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Photo: Taken at The Atlantis Dubai, April 2019.

Where have I been - well life has been pretty crazy, hasn't it? The last year and a half has been the strangest period of time for myself and everyone around the world. It has been a long and tough period of time for so many people. It almost didn't feel right to be writing a blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle when there were people suffering across the world. I didn't want to write about the latest launches from a beauty brand or write about interior design. At the start of the first lockdown - when I was working from home - I was able to keep up to date with my blog more and felt more inspired. However, as the year of 2020 progressed that inspiration started to dwindle and life got pretty busy again.

Finding the time to blog was just impossible. After spending so much time not being able to see family and friends, that was the only thing I wanted to do with my spare time. Work was also so busy and finding the time to write a blog post and then take photos in the evening was tricky. It didn't help that the nights become darker earlier in the evening when we hit September. In the UK, we had a mini lockdown in Autumn and it meant I wasn't buying as much and I wasn't going anywhere. Therefore, there wasn't anything for me to write about; plus, I didn't feel inspired!

Then we got into Christmas - usually a time when I would love to share gift guides, recipes and create cute Christmas content. However, last Christmas was strange with most people either being allowed to see people if they were in Tier 1, 2 or 3 and some people unfortunately being put in Tier 4 and not being allowed to spend Christmas with their loved ones unless they lived in the same household. It didn't feel right to blog about fun Christmas content when most people were struggling with the fact they could not see their family and friends. Then came the next full lockdown. I was back in work all the time and more busy than ever. Therefore, finding time to blog was difficult - I was still doing some work from home on the weekend.

The last few months, since shops and restaurants reopened have also been very busy. In February, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to move in together and buy a house. It was a long process but finally in July of 2021, we moved into our house together. Therefore, the last few months have been taken up with solicitors, setting up bills and then moving house. Most days were taken up with building furniture, painting and laying down new flooring. Also, all of my money was going on buying new bits for the house, therefore I wasn't buying clothes or makeup unless it was essential. We are now fully settled in and I am now feeling more inspired than ever to create content in our beautiful home. That means coming up with new posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I want to start writing more about interior design as we still have certain areas of the house that we want to change or fill with new pieces.

I am not going to set myself a timetable when I want posts to be up as I don't want to feel pressured to get a post up and then create something I am not happy with. I want to create content that I am passionate about and share with you things I am loving and how I style my home. I am hoping to have a post up each week and some weeks, I will hopefully be able to get up multiple posts. As we are now allowed to travel more, I hope to be able to share trips we take in the UK and abroad in the future. I am also already starting to think about Autumn/Christmas content and am hoping to be able to write a post each weekend - although this is a very busy time with meeting friends and family, so please bare with me if I don't post every week!

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