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When it comes to beauty brands that I have always wanted to try, Pat McGrath Labs is at the top of my list of brands that I have always wanted to have in my collection. I have only ever heard great reviews about this brand from other beauty bloggers and YouTubers so of course I wanted to try it myself; although there is a hefty price tag with her products. I was not willing to spend £120 on one of her huge eyeshadow palettes like the Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II (ad). However, I was willing to spend £50 on one of her smaller eyeshadow palettes; I was even more willing to buy it when I saw it was on sale for £30. The eyeshadow palette I am writing about is the MTHRSHP Sublime: Golden Opulence (ad) palette.

Definitely a brand that is luxurious and opulent, I was excited to see what all of the hype was about. Plus, I wanted to test the waters before I spent over £100 on the larger eyeshadows. So can a six-pan eyeshadow palette really be worth £50?

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This palette was created to celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday this year but this is definitely not just a holiday palette. This is a palette that can be worn all year round. I knew Pat McGrath was known for her luxury over-the-top packaging and I was definitely not disappointed with this palette. Rather than being just an eyeshadow palette, it is a work of art. Encased in a beautiful glitter red and gold packaging is six eyeshadows. The hieroglyphics make it feel luxurious and the closure just gives me that extra security that I need when I am travelling; I know this palette will not open and shatter the shadows when I travel in the future. The palette opens up to reveal six gorgeous eyeshadows with a huge mirror making it perfect for travelling. However this palette is not ideal as the flaps are constantly collapsing on top of the eyeshadow pans. This makes it really difficult to keep the palette open when you are trying to create a look or trying to take photos of it! I wish there was an attachment that will allow the palette to stay open (although this is the only flaw that I have with this palette).

The MTHRSHP Sublime Eyeshadow Palette (ad) in Golden Opulence is in her six-pan format which is really handy for travelling. It is compact, although could have been less bulky, and therefore will fit in most makeup bags. In this palette there are two matte shades (one is a beautiful transition shade and the other is gorgeous for smoking out the eye) and four shimmer shades. The shades in this palette are stunning and perfect for creating multiple looks. I love how there is a transition shade and a matte dark brown which allows me to create an easy smokey eye. I always gravitate towards the same transition shades in a palette so one is perfect for me. It is brilliant that there is a beautiful highlight shade for the inner corner and brow bone and then there are three shimmer shades that can be used all over the lid. 

L-R: Eternal Opulence, Tranquility, Lotus Luxe, Prosperity, Moon Phase & Gold Fortune

The shades included in this palette are:
  • Eternal Opulence - a really pretty shimmery champagne shade that is perfect for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone.
  • Tranquility - a warm matte brown that works really well as a transition shade in the crease.
  • Lotus Luxe - a shimmer soft rose/raspberry pink.
  • Prosperity - a deep matte brown that helps to smoke out any eye look.
  • Moon Phase - a shimmer taupe/soft bronze shade.
  • Gold Fortune - a shimmer gold shadow.

I have always heard brilliant reviews about the Pat McGrath eyeshadows and this palette definitely does not disappoint. The pigmentation of these shadows are excellent and I only have to tap once into the pan to get brilliant pay-off. I try not to pick up too much product as they are truly pigmented and prefer to build up the colour on my eyes as it is very easy to go in heavy-handed when it comes to eyeshadows. In terms of their blendability, these shadows are definitely up there in being one of the best for me. I have had no problem blending out the shades to create a gorgeous eye look. I found not issue with creasing when I used these shadows (although I did prime my eyes first with a concealer before applying the shades). These shadows are beautiful and I found that I can just use my finger to apply the shimmer shadows, however if I want a more intense metallic finish I will wet my brush first before applying. The shimmer shadows almost feel like a bouncy cream formula and they are beautiful to apply all over the lid. This palette is perfect for creating some gorgeous eye looks and I know this will be a palette I will be using time and time again.

Now to the question is it worth £50? I think £50 is a lot of money for a six-pan eyeshadow palette. It is still a lot of money in the sale at £30 but I can understand the hype over the formula of these shadows. I definitely think it should not be as highly priced but the high price tags are well known for this brand and people still continue to purchase products. Often I will see 20% off sales on the website and that might be a good time to purchase something if you have had your eye on a product. I am not sure whether I will purchase one of the larger palettes but I am definitely interested in trying the face products (foundation, concealer and powder) as I have heard great reviews on these. Although I think I will wait until there is a sale!

Have you been tempted by any product from Pat McGrath Labs? Let me know in the comments if there are any products you would recommend!


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