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When it comes to purchasing makeup, one of my weakness is eyeshadow palettes; I was always the first person to buy the latest eyeshadow palettes from Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury and Too Faced. I have reviewed so many eyeshadow palettes and it is very clear to see that I definitely have favourite tones and shades when it comes to my eyeshadow. Every day I will always gravitate towards a warm toned smokey eye and therefore the palettes that I own consist of warm toned shadows with caramels, bronzes and rich chocolate browns. I do own some palettes with bright colours in like reds, pinks and blues but I would not wear these shades for an every day look. As I own so many palettes that all look the same, I have not been purchasing any palettes as I want to try and use some of the ones I already own. That was until a few months ago ...

From the moment that I saw the Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions palettes, I knew that I need to own them. Three palettes were released focussing on the shades that would suit people's skin tones; Nude Light (ad) consisted of praline, peach, lavender and mauve shades; Nude Medium (ad) is full of warm spicy shades with chestnut browns and rose gold shades; finally, Nude Rich is full of dark chocolate browns, reds and dusty rose shades. I opted for the Medium Nude Obsessions palette as I thought it would work best for my skin tone whether I am fair or more tanned in the summer. Also, it was full of shades that I knew I would wear on a daily basis, whereas the others palettes consisted of shades that would either be too light or dark for me.

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Firstly, the shade range in this palette is beautiful and is perfect for anyone who loves to wear a warm-toned eye makeup look. There are so many transition shades that I can use and I often find myself reaching for the top left corner and applying that all over the lid and then placing the deeper chestnut shade in the outer corner to give myself an easy matte smokey eye. If I am going out for dinner, I love to pop one of the shimmer shades on the lid as it gives a pop of sparkle without looking like I have placed glitter all over my eye. I do find that applying the shimmer shades with my finger or by wetting the brush works best. In terms of the shade range in this palette I have worn every single shadow whereas usually in a huge palette I will tend to use four regularly and then never touch the rest.

There is definitely nothing wrong with the pigmentation of these shadows; I was slightly worried as I had heard some mixed reviews about Huda Beauty's shadow formula. These though are rich, creamy and are a dream to blend on the eye. When I am applying my makeup I will always put a primer or concealer on my eyelid before putting eyeshadow on as I find that this helps to make the shadows last longer and to make them really pop on the eye. With these shadows, you only need to dip your brush into the pan a couple of times to get the pigment on the brush. I will always tap off the excess as I prefer to build up the pigmentation gradually. This is definitely recommended with these shadows and you are a beginner because they are so pigmented and can take a while to blend out. Therefore, lightly placing the brush into the pan and then blending into the crease gradually is much easier and creates a beautiful result.

R-L: Shades have been swatches starting with the top row, medium row and then bottom row. 

I cannot wait to take this palette with me travelling as it is the perfect size for fitting into my makeup bag. At first, I was quite surprised at how small the palette was and felt like it might not be worth the price tag of £27 but I love the fact that it is fairly small but the pan sizes are a decent size. It means that I don't have to take some of my larger palettes with me travelling as this palette can create so many beautiful looks from simple matte daytime eyes to more glamorous shimmer eye looks. This really is the perfect palette and I have been using this every day for the last few months when I have been wearing makeup.

Have you tried the Nude Obsessions palettes from Huda Beauty? What eyeshadow palettes have you been loving recently?


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