is brilliant if you want to buy drugstore and luxury makeup in one order and if you get the card the points quickly rack up as they often have promotions when you spend a certain amount you will get £10 worth of points.

These four online retailers are the sites that I will purchase my luxury makeup from frequently. There are other retailers that I have purchased from like HarrodsHarvey NicholsDebenhams and a brand's own website but this if only if I cannot find the product at one of the above websites. However, I often am able to find all the brands I love at at least one of these websites making it much easier for me to order the products I want in one order rather than having multiple deliveries from different companies. I will write a blog post about where I like to purchase drugstore makeup from as well.

Where is your favourite place to buy makeup whether it is drugstore or luxury? Are there any other online makeup retailers that I should check out?


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