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Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that is definitely in my top five favourite makeup brands and has been a brand that I have been purchasing from regularly over the last few years. Her packaging is always beautiful and I always keep her products displayed on my dressing table as her rose gold packaging is absolutely stunning. When I want my skin to look airbrushed, natural and glowing or when I want to go full glam, I know I can always trust Charlotte Tilbury. There is a reason why so many of her products have airbrush in their name as that is exactly what it does. Over the years, Charlotte Tilbury has created a range of products that are flattering for all skin tones and types and is flattering for an everyday look. In my everyday makeup drawer, there is always multiple products from this brand and I know I will continue to purchase from Charlotte Tilbury for a long time. Therefore, it was difficult to think of just five products that I consider a makeup staple as all her products are holy grails for me. Although, I love all of the products from her and am excited to buy some new products from her soon ...

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Finding the perfect foundation is always difficult - I tend to find that foundation formulas can either be too matte, too dewy or can look cakey on the skin. The Airbrush Flawless Foundation(ad) comes in 44 shades ranging from fair to deep skin tones. I have tried so many foundations over the years and I have definitely found my all-time favourite - I currently am in the shade 2 Neutral which is perfect for all year round as I can easily bronze up my face when I am slightly more tanned. This is a matte foundation that just makes the skin look flawless and airbrushed. It is like using an Instagram filter in real life. Even though this is mattifying (usually I would not choose a matte foundation as I have dry skin) but I find this does not look cakey and it covers redness, blemishes and gives a blurred finish to the skin. I find that this is a lightweight foundation and is perfect for wearing when you are going out for long periods of time as I find that this does not break up on the skin - I do use a primer especially around my t-zone as this is wear foundation usually breaks up on my face. It provides a medium coverage but I am able to build this up to full coverage with a couple of layers. I love this foundation as it makes my skin look perfect and natural; it is my skin but better! This is definitely going to be a repeat purchase in the future.


Carrying on with face products, one of my first purchases from Charlotte Tilbury was her Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder(ad). This is one of her bestsellers and it is clear to see why - I have purchased this three times and is the perfect pressed powder for me. I remember writing about this powder in my Best of Beauty 2017 and my feelings for this product have not changed. In fact, I love this product more now. This powder is my holy grail and creates a smoothing effect on my skin and blurs out any fine lines especially under the eyes. It keeps my skin looking natural as it is not too heavy and is perfect for setting my foundation and concealer. I find that this powder works with any foundation and allows my skin to always look airbrushed. This is the powder I always end up reaching for as it does not cling to any texture or dryness on my skin. I use the shade Fair 1 and I just wish that there were more than 4 shades in the range. 

Often on the Charlotte Tilbury website there are package deals where you can buy a bundle of face products from her. Often this saves you a small amount of money. Two of the best bundles I have found on the Charlotte Tilbury website are the Famous Airbrush Flawless Routine where you get four face products for £127 and the 3-Step Airbrush Routine where you get three products for £102. These bundles include the foundation, pressed powder, bronzer and the £127 bundle also includes her new setting spray.


A new product for Charlotte Tilbury that I have recently added to my makeup collection is her Airbrush Bronzer(ad) that was only released earlier this summer. I have owned this product for over a month and have used it every single day. It is the product that I reach for all the time and is the perfect bronzer for me. The size of the pan is enormous and is definitely a bronzer that will last me for ages - it is double the size of the pressed powder so is definitely worth the money as it is only £4 more than the pressed powder. Some people may even be able to use this as a pressed powder as I have seen many reviews where people have said the Fair shade of the bronzer is almost the same as the Medium shade of the pressed powder. Therefore, if you are able to use this as a pressed powder then you will definitely be getting your money's worth. 

Unfortunately, I would be unable to use this as a pressed powder but as a bronzer I use the shade Medium. When deciding on which shade I should choose I saw many reviews where it was mentioned that the product is not overly pigmented and therefore it is worth going up a shade. That is why I chose the shade Medium and it is perfect for me especially when I have been tanned this Summer. I am definitely able to use a light hand and then build up the bronzer to create a natural bronzed glow to the skin. I love that this is a soft matte bronze shades and there is no shimmer to it as that can often make me look too dewy. These are also refillable so when you do eventually hit pan you can pop it out and buy the refill which will save you some money.


Pillow Talk is one of their bestselling shades and is an infamous shade in the Charlotte Tilbury brand - starting off as a lipstick and lip liner and now becoming a shade for blushers and multiple eye products. The Pillow Talk Luxury Palette(ad) is definitely an investment as it costs £40 for an eyeshadow quad. However, I have found that her luxury palettes are gorgeous and the formula is out of this world. I love her shadows and I am definitely starting to grow a collection of her palettes and these quads are gorgeous - they are small and the shades all work well together to create a cohesive look. This palette is full of beautiful pink/nude shades and creates a stunning day or evening look. I love how there are two mattes and two shimmers which allow me to create a simple but effective eye look quickly. 

The pigmentation of these shadows are deep and rich plus they feel like butter when I apply them to the lids. I find that there is barely any fall out although sometimes the shimmers can be a bit chunky when I apply them. Although, it never looks chunky on the eye. I definitely recommend using a brush and setting spray to reduce the amount of fall out. They are so easy to blend and the shimmers really help to make my eyes pop. 

I love taking these quad palettes when I am travelling as they are compact and I can create a gorgeous look that takes barely any time. I am definitely going to be adding more of her quad palettes to my collection as they are stunning!


My last makeup staple from Charlotte Tilbury, that I wear on an everyday basis, are the Hot Lips 2 Lipsticks(ad). This collection were released a year ago and they are stunning. I have three of the lipsticks from this collection in the shades JK Magic (a pink nude), Angel Alessandro (a terracotta nude) and Viva La Vergara (a berry red). I find that I always reach for the shade JK Magic as it is the most prefect nude that compliments any eye look. I find that these lipsticks are really creamy and feel moisturising on the lips - the formula does not settle into any lines on the lips and creates a smooth and even finish. The lipsticks are opaque and I am able to apply an even coat in just one swipe. I also find that the formula lasts a long time on the lips - although will obviously start to come off when eating and drinking. I am able to go for hours without having to reapply my lipstick. I will definitely be buying more from this collection in the future and have my eyes on the shades Glowing Jen and In Love with Olivia as these are stunning nude shades. The packaging is beautiful with five different patterned components to choose from. Something that I love about these lipsticks is that they are refillable so when I run out of my JK Magic I can buy the refill for £19 rather than spending another £28 on a new lipstick.

L-R: JK Magic, Angel Alessandro & Viva La Vergara

Let me know in the comments what your makeup staples are from Charlotte Tilbury? Is there any product that you always find you are repurchasing time and time again?


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